April 1, 2020

64 thoughts on “10 Biggest DRONE MISTAKES New Pilots Make with DJI MAVIC MINI

  1. How can someone have disliked this when the vids only been up 7 mins and is a 9.45 video. No need for that.

  2. Great video. In my early days of flying drones, I have made most of these mistakes, except for the too low battery. Over time I have learned many of these lessons the hard way. I wish I had a video like this when I first started. I love both of you guys, and watch almost all the videos you produce. Great collaboration on this one. Great job guys!

  3. Look at that new studio! That is some crazy Star Trek shizzle! Love it, can't wait to see more of it! 2 thumbs down already?? It's Christmas season people, come on!

  4. #3 only for those who use auto settings. In manual mode you can change exposure to whatever you like.

  5. Dji Mavic mini good or bad ? I am beginner I love forest, Hill's , fall's , wildlife . This drone is good for this? Because it's my first dream drone.

  6. Im an android user. And everytime i fly and record. The app automatically downloads the footage to my phones video gallery. It's annoying because of rather them just stay on the micro sd card so i can just put it on my pc from the card. It floods my phone with videos that take up space i don't want taken up. Is there a setting i can adjust to keep the footage just on the go fly app. I don't knlw why it auto downloads to my phone. And it downloads all my videos everytime i fly. So ill get duplicates if i don't delete them from the app after each flight.

  7. Rumors about an iPhone in 2021 without lightning charge. How do we connect to our new Mavic mini then?? Please answer??? Thanks for a good video

  8. Great tutorial gents. Just yesterday on my first flight with my Mini I shot 20 mins. of nothing because never turned on camera. It won't happen again, hopefully.

  9. I bought a Mavic 2 Pro on Black Friday, and since thst day I have flown 5 times. On time number 4, I was flying along a bluff in NM and the wind was 25mph with 35 mile gusts. When the wind wore down the battery and itnwas trying to come back to home point, the wind was pushing it so hard it was being pushed in the opposite direction. I barely got it back.

  10. Did you put some adhesive tape on the back so that the battery doesn't jump out in case of a frontal collision? Or to avoid any moister and dust getting into the SD-card slot?

  11. the mini is my first drone….i am making 2/3 of these mistakes. Namely the flying too high and getting bird's eye shots. But i do mainly photos when i am this high …so i guess its ok? I also happen to make jerky movements with gimbal and panning. and the bigegst mistake i always end up regretting in post…I forgot to lock the damn exposure…

  12. I think forgetting to hit record is a right of passage. I drove 2.5 hours to get some cool photos and video of a landmark. I wasn't used to using intelligent flight modes yet. I did a couple "quick shots", which record automatically, then I set up a POI shot right at sunset. It was epic! Well, it would have been… learned the hard way that unlike quick shots, you actually have to hit record in the intelligent flight modes. Doh!
    Thanks for all the tips, Jeven and Aldryn!

  13. Wish I had this video before I started filming. The ☀️ tip is great. I learned it the hard way. I have messed not pressing record.

  14. good advice one thing I would recommend doing is not to get such a large SD card. I have a large SD card and something happen my drone were disconnected and it landed in the sea off of Vietnam. I lost all that footage. for that I got a smaller SD card so I was forced to download the footage or change it out.

  15. Can you switch between photo and video mode mid flight on the mini? What about taking a photo while you’re videoing? Looking into the mini for my Iceland trip and getting both photos and videos

  16. Ive gotten a little too close once or twice 🤣
    Luckily both crashes i was pretty low w a soft landing and only damaged a blade or two!
    This is a great video!

  17. Maybe DJI could put an option in the software to allow you to pick "auto record on take off." You can always delete but you can’t add later.

  18. Great tips! One thing I wish I knew before crashing my Mavic Mini, check the Return to Home altitude and set it according to your environment!! For my first couple of flights I flew out in the open fields, no problems. When I flew in an industrial area and I lost connectivity completely, the 20m altitude was not high enough and the drone flew straight into a building trying to get back to home and there was nothing I could do about it. 😥 Tip: Set your RTH altitude according to your environment, every time!

  19. Good vid ! Some of what you said I learned fifty years ago when making 16mm film movies.
    Suggestion for next vid —》 how to edit your drone footage. Idea—-》 how 'bout the droning equivalent of GEOCACHING ??

  20. Great hints! Thanks a lot. Can't wait to go out and fly my mavic mini. Weather is shitty here so hopefully there will be a nice cold day soon. Keep it up!

  21. Hey Jeven…. Appreciate the info in this video/update. I do try follow the suggestions offered. I have had that one instance (thus far), of having the message – SD card capacity maxed. Dang! Fortunately I had another card with me. Most of the time I down load my video shoots to my computer, and then clear the card, when I put it back in the drone.
    I watched two of your earlier posts on how to get better cinematic footage – no jerky camera motions; drift up/down, etc. Both have proved quite helpful in recent outings. I think you mentioned using the Histogram, and that has helped with getting better exposures. Still its – practice, practice, practice. I'm currently practicing combination inputs. The Gimbal down input on the controller, is a bit tricky. Can't feel the little thumb wheel move sometimes. Argh! Can we talk – too fast of movement.
    Would like to know where Aldryn was for his part of the video? Trying to build a list of different locations to try.

  22. You're right, my common mistake I always have my drone facing the sun. I also was too excited to take the drone as high as it can but eventually I realised that less people appreciate it.

  23. Hi, how much footage can you record at 2.7k on a 64 gb micro sd card? By the way, congratulations for this video, it's one of the most useful on the mavic mini I've seen.

  24. I'm so taken, by both of you guys. You've given so much time and effort with these helpful videos, not only giving us some great tips and training on getting good shots, but all of the pitfalls and tricks of the trade, none of us should be flying without. It's so easy for me to just say something like-"oh, I know my props are on good, I'll just take her up", when I know that just one prop coming off is probably gonna be disaster. Why not just check the tightness on them first. I just want to say too, that even though I lease Adobe Premier, heck, you can do most of what you need with a pretty cheapie video editing program, if money is an issue. I think most all of them do cuts, disolves, titles and the basics. I always try and "shoot to edit", these days, because it's so cheap to do it. Just erase your card when it's transferred over to your computer. I say that in regards to what you said, Jeven, about not shooting shots long enough. Of course in any kind of editing suite, it's a cinch to just shorten it to whatever length you want. You can shorten it easily if it's too long, but the only way I know how to lengthen it, would be to slow lthe video down, and that isn't always what you would want. Thanks again for another great video. Marc Trainor.

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