April 7, 2020
#1 LaraShop55 – Products Model & Controller | Shopping cart website in Laravel 5.5 with Ajax

#1 LaraShop55 – Products Model & Controller | Shopping cart website in Laravel 5.5 with Ajax

hi friends in the first part of Lara show
we will work on admin penance I will create a form for ad product but before
that we need a product table product controller and model for that just open
CMD just a single command for both things model and controller make model
model means products and M C and for Migration okay C for your controller
just press ENTER you can see model Great Migration also created okay now let me
open my editor I am using here Adam okay now we will update our my croissant
table like we will add new columns new columns product name product ID
everything so for that just go to your project directory inside that database
table and migration folder here is your tables user password is already written
with auth but we need productive okay open this here you will add some more
columns for example this pre-visit ring name will be use any new here and one
four and five more second one cut code okay and protoss image will mean columns
we will add for now and after that we will add more as we march it okay it’s
price that’s all I think now here we have PRT son migration enter the command
and migration is completed now go to the database you will see here is products
table it or information we added here one more
thing inside the app you will see here is your model we will use it many times
products model and inside the controller you have a products controller which we
done is single command product make model products – MC M for your migration
C for your controller now just add a phone to insert data to database go to
your resources here is your view inside the admin you will add a new view for
your yes form and you can use any design like I am using this blade LC you you
fight will be what ad okay now we need route and link to complete this in the
web tour PHP inside your admin middleware add in new route is okay for
now admin we need this name of function
inside your admin controller HTTP controller admission to make here public
function same view and I have a same name oblique okay you can use as you
have now if I go to the browser inside the admin if I click here at product it
will go to the new plate here is the year plate okay but we need hearing okay
for that just go to yeah your menu the resources view add me you have a master
and inside the masters you have a here is link copy this a light ESPN this is
not active so to lead back to class and product here you will say add product
okay we check here is add product Gary – product desk
you can change this Oracle but I am just working on it not on design okay inside
the add product we will add here we’ll change it to be a bit okay
look we make it f1 and for this because here we will press the page now you can see the form
okay we need this route okay well first of all we will add here URL corrects URL
admin inside the inspect source code you can see it’s your admin saved for that
test you are proudly we need route before that we need here this is
function is compulsory we are working on form of level plate and web door PHP
inside your admin middleware great route with post because we are using here
postman your admin controller name any function that function we need to create
a public function say product here you can see before that you have two data you can use this variable to the ton
rather see which through that me quote price and three click on submit and you
got that data okay with your token now you can insert
this data here yeah I know I’m not feeling this image so no problem we will
make it empty okay I will done this part in the next video
okay see you in the next video thank you guys thank you

20 thoughts on “#1 LaraShop55 – Products Model & Controller | Shopping cart website in Laravel 5.5 with Ajax

  1. Hi sir
    I develop laravel ajax dropdown but error occur 500 internal server error I don't know how to fixed it. Please guide me.

  2. waste of time your videos like you have not even told what is happening in master file what about auth when have logged in literally worst

  3. What is the bullshit ? Why you skip some moments ? Do you know that names of essence need write with a capital letter ? I don't understand why you don't know easy principles of development and you do video.

  4. why do i get a error when i run composer install called
    Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'larashop55.products' doesn'

    t exist (SQL: select * from `products`)????

  5. Hello sir please provide the start project so that we can continue step by step in the tutorial.. The project in github is the complete project that is why it is hard to continue in the tutorial series

  6. hello friend, i'm clone code from you Githup alread but problem with to install (php artisan migrate or composer install). how to fixed that, and your i can't find your facebook account.

  7. hello sir, thank you for the tutorials but i have an error with your code that you published in GitHub the error is as follows (

    Warning: Unknown: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in Unknown on line 0

    Fatal error: Unknown: Failed opening required 'C:wamp64wwwlarashop55-master/server.php' (include_path='.;C:phppear') in Unknown on line 0 ) can you please help me to solve this error thank you so much.

  8. hello sir, why is my css and js files are not working when i solve the error that i was facing and now the css and js files are no working.

  9. i download your this code and
    i have an thid type errors
    Warning: require(C:xampphtdocslarashop55-masterpublic/../vendor/autoload.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in C:xampphtdocslarashop55-masterpublicindex.php on line 24

    Fatal error: require(): Failed opening required 'C:xampphtdocslarashop55-masterpublic/../vendor/autoload.php' (include_path='C:xamppphpPEAR') in C:xampphtdocslarashop55-masterpublicindex.php on line 24

    can you help to solve me please.

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