March 30, 2020
10 Best Instagram Story Templates [2019]

10 Best Instagram Story Templates [2019]

For years now, Instagram has been one the hottest, most influential platforms for showcasing content of all kinds. One of Instagram’s relatively new features is the Story Stream. Whether you’re a business owner
looking to share products, an influencer trying
to increase your reach, or an individual who likes to
take a professional approach to sharing their content, Envato Elements has you covered for all the best
Instagram Story templates. Here is a snapshot of our
top 10 templates for 2019. All items featured today are available with a subscription to Envato Elements. Find a link in the description below. Number 10, Instagram Stories by AurJas. Starting off our countdown today is a seriously sleek set
of Instagram templates by contributor, AurJas. Primarily suited to
displaying advertisements, a savvy Instagramer could also
use this to their advantage in many other areas. With 15 templates included, users can mix and match designs to
their heart’s content. Number nine, Instagram
Stories by AfterDarkness75. 26, I repeat, 26 different Story templates are at every creative’s disposal with this phenomenal set of templates. Create stunning promotional content to absolutely wow your
viewers in no time at all. This template set
includes glitch animation, transitional slides,
room for written content, and so much more. Number eight, Instagram Stories
by Nexus-Digital-Market. An all new update to our
number eight template set by Nexus-Digital-Market now provides users with 20 templates. New additions include seasonal stories, a shopping story, a photo
story, and a vlog story. With templates perfect for advertising, showcasing products or pictures, or simply telling your story
the way you want it to be told. There’s no limit to the creative diversity this pack can provide. Number seven, Instagram Stories
– Corporate by MotionMount. Instagram isn’t all about
videos of cake decorating, travel destinations, and cats being silly. Businesses and individuals
in the corporate space can also use Instagram as a
tool to engage their customers, prospects, business partners,
and even their employees. The designs in our number seven
template set by MotionMount are an amazing, modern take, on the way business professionals can rock the Instagram Story scene. Number six, Instagram
Stories Stomp, by NeuronFX. With millions upon millions
of hours of content being uploaded to the web, daily, influencers only have a second to grab their viewers attention before they move on to the
next video in their story feed. Our number six installment in this list of top 10
Instagram Story templates may only run for just over 10 seconds, but that’s all you need to make an impact. It’s bold, it’s fun, and
it packs a huge punch. Number five, Instagram
Stories by BarraQDa. Created specifically to showcase sports-related Insta Stories, this pack of templates, by BarraQDa, is an absolute must for
any fitness professional. Mix and match between the 30
different templates in this set to create unique content that will stop viewers in their tracks. Use these templates to
advertise, to motivate, or to communicate. The power is yours. Number four, Instagram
Stories by Make-Space. The animations and slide transitions in our number four template set are clean, polished, refined, and everything you look for
in a good Instagram Story. Fashion, travel, fitness, whatever you need to communicate, this 22-template set is the perfect tool to promote your personal flair. Number three, Instagram
Stories by MillionFrames. Relevancy to cultural holidays is a very important aspect of
social media content today. Contributor MillionFrames has created two specific lots of templates that pay homage to both
Diwali and Halloween, events set in October. Increase your following and stay relevant by setting your content to
these absolutely gorgeous, slightly spooky, template themes. Number two, Instagram
Stories by Nullifier. 195 design shots, three size
formats, total compatibility with all social media platforms. Need I say more? This Instagram Story
template pack by Nullifier is an absolute boss when
it comes to creating and distributing your works
across the social media space. Influencers or businesses
looking to grow their reach, advertise their products, or
make a splash in their network, should take advantage of the
diversity this pack can offer. Number one, Instagram
Stories by NinjaTeam. Our number one template pack today, has such a professional feel to it yet it still combines all the quirky, creative, modern elements needed to have an effect in
the vibrant social space we’ve come to work within. Perfect for bloggers, who
want to provide a link to their latest work. This set of 17 Story templates
and 22 animated slides, includes multiple swipe-up
elements, shapes, and buttons. Just look at the design, it’s a standout. We’ve come to the end of our list of the top 10 best Instagram
Story templates of 2019. Did you have a sudden burst
of inspiration while watching? Let us know in the comments. You’ll find a link to every
Instagram Story template mentioned in this video,
in the description below. Make sure you subscribe
to the Envato channel for more content, put together specifically
for creatives like you. Ready, set, Insta!

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  1. These all look amazing! Just curious if it’s easy to swap our images for the ones in the demos (so can keep the effects and animations as is)?

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