April 5, 2020
10 Books All Entrepreneurs Must Read

10 Books All Entrepreneurs Must Read

Hey, John Crestani here. And in this video,
I’m going to go over something a little special today. It’s one of my favorite
subjects which is books. And it’s no secret that a lot of my knowledge has
come from reading books. A lot of my experience in life and understanding
marketing came from books. And still to this day comes from books. And I’m going to
go over some of the 10 books that I believe all entrepreneurs should read in
order to just help you become a better marketer to understand this industry to
be able to sell more products, to get your mindset right and all of the above. So, I’m going to go in no particular order
but I’m going to start with a book that actually changed my entire life which is
called the 4-hour Work Weeks. Now, the way I’m going to do this is I’m going to go
through each of these books. And I’m going to tell you the key lesson that I
learned from each book and that what that book actually means to me because
you know they’re all big reads but I’m going to try to distill them for you. Now, in
the 4-hour Workweek, this book is written by a guy named Tim Ferriss. And I read
this book back in 2009. Actually 2008, I was on a semester abroad from
college. I was traveling in Thailand trying to kind of figure out what my
life was going to be. I wasn’t happy with college and I wanted to figure out how
to make money for myself. And this book motivated me to want to be an
entrepreneur. I was actually deciding between whether I wanted to like become
a traveling nomad and go in search of spirituality. And you know and just be
kind of like a traveling hippie or if I want to be an entrepreneur. And I read
this book and I realized, “I could kind of do both. I could travel and run an
internet business and make a lot of money.” Now, the biggest lesson in this
book is he goes over his 4 steps what he calls DEAL. D-E-A-L. And he says the
first step of defining what is the purpose of what you’re doing in business
or why you’re even trying to make money in the first place. And he goes into that…
We’re not actually after money, we’re actually after time, okay? And time is
more valuable than money. And I know we can work harder. And Tim Ferriss Tim had
been working a… He went goes princeton and he was working a very
very high-end like financial or BizDev job. Something like that. And he was making a lot of
money. And he saw his friends who went to princeton they were working on Wall
Street making lots of money. 100 thousand, 200 thousand dollars a
year right out of college. But none of them were particularly happy. And I had
the same kind of experience. I saw a lot of people making lots of money right out
of college. But they’re working 80-hour, 120-hour weeks. And they didn’t have any
life. And many of my friends and family members still don’t have any life to
this day because they’re just… They’re working so hard and they’re making money.
But they don’t have anything to show for it. They have no family. They have money.
You know, they have a condo in the downtown part of the city but they
aren’t… They’re living amidst, you know, the cesspool of cities is what I call it.
They’re not living amongst nature which is rejuvenating. So, we said, “You want time
and you want freedom of location.” I said the goal is having control and
freedom of your time and of where you are your location. If you don’t have
freedom of where you are and what you do with your time, then it doesn’t matter
how much money you have. You could have a billion dollars but you’re still
shackled, you’re a slave. And that definition was huge to me. Because I just
thought, “Oh, you have to make money. You have to get a job.” And what I really
liked about this book is all throughout it, he gives you specific stories. He
doesn’t just go on his thing. Like here’s a story of the founder of some coffee
thing. And here’s a story of the guy who created a Charles Atlas –created a 30
million dollar a year infomercial company. And he goes over all of these
individual stories. And reading each person’s story made me realize “Wow! These
are real people. I can do this. They’re normal real people.” If you want more
stories of real people, actually I put a link somewhere around here to check out
the testimonials real of students of mine who have become affiliate marketers
and learned how to do affiliate marketing and were able to quit their
job and earn full time incomes doing. And you’ll see they’re all normal people. You
know, one guy, he was working for his parents in their Peruvian
restaurant. And he was doing a network marketing company on the side before he
started making tens of thousands of dollars per month in affiliate marketing.
Another guy was working at a… At an education company. And he is in Florida.
And he was able to quit his job. Also make tens of thousands of dollars a
month and travel the world. Another student of mine was a Mormon pastor. And
I think it pays a little bit of money. I don’t know if it pays anything but he
wasn’t really making much money. He was doing some freelance work on the side.
And he’d ended up doing affiliate marketing and making over $100,000 a month. So, you can check out their stories of my students.
But this made it real for me and seeing those stories going through these 10
books of what I’m currently reading right now. And they’re fiction books, I
read a lot of fiction books as well. So, that’s just a little bonus. And type in
in the chat if you like these videos of just kind of getting in the mindset of a
successful entrepreneur I’m multi millionaire affiliate marketer, etc.
So, I don’t have any employees. And just type in “Real talk” in the comments below
if you’re getting some value out of hearing just kind of what media I’m
consuming. Here’s another book, The Little Prince. So, The Little Prince is a great
book it’s a short book, it’s a fast read. And it’s well illustrated. It’s got… You
know, it’s actually a children’s book. It’s one of the most best-selling
books in the world. And the moral of the book, it’s very imaginative. But I’d say
the moral of the book is that life lived alone is really not worth living. And
life lived for yourself is not fully worth living. You know, a life where
you’re with others, or serving others is much more valuable. And I think
the book opens up with there’s a little boy on an asteroid all alone.
And he’s the prince. He’s the king of his own Little Kingdom but he ends up coming
across a princess, who he uses telescope and he finds a princess on another… I
can’t find… The page right now. But he basically finds you know some sort of
princess or something. It’s really sweet book. Good moral. It’s about living for
others and really I believe that’s the bet
way to get money too. Being building your life to serve others at to the best of
your abilities. Now, this third book is called Unscripted. It’s by MJ DeMarco.
He also wrote a very famous book called The Millionaire Fastlane. He is a very
popular internet forum called Fastlane forum. And I I suggest anybody watching
this check out the Fastlane forum and join its great group of entrepreneurs.
Everybody’s talking about different ways to make money. Everybody’s helping each
other out great place to get involved and be a part of a real, real good
community right there. Now, in this book, he really goes over… You know, he had
built a 8-figure business doing affiliate marketing. Like a lead gen
business he was getting leads in he had a he built a funnel and he was selling
leads to limo drivers. And this is before lyft and uber obviously. But he had a big
business in that space. And he made a lot of money and he loves Lamborghinis. You
know, that was a big thing of a success and it’s still something he loves to
this day. But he talks about living a life unscripted. You know life liberty
and the pursuit of entrepreneurship, it goes deep into the mindset and
strategies and tactics and the tenacity that you need to have to really be
successful as an entrepreneur. Now, I kind of look at this book as the next level
of the 4-hour Workweek. 4-hour Workweek, it came in it out in 2007-08. And this book –Unscripted is a much upgraded version of the 4-hour
Workweek. So, while the 4-hour workweek got me start on my journey, this is gong to
give you a much better kind of foothold in obtaining the mindset for success.
Just like the 4-hour Workweek, it was a paradigm shift for me at the time. It
totally flipped my worldview. This book will flip your worldview, period. I
mean it’s amazing. And I love those books where just you know, you there aren’t
many books that come around that do that. But that’s one of them. Now, we’re getting
into some marketing books, okay? So, experts’ secrets. Now, it’s no secret
that I sell a lot of products through webinars, okay? I love using webinars to
sell products. Webinars and online trainings are the modern-day equivalent
of a sales pitch. And expert secrets goes over Russell
Brunson. I like it because he uses a lot of images of specific funnels. So,
actually like put up diagrams of his funnels and kind of explain. He’ll point
out specific things about his webpages that he’s doing and why he’s doing them
and we’ll walk you through the psychology. And Russell Brunson is a
highly successful internet entrepreneur. I follow very closely.
He runs a hundred million dollar per year business in the direct response
space. Not everything about that hundred million dollars per year. Yet, he doesn’t
have investors. He didn’t have some sort of luck. None of it was luck or investor,
folk. Any of that stuff, it was all built through just sheer tenacity and
marketing. And just keep marketing higher and higher and higher. And he breaks down
a lot of things. Now, as I said, it’s no secret I sell a lot of products through
webinars. And the reason I’m in webinars is because of Russell Brunson. He breaks
down what he calls his perfect webinar formula in here. He goes over the pages
he uses. He goes over the scripts he uses. He goes over the model and all of the
different slides. What he does each step of the way to create a modern-day sales
pitch. Russell Brunson is arguably the modern day sales master. And if you
follow Russell Brunson, if you like this guy, just type in “Russell Brunson” in the
comments below. If you’ve listened to an interview from him or if you subscribe
to his product, click funnels, I’m a big affiliate for click funnels. Russell
Brunson company pays me about $20,000 per month. And they
pay a thousand dollars a month towards the lease of my truck. So.. You know, I
like this guy a lot from a business perspective too. But getting into his
mind and seeing his marketing tactics is very valuable whereas these books were a
little more mindset focused, this goes into very specific raw tactics. Now,
tested advertising methods by John Caples. Now, this book is another tactical
just amazing book. But it also goes over a lot of the kind of strategy around
advertising. So, let me go over some things that I came across in this book.
What I love about this book is… This is an older book. This is one of
the original direct response books. Direct response meaning you are putting
up ads to… You’re not going to estimate a response. You know exactly how much money
you made from each ad. And that was a new thing that was kind of pioneered around
the turn of the century. There’s always been advertisers like Nike or Pepsi who
put out ads on the Superbowl or whatever and they have no idea how many people
into buying Pepsi products after they watched that ad. They have no idea how
effective the ad was. All they know is they have to spend 100-million dollar a year on ads. Some marketing director and they better spend it.
Whereas Claude Hopkins was in the pioneering days of you know, the Mad Men
and the Madison Avenue. You know, ad agencies in the 40s and 50s which really
were measuring advertisement. And you know, here’s an Ad for Lands End which is
a popular clothing line to this day. And it got built through magazine and
newspaper advertisements that were directly measured. Again, he kind of
points out. He’ll show real ads that were working. And he shows you why they were
working. And he explains to you what to do to create ads like this. So, here’s an
ad profitable businesses you can start under $50. And he goes on to describe why
this ad works. He says, “How to make small space of emotions work harder”, he said.
And he just breaks it down from a very tactical perspective. And a lot of
these things that you learned from here, it doesn’t take great leaps to apply
them to the Internet, okay? Advertising that was done 100
years ago still works today if you just put it on a webpage. So, this is really
cool and I get a lot of ideas from books like this. And just look at all the… I
mean it’s just jam-packed with examples of real ads that people spend millions
of dollars on to build their businesses. You know, here’s a… Yhat’s a clothing
store another clothes first store. There’s all
these sorts of ads information products. All of these things, information products
have been being sold for over 100 years. Now, we’re going to get to the
granddaddy tactical marketing book of them all. This is absolutely my favorite
book. I still reference it all the time and that is Cashvertising by Drew Eric Whitman. Once again, it was a advertising agency executive back in
roughly I think the 70s or the 80s or something. So, he talks a lot about direct
mail, okay? Ways to actually mail out stuff and see if you get a response. Now,
what I really like about books that talk about direct mail,
I’ll go deeper into this in a second is direct mail, you have to be very targeted
with. You have to figure out exactly who you’re sending letters to. You know, what
problem what products have they bought. You know, you if you want to advertise
life insurance. You want to advertise specifically to maybe firemen or
whatever it is. You know, he figures out who he can send mail to. And so he talks
a lot about targeting. He also talks a lot, you know, a lot of this is about
copywriting. And he goes over really specific stuff like this. Like crush your
competition with extreme specificity. And he’ll give examples. In this one, he talks
about the psychology of social proof. Now, what is social proof? These are all the
marketing terms. And you’re going to hear me say them from time to time. But you’re
not really gonna understand them unless you read a book, okay? You hear me talk
about scarcity, urgency, social proof, calls to action, trial, closes, risk,
reversals. All of these things. These are all marketing concepts that if you just
picked up one of these books, you spent a day, you know maybe it’ll take you 2
days to read it. But this book will take you 2 days. This book will
take you a day. If you just spend a day reading this book, you will understand
all of these marketing concepts and you will be lightyears ahead of the
competition. This cost like 10 bucks or 20 bucks. I will include by the way
affiliate links to all of these books in the comments below. So, make sure you buy
through my affiliate links so I get like the 50 Cent’s that Amazon pays you for
recommending books. But this is… This will take you lightyears ahead of the
competition if you just read through it. Let me let me find, if I can… Here’s an
example. So, Ad agency secret number 17, the easy way to boost the power of
your copy. And he calls in PVA’s –Powerful Visual Adjectives. So, and this is also
using specific. So he says, “Don’t say make lots of money.” He says, “Do say rake in $2,750 weekly.” Said, “Don’t say juicy red apples.”
Do say, “Mouth-watering, sugar-sweet, hand-picked apples.” Then he says, “Don’t
say drink cleaner water.” He says, “do say, enjoy pure, crystal clear, glacier fresh
water.” So, give people visuals. You know, not just “Make lots of money or red
apples.” But every single page of this book is jam-packed with tactical stuff.
And I would say if you’re looking to get into marketing… I’ll give you my 3 recommendations at the end if you’re going to buy just 3 books. Growth hacker
marketing is a book by Rhine Holliday who’s I call him a PR master –Publicity
master. This actually is kind of like anti marketing almost. It’s not talking
about doing paid ads. Talking about going beyond paid ads. And building 100-million dollar, a billion dollar, a 10- billion dollar business. Now, most
marketing businesses… I mean, Russell Brunson built a company to 100-million dollars. How much further it’ll go than that? Who knows? But most
marketing business is they never get to a billion dollars. Not through direct
response advertising. To build companies like Pinterest or Google or Facebook or
Dropbox or Box or all of these major Cisco, etc. There’s an even higher level
of marketing. And he goes into that. This particular section, he’s talking about
Pinterest. One of the things they used to grow is when they were onboarding users.
When users signed up for Pinterest, they would suggest a number of friends for
them to add. So, they would make sure that people didn’t just sign up for Pinterest
like, “Here’s Pinterest.” They would actually have their product the website
suggests people for them to add because that would give them start building a
community around them. And make people use it more. And he says about that. “I
know this doesn’t seem like marketing. It is quite literally a product or feature
development decision.” And the best marketing goes beyond just simple stuff
like that. And an example might be, you know, in my marketing funnels, I make sure
that you know… I get people through the funnel. But I make sure people add me on
every social medium possible. I’m not monetizing that right away if
people join my Facebook group or if people add me on Twitter. But what I’m
doing is I’m creating more tie-ins to myself. So, over time, that will have a
bigger effect, hopefully. So, here’s another quote. He says, “The role of the
growth hacker is to ruthlessly optimize incoming traffic for success.” Which is up…
You know, direct response marketers are also supposed to ruthlessly optimize
incoming traffic for ROI. He said forget the conventional wisdom
that says, if a company lacks growth, it should invest more in sales and
marketing. Instead, it should also invest in refining and improving the service
itself until users are so happy that they can’t stop using the service and
their friends come along with them.” So, building a better product. Now, the last
three books I’ll kind of go through quickly but Zen Mind, beginner’s guide.
I’m big into understanding the power of balance. And understanding that not to
overdo things to quiet my mind. To not always take all of my own thoughts
seriously has been a really important thing. Just not taking all of my own
thoughts seriously. Because things bubble up. You know, you say, “I don’t like this or I do like this. I want to do this idea.” It might be
for you, you might say, “Oh, I’m done with this online business thing.” Right? That
might be a thought that bubbles up. But just let it pop and it’ll go away. You
know, it might be there for a day or a week. But let it go away. These things
happen or you might get a great idea for a new project to work on our new
business to work on. Let it come up, give it some time.
Maybe it’ll pop and flow away. But if it sticks, maybe it maybe it is important.
Warrior of light. So, this book is by Paulo Coelho. One of the most one of the
best authors around. Now, I couldn’t find my copy of the Alchemist. I had a lot of
books. Most almost all my books burned in the fire. I live in Malibu so I live out
in the mountains. Real kind of remote right off Mulholland and fire
burned down my entire property last year. And in fact, it was very freeing. I was
actually.. You know, I didn’t miss any of the stuff except my book collection. So,
almost all my books burned. And I scribble so many notes in my books that
it was kind of sad to see those go. You know, The Warrior Of Light kind of
just somewhat similar to the Alchemist. It says, don’t force things too hard. The
universe has its way of moving you where you need to be. Listen to the signs, okay?
Grinding and hustling 16 hours a day isn’t necessarily going to get you to
where you want to be. The universe will show you signs of where you need to go.
And there’s coincidences. Pollak well talks a lot about coincidences. And
coincidences are kind of like little glitches or things that God throws in
that shows you kind of where you’re meant to go. So, the next book is… This
book –Soar Above by Steven Stosny. This is perhaps the most impactful book. It’s
about relationships. And relationships with your loved ones. And also
just dealing with stress. And here are a few quotes that I pulled from it. I’m
always trying to improve my relationship with my wife and be a better husband and
father. And here was an example of a quote. I mean, I underlined like half
this book. This is unbelievably amazing. He says, “An example of adult brain
reality testing.” You know, always testing your reality. So, this is talking about
reality testing and regulation which means that sort of similar to the the
Warrior Of Light or the Zen book which is not all thoughts you have
should be taken seriously. You know, we have thoughts bubble up and they’re just
that… They’re bubbles. But here’s a question that you ask yourself is “Am I
really shut out or does it just feel that way? What can I do to be more
connected?” To your wife or loved one or husband or whatever. So, just kind of
testing your thoughts, right? Here’s… Let me find another one. Okay, the mantra for
personal healing and growth. To get big change, think small.
Commit to frequent repetitions of small behaviors to build new habits. So, let’s
say you’re mad at your significant other, just give them a hug and a kiss each day.
Okay? Or something like that. Do small things. Buy their favorite chocolate. You
know… Or maybe they like marzipan. Get them marzipan each week as a present.
Bring flowers home each week. Do a small thing each day or week. Do small habits.
Don’t try to make a big change. Just do a lot of small things. Commit to small
changes. And here’s one last quote which is “Dome people continually survey the
environment for anything that might possibly be negative. They have trained
their brains quite inadvertently to look for things that will make them feel down,
resentful, anxious or angry. Which they inevitably find and almost always blame
on the people around them.” And oftentimes, the people that sit there and think, “Well,
yeah. My partner does that.” That’s what I thought. Right? And then I realized, “Oh!
It’s me.” Because I… To think my partner always, you know… My wife always thinks, you know,
“Oh, that she’s always looking for the negative.” Right? But then I realized I’m
the one always looking for the negative. And I’m the one trying to blame things
on others. So, that was a big thing for me. Now, I’m going to go into the 2 books I’m
reading. Currently I won’t spend much time on them. And then I will go over the
3 books of these 10 that you should get first. I encourage you to order all
10 in frankly. But if you were just to pick 3. So, the book I’m
reading right now is called it’s by Neal Stephenson, Fall
Or Dodge in hell. And it is a big boy. It’s uh almost 900 pages. This is my favorite
author. I really… It’s it’s hard to explain his books. If anybody reads Neil
Stevenson here, let me know in the comments, say, “I read Neil”. I just can’t
explain… I can’t summarize this book in any way that would give it credence. But I’ve read
about 5 of his books and each one of them are a thousand pages long. He is my
favorite author. He’s amazing. He goes really deep into the characters of
people. He’s just unbelievably intelligent. This is alright. But some of
his reach gets somewhat challenging. Next one, Cormac McCarthy, Child of God. Another
one of my current favorite authors. It’s about a violent, solitary, introverted
backwoodsmen. He’s a great writer. I can’t explain it. But also very intelligent,
very fun. Now, if you were to buy 3 books,
Soar Above, get this book. This will help you overcome any sort of past or your
emotional reactions to things. One of the biggest problems I see a lot of people
who aren’t very wealthy have is they have they allow their emotions to
control their life. Number 1 thing by far that I see the reason why people are
in poverty is they let their emotions which change like the wind. You know, our
emotions are just here and they’re there and this. You know, get this book, okay? If
you’re not successful, you probably let your emotions control your life. Then the
next book I would suggest you get is Unscripted, okay? To be an entrepreneur,
this is an amazing book. This is the new manifesto for entrepreneurship.
Unscripted. Great book. This will set the stage. And I’d read these books in this
order. And then the third book is Cashvertizing. This is real tactical
marketing that will… You know, things you can apply and make you money. But I would
read them in this order. I’d read Soar Above. This will be the hardest book
because it doesn’t pertain directly to money. And I know you. You just want to
get the money. You’re just like, “I just want the tactics. Give me the free
traffic push button money methods.” Calm down. Calm down
and chill out. And listen to me. This will change your life if you do this. These
books right here. Soar above, Unscripted, Cashvertizing. Then you’re a
millionaire. But seriously, check it out. And if you’re committed to making this
happen, let me know and type in “committed” in the comments below. I’d love to see if
you are actually going to do this. I put links to all these books down below.
Again, I’m reading about a book a week right now. And if you want me to talk
more about this, I’ll see if the view time is good. But basically,
subscribe to my channel. Normal programming will resume tomorrow. And
like this video if you liked it. And comment. Let me know your thoughts. Let me
know what’s your favorite book on this list is. If you can, I’d love to see which
of these is your favorite book. I’m looking forward talking soon

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  1. Real interesting talk. Emotional and subconscious issues have probably held me back in my life so I will buy Soar Above, Zen Mind and Warrior of Light from your links

  2. REAL TALK! Absolutely! It's so important to have the right MINDSET to be an Entrepreneur. I read lots of books especially all these 10 that are mentioned in this video. My mindset and who I am around drastically changed for the better.

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  5. I have all these books and many others already in my collection. I probably have over a 1000 books on marketing, entrepreneurship, affiliate marketing, etc. I also have my amazon affiliate links for them as well posted on social media awhile ago and made money on that too.

  6. Thanks for this one, John. Books are my friends also. I really enjoyed the reasons you liked each book. Sorry you lost those books in the fire.

    When I was a kid I was home alone a lot. (only child also) Books were my best friends. Books from the local library of course. I was fortunate to own a set of World Book Encyclopedias. Once when I was especially bored (and out of books to read) I began to read the set of encyclopedias. I began with the A's and read the entire set. Took about six weeks if I remember correctly. 19 volumes. It must have taken longer than 6 weeks. My dad purchased them for me in 1954. Read my book sometime, John. It describes that era. "Moonshine" is the title. I was from Arkansas. You can probably guess what the topic is. Have a good one, John. Thanks again.

  7. Thanks man! I just added two more books to my ever growing stack of books I don't have time to read!

    I read Seveneves and tried to read Snowcrash. Not sure what to think of Stephonson's fiction. I did really like In the Beginning…was the Command Line, though.

  8. What's interesting is have all the noks execpt one? Bought a lot of books to read every month force. Myself to apply in my life

  9. Greetings John! Just catching up with all of the people who I like a lot. Thank you for the education in Marketing & Advertising! I'm a one person organization juggling many of tasks. I LOVE READING TOO! But "for me" the muzik naturally comes first. But I learned a lot of things that I didn't know how to do before. And honestly, I'm learning how to put all of the puzzle pieces together right now. I will keep you posted with my progress. I prefer reading in the wintertime when it is ice cold here in the Philadelphia Area. 4-hour Work Week and a few others are on the list. I'm building my first funnel tomorrow. Happy Holidays to you and your family! REAL TALK 💖

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  11. Hey John,
    Here's a great book that fits well with well The Alchemist. The Secret Language of Waking Dreams, by Mike Avery. Happy reading!

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