April 3, 2020
10 Free Woocommerce Plugins (WordPress Plugins that Increase Sales & Conversions)

10 Free Woocommerce Plugins (WordPress Plugins that Increase Sales & Conversions)

Hey guys, in this video, I’m gonna give you
my top 10 free WooCommerce plugins. Yes, free plugins. No money required. Free, free. Everybody loves free. Well, I love free things as well, but I know
that there are some people out there when they’re launching their first store they don’t
have a big budget to work with. So I wanted to create a video showcasing 10
free plugins that you can use in your new store. So let’s jump straight into it. Plugin number one, Meta Slider. Image sliders are a great way to make your
store look more professional and to also showcase to potential customers the products that you
are selling in your store. Unfortunately, image sliders are not included
by default with WooCommerce. That’s why in my recent video tutorial, “How
to Create an Aliexpress Dropshipping Store with WooCommerce,” I showed you how to add
a static product image banner because of the fact that I wanted to keep things simple. If you wanna watch that video tutorial for
yourself, simply click on the link that I’ve included in the video description below. But my honest recommendation would be to switch
out a homepage static banner and replace it with a dynamic image slider. And the Meta Slider is perfect for this. All you’ll need to do is go into the plugin
page in your admin dashboard, upload the images you want for your slider, set the measurements,
and then generate your slider. You’ll then be given a short code which you
can add to any page on your website, like your homepage, and then your image slider
will appear there. Plugin number two, Smart Sale Badge. This is a quick and easy plugin to install. Usually when you have an item on sale in a
WooCommerce store, you have a little sale badge that will appear next to your item. And while this is nice, the smart sales badge
is better. It replaces the text on the badge with the
“Save $X,” or of course, in whatever currency your store is set to. It’s a lot more exciting for the customer
to see that they’re saving $10 on an item that normally costs $20 than to just see a
generic sale badge. Plugin number three, WordPress Currency Switcher. Now I am based in New Zealand, and here in
New Zealand, we have our own currency, the New Zealand dollar. And as someone who is based outside of the
United States, I can tell you it can be a little bit frustrating some times to always
see items priced in United States dollars. Luckily, there is a solution to this, and
that is the WordPress Currency Switcher. What this plugin does is it lets you add a
short code to your product pages. It will then let customers switch currencies
in real time, so that they can see how much it’ll actually cost them. Unfortunately, the free version of this plugin
only lets you switch between two currencies. Now, I know there are so many people who are
watching this video, they’ll only be testing Facebook ads on say, the United States and
maybe another country like the United Kingdom, so only having two currencies won’t be a problem
for them. Plugin number four: Stripe. Stripe is an amazing free plugin that lets
you accept credit card payments direct within your store without having to go through a
third-party site like PayPal. By having the option to keep people within
your store url, you will usually increase your sales conversion, which means, that you
will make more money. While this plugin is free, there are still
transaction fees. No matter how you slice or dice it, if you’re
accepting credit card payments, then you are going to have transaction fees. Stripe’s fees are extremely reasonable. They will charge you 2.9% plus a $0.30 transaction
fee. Stripe will transfer the money into your bank
account once every seven days. So if you are drop shipping, be prepared to
have something to manage your cash flow in the meantime, such as a credit card. The one other thing to keep in mind when you’re
using Stripe, is that you will need an EC Sales certificate to accept credit card payments
within your store url. Now, this is not unique to Stripe. If there’s any website out there that wants
to accept credit card payments, then they are going to need to have an EC Sales certificate. And this is an additional cost to getting
your website domain name and your website hosting, so if it’s very important for you
to keep your costs as low as possible, then stick to accepting payments with PayPal. Plugin number five, Checkout Address Suggestion. When you install this plugin, as the customer’s
typing in their address details in the checkout page, it uses Google places to suggest potential
addresses. If the customer selects an option, it will
then autocomplete their address form for them. And there are two great benefits to using
this plugin. One, it reduces typing errors, which reduces
the chances that the items are gonna be sent to the wrong address. And two, it reduces cart abandonment rate,
since you’re speeding up the checkout process. This is why large retailer sites, like Amazon,
have all added this. Plugin number six, WooCommerce Direct to Your
Cart. Normally when a customer purchases an item
from you using your WooCommerce store, WooCommerce will send them to the cart page, and then
from there they can then go to the checkout page. And this is good for large retailer sites
like Amazon that are expecting their customers to order lots of different items. However, the reality is for many WooCommerce
stores, especially WooCommerce dropshipping stores, they’ll usually only be expecting
their customer to be purchasing one item at a time. Because of this, sending them to the cart
page just adds an additional step to the checkout progress, which will decrease sales conversions. The WooCommerce Direct to Your Cart adds additional
options to your WordPress dash board that changes where the “Add to Cart” button sends
your customer. Instead of sending them to your cart page,
it will send them direct to the checkout page. It also has an additional bonus feature of
letting you add a “Continue Shopping” button to your product page. This will add the item to the cart and send
the customer back to your store, so that they can keep browsing items. Plugin number seven, WooCommerce Checkout
Manager. This plugin lets you add additional options
to your checkout page, such as letting you add text field and a calendar date selection
to your checkout page. This won’t be relevant to all WooCommerce
stores out there, but there are some people that will find this plugin very useful. For instance, I’m one of those busy, or arguably
lazy, entrepreneurs that doesn’t have time to cook, and therefore purchases pre-packaged
dinners. Because of the fact that they come in an icebox,
I need to make sure that I’m at home at the right time, so that I can then go and refrigerate
them. For businesses like this, adding a calendar
date selection is invaluable. Plugin number eight, Pricing Deals. This quick and easy plugin lets you add two
types of pricing deals to your store. It lets you add what are called BOGO deals,
as in, buy one, get one deals. So for example, this could be a buy one, get
one free type of deal. Or it could be a buy one, get one 50% off
type of deal. It also lets you add special discounts for
people that order items in bulk or that spend a certain amount. For example, you can add a pricing deal where,
if the customer spends say $100, they will get a $10 discount. I think that BOGO deals, where the customer
gets an item at a reduced rate, are especially powerful, especially for Aliexpress Dropshippers. In fact, this upsell technique is something
that large retailers, like McDonald’s use, for massive profits. It’s something that I discuss in my free video,
“The Six Aliexpress Dropshipping Mistakes That New Sellers Make.” If you wanna watch that video, simply click
on the link that I’ve included in the video description below. Plugin number nine, Mail Chimp. Email marketing is one of the most powerful
methods that you can use to get existing customers to come back and get more sales. For most businesses, about 50% of their sales
are gonna come from existing customers, so you cannot afford to ignore them. Email marketing is very powerful. Luckily Mail Chimp, an email service provider,
have made this a super easy, with their free WooCommerce plugin. This plugin will automatically add a subscribe
checkbox at the end of the checkout page. If the user leaves his tick, then they will
be added to your Mail Chimp newsletter series. As long as you have under 2,000 email subscribers,
and send less than 12,000 emails for a month, then it is free to send emails with Mail Chimp. Plugin number 10, WooCommerce Email Exporter. And finally, a fast and easy plugin to pair
with your free Mail Chimp WooCommerce plugin, is the WooCommerce Email Exporter. This lets you export all of your emails into
a nice, simple spreadsheet. This is an invaluable tool to have if you
want to segment your email list into the different types of buyers. And so those there are my top 10 free WooCommerce
plugins. Thanks for watching this video. If you liked it, I’d appreciate if you gave
it a thumbs-up and subscribe to us here at Wholesale Ted, for more great videos like
this. And before you go, I’ve got something else
that I’d like to offer you as well. Here at Wholesale Ted we have a free e-book,
“How to Make $10,000 a month online with Dropshipping.” You can download this incredible life-changing
e-book, by clicking on the link in the video description below.

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