January 18, 2020

75 thoughts on “#1: Airbnb’s Director of Experience, Katie Dill, tells us why Airbnb uses “stories” to design

  1. If anyone watching has any follow up questions about the stuff we discussed here, comment here and we will respond! 🤗

  2. Thank you so much for the video.
    Is it possible to have captions? even auto-generated ones. I want my friends with hard hearing to see this as well

  3. I'm currently working as a business designer at an innovation company in BR, and watching this was such an inspiration! Thank you soooo much! Can't wait to see the next ones! 😄

  4. Love love love this episode! Thanks so much, this was a great first one! I enjoy learning how other design teams work, collaborate and communicate.

  5. Super helpful to see how big companies work and think in term of design process. It also helps a lot for job interviews 🙂

  6. Hey guys, great Insights! I work in the same industry as Airbnb, would you guys be interested in interviewing one of our design leaders?

  7. Would be very interesting to have a look at some design deliverables. She's talking about storyboarding, videos, prototypes and the big wall, if I'm correct, with all the user stories / scenarios.
    Any chance we can have a look? Maybe in the upcoming episodes? 😉

  8. I get why people are reluctant to place blame in organizations that they are currently employed. But I'm sick of designers placing the blame on ourselves for being in that scenario as pixel pushers and not product thinkers. I guess it all depends on context but if she did her due diligence as she said she'd know exactly why the design role at airbnb wasn't working when she signed on. It seems like it is working now which is great but we should be honest with ourselves on how that scenario comes about.

  9. Consider putting links in the video notes to things referenced during the interview, such as Katie's mention of a TED talk about chickens…?

  10. I really really appreciate you guys efforts on designer interview. That brought a great benefit to other designers around the world. Thank you again for this!

  11. Great initiative and thanks so much for doing this! You're putting this great treasure-chest of insights and advice into the reach of designers around the world, who'd otherwise have no way to access it. Medium articles and the like are great, but there's nothing like a good video interview. 🙂

    I'd definitely go over this again and pull out the actionable stuff that I can apply. But, it would be great if maybe at the end of these videos you guys could recapitulate a little bit or add timecode links to the main points in the video description.

  12. Any references, detailed approaches to learn about stroies in customer journey mapping? I have read through the comments but anything specific on how to get started on it, detailed, would be great. I am planning to get this started at my company and it's going to be very helpful. Thanks in advance. 🙂

  13. "The people problem is the most important to start with; the business case and data should be supportive and not the lead."- Katie Dill (Director of Experience, Airbnb)

  14. Loved this line (Design works well with data scientist team and user research team). This is the most common thing that is ignored while starting a design project. Loving this high resolution series.

  15. I was kind of surprised to hear that AirBnB's vision of design 3 years ago wasn't really up to date. Saying their designers were at the end of the production line is really surprising to me. Glad to see it changed now!

  16. OH MY GAW!! I went to a "UX" meetup and there was no storytelling. There was no problem-solving for the users. There was no personas that pinpointed direction. It wouldn't have been so maddening but they looked down on me for being a bootcamp graduate.

  17. Good talk! I was especially inspired by their pair system where designers can complement and learn from each other. I think a lot of teams make the misstake of hiring people who have the similar strength, which severely limits the team as a whole. Katie also has a nice way with words, which always gets extra points from me as a writer who implements design thinking in my work.

  18. Great talk!Thanks a lot for sharing!Could you please use the automatic captioning function?I‘m not English speaker and very much hope to see the subtitle. Appreciate!

  19. I gave her a Lyft ride a couple of years ago. I was on a sabbatical in Austin and staying at a tech house Airbnb. I told her this and she was like "I work for Airbnb! In UX." I was like, "Oh hey! I'm a UXD, too!" And we talked about how Lyft and Airbnb have a similar ethos.

  20. Hi folks! Awesome!  Some of y'all can to add subtitles of this videos? Our community need so much of contents like that. The rest of world thanks!

  21. I love AirBnB and have used them about 40 times, but its based on the strength of the end product of nice and affordable places to stay, and is despite their user experience which I find to be rather lacking. They have done little in the past 6 years to make it easier for you to find the right place and the right place in a fast and efficient fashion. I so want to be able to sort my results by price and reviews, I want to be able to hide homes that I've looked at and I know don't fit my needs, I often travel to go to an event and would love to be able to see on the map when searching where homes are in relation to my destination(s) and the distance from those destinations, I want to know and see where mass transit is compared to a potential AirBnB, I want trailers/campers to be their own category and not show up when I'm looking for actual homes, I want to know the safety ratings of an area I am thinking of booking in, I'd like the hosts cancellation policy to be more obvious and I'd like to be able to filter based on that, I have a couple of dozen great reviews and would love to have Super Guest status like how hosts can have Super Host status, is there self-check in or not, and I'd like hosts to have some requirements for standard photos they should be including (I won't book a place that doesn't have a picture of the bed(s) I/we will be sleeping in). As it is I spend so much time switching back and forth between Google maps where I have mapped out distances between points and figuring out what areas would work best, then I go back to AirBnB and search that area, then I go back to Google Maps and look at the Street View to check out the house and surrounding area, and then I get directions between that AirBnB and my destinations around the city and whether I can walk to them, get to them by light rail, or if I'll need to Uber/Lyft there when I didn't drive there. Which brings me to my next point, I wish AirBnB asked me about some of the upfront stuff like; am I flying or driving, will I have a car (whether I drove my own or rented), what time do I expect to arrive, is having coffee shops/restaurants or shopping nearby important to me or not, etc. Show me homes that match those details. What Katie sounds great, but I don't see how it's being applied at AirBnB.

  22. My God, this a cold fish, isn't it… so boring. Someone like that has nothing to do with the image of airbnb.

  23. How could I support you guys without purchasing any of the Partners products? Patreon?
    This whole project is absolutely beautiful, congrats and Thank you for that!

  24. 33:54 How do you explain the role of design to people within the business?
    1. Educate: talk about solving problems (it's not just about how something looks like, it's how it works).
    2. Tell a story about where something was poorly designed (after all, 'when good design is there, you don't even notice it' so show the opposite).
    3. Design is for all. Share the 'story' & get others to participate.

  25. She knows what she’s doing, and if you don’t believe me take a look at the design of Airbnb across mobile and desktop platforms. It’s gorgeous and for the most part intuitive.

  26. chicken examples…. https://www.ted.com/talks/margaret_heffernan_why_it_s_time_to_forget_the_pecking_order_at_work?language=en

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