February 18, 2020
🤑Kevin David’s  Shopify Ninja Masterclass💰 Full Review | ⚠Shocking Truth⚠ Nobody Wants You to Know

🤑Kevin David’s Shopify Ninja Masterclass💰 Full Review | ⚠Shocking Truth⚠ Nobody Wants You to Know

I am a corporate drone thank you for
paying me for my time thank you for paying in this video we’re gonna review
the Kevin David Shopify master class and the reason why is because I feel like
and I truly believe this okay it’s because it’s a tool that can essentially
change your life forever let’s get into it Shopify is an online platform where you
can sell items online to potential buyers using advertisement using
Facebook using other platforms to get people and drive traffic to your website
the beauty of that is you get to customize it how you want pick a niche
make it niche specific what I mean by that is if you’re a pet lover you can
make your own website about pets and sell pet products if you love beauty and
you want it to be about beauty you can sell beauty products all these things
are at the tip of your fingertips because now you have a serious tool to
project to the world products that you feel that they need in their lives and
now the trick is learning how to bring people to your site and driving traffic
to your site and that’s where a lot of people run into little issues and that’s
why I think this course has all the tools you need to make it happen so
whether you’re a beginner or not it doesn’t matter this course may be for
you and how to figure out if it’s for you or not well we’re gonna talk about
that okay first things first before you start off with any online opportunity I
want to make this clear you have to make sure that it’s for you will it fit in
your lifestyle your thought process your changes will it fit for you through all
these courses that I’ve seen online a lot of them claim to you know no startup
fee and zero dollars to begin and begin for free I’m gonna tell you straight
there’s no such thing as starting up for free everything costs money and at all
you have to understand that it costs money to make money and so with this I
want to get the mindset right okay if you think that this is something that
it’s going to be able to you know change your life and your drop of a hat a few
clicks will get you your passive income you have to understand that this may not
be for you unfortunately okay but if you understand that fact already and you
know that it’s gonna take some upfront cost it may not be as much as some other
opportunities out there but for this particular opportunity there’s a low
startup cost which is what makes it so amazing when I think that so many people
should jump on it and because of the of the plethora of information that’s out
there you generally could find the information that I’m about to show you
but the being saved is what you’re paying for
really and the organization that someone was able to put it all in a small little
package for you and you can just unravel it by yourself and be able to dive in
and take control of how long it takes you to learn something and all that is
this just pretty much self-taught but you have your information in front of
you you don’t have to go hunting for is this information correct is it right and
what proof do they have it is like these things you don’t have to hunt for
anymore because it’s on one small package already done for you now what is
it in this video I’m gonna go in later and I’m gonna show you
jump on my laptop we’re gonna dive in I’m gonna show you what the course looks
like from within so you can feel it more comfortable about what I’m talking about
okay and then there’s a great bonus at the end for you guys if you guys are
interested in to finding out some more about this with any online opportunity
you have to understand anybody who tells you like oh I made a hundred thousand
dollars in a month that didn’t happen overnight that was consistency and
persistency of learning the product and learning the industry and getting to
understand how to drive those sales into your website okay because it is not an
overnight success type of thing okay you need to be serious about actually wanted
to be an entrepreneur and there’s a lot of things that come with that because a
lot of people show you their glory but they never show you the full story and
nowadays because everyone’s kind of flocking over to the online making money
online sector you can tell that there is a vast amount of information out there
now and even you know many people claim to be gurus and claiming to be experts
that are offering courses and ways to do certain things but the main question
still stands how legit are they how do I know you’re not lying to me and so I’m
here to actually look a little deeper into the Kevin David Shopify course so
that way you can have a better picture and maybe this might be a possible tool
that might help you along that journey it’s only right that I change ready
what’s this there we go all right there we go it’s
good now behind every great organization there is a leader in this case is Kevin
David and his Shopify course and Kevin David I actually had the opportunity to
meet him in person that was actually shocked about how how
cool he was down to earth authentic you name it it’s pretty much it wasn’t an
a-hole okay he was authentic legit as it comes he told you like it was whatever
you saw online was exactly who he was in person and that I appreciated 100% and
so I became a part of a ninja fan okay at lifestyle ninjas when I became a part
of its because I believed in the things he was doing his mission in life is to
actually you know help people escape from the corporate slavery remember that
corporate drone you don’t want to be like that guy so the goal is to go ahead
and be your own boss and this course will help you to do that the other thing
I want to point out is that in this community he has the ninja community it
was so supportive everybody was there to help one another I noticed that people
were jumping in chiming in and answering each other’s questions and if something
happened that you know somebody was having trouble with something somebody
would come in and rescue you know and give that information that they needed
and help them to move forward and that is so important it’s very hard to find
many groups that have that type of connectivity and you need that and it’s
not an over you know overly sized group where you get lost in the sauce and you
don’t know who’s helping you who’s what a 60,000 member group enough of the
fluff enough with the introductory talk let’s get right into it we’re gonna hop
it to my laptop right now hey what’s going on everybody and we’re back and
we’re live and I’m here right now logged in into the Shopify ninja master class
and I want to take a deeper dive with you guys right now to show you what’s
what this course really entails and what to expect so guys here we have a total
of five modules and you’ll also get a mini course if you want to start that
for us to kind of you know get your head wrapped around the game and see what’s
expecting the course and the bonus after you’re done with all five modules you
have some bonus courses down here and those are also good add-on as well
unfortunately I can’t click on every module and show you the title headings
and everything because Kevin would probably Ana’s kill me
he you know if he found out that I ever did that but I at least can show you the
tabs and what to expect you know when we’re in actually logged in so module 1
is how to find hugely profitable products to dropship on Shopify and
that’s one of the main issues with Shopify is people finding profitable
products know profitable products no sales dead business that’s as simple as
that that module right there is has got to be one of the most important modules
in this course okay alone with the rest here so module number two talk about
world class drop shipping suppliers and once you find these products you have to
find suppliers to help you you know kind of get these things manufactured so that
way you can dropship them effectively to your customers another thing is drop
shipping time and another thing to deal with is you know how fast you can get
the product ready to be drop shipped and how trustworthy is this manufacturer
that module goes through everything on how to help you to find dedicated drop
shipping suppliers okay module number three quickly talking about Shopify
store optimization so let’s say you know you got your store up you found a
profitable product but now you want to make sure that that store is appealing
you want to make sure that people are gravitated to it you know the types of
information and colors that you have that pops information like their emails
if you want to grab that so that way you can retarget them and ask them questions
later or offer them make offer ups later I let them know you have a new product
in your store that’s another awesome way to do that marketing explosion module
number four let me explain to you even if you had let’s say a fire product even
if you had a fire website if you don’t know how to get the word out there it
does nothing for you you might as well not even have a site to be honest with
you okay marketing explosion will teach you and
help you to get the word out about your store or products because that product
or whatever you use Facebook ads is huge you can even use Instagram ads and now
you know a few folks are using even on snapchat and targeting those folks okay
and what that helps you do it helps you to real customers in using a hot product
or a product that you know they would need or would find cool to have like I
know a lot of people we you know seen some ads about the UM the long super
zoom you know telescope lens well you can put on your phone and kind of clip
on there even I clicked on it I mean I came like this close to buying I really
think I’m actually going back and buy that I think I would but that right
there you know it they grabbed me because they had a video and it just
grabbed my attention right away good letters and it said free shipping and
like it just or said just pay for shipping and I was really grabbed that
store was really well done and I can’t say that enough it grabbed my attention
it gave me the price because the next thing I thought about was how much is it
because I’m already hooked and you know amazingly enough you know I got onto the
website and I I just really loved all their products I did order a couple
things from their products so you know they got me as a customer and they also
added me put in my email so now they can retarget because I want to know more
about them you know down the road the Shopify ninja masterclass mini course
honestly is is really a good overview of and why this is why I have it open
because this is part of the bonus I want to give you guys bonus of being able to
have free access to the Shopify mini course okay and there’s a link in the
description all you have to do is click it if you want access to this because
what this will do is give you the perfect introductory videos on what to
expect with the course how to open up and start a store and just kind of give
you overview of Shopify in general and then you can make a decision is it for
me or is it not for me okay don’t ever be pushed to do anything okay I’m doing
my goals to just provide you with tools to get to the end goal if your goal is
to be an entrepreneur or if your your end goal is to have an extra side income
you can do this with Shopify and not only that you don’t have to hunt for
information like I did when I started I was trying to you know look at YouTube
videos and all these gurus and everything that they were offering for
free which were awesome which was awesome information but
I was trading was time a lot of time was used up and trying to find this
information so with that being said this is gonna be the course I’m going to be
offering you guys just to get a free taste of what it’s like to actually have
this in the palm of your hands and once you’re in you’ll have the bonus on you
know super niches to make huge profits from he also even gives you the how to
create a t-shirt Empire I mean that’s just amazing in itself and how to use
clickfunnels to 10x your sales and conversions with one funnel and that you
know I can’t I’m not I’m not gonna talk anymore you just got to see for yourself
okay I gave enough information I feel like if you’re serious at this point you
go ahead and take the master mini course make the decision for yourself and trust
me when I tell you the testimonies speak for themselves well guys there you have
it the in-depth look on the Kevin Davis Shopify ninja master class I hope it
helped for you to kind of see exactly what you’re dealing with and what it is
that it has to offer you I mean so many people have changed your
lives with Shopify let the next person be you why not and for those of you who
have not heard of Shopify well if you don’t know what not you know

41 thoughts on “🤑Kevin David’s Shopify Ninja Masterclass💰 Full Review | ⚠Shocking Truth⚠ Nobody Wants You to Know

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    I'm very close to getting this course because tbh I'm really not a 9-5 type of guy…I don't believe in school and really I just want to live a life demanded by some asshole…

    The only thing really holding me back is the money that I would need to actually start…I took kevin's 3-day trial couple weeks ago because well I saw that there was some software Kevin would suggest and that was $200 alone…

    I truly understand that it's not a get rich quick scheme however, I don't want to set myself up for failure….and would rather set myself up for success..

    I dont make a lot of mmoney so I have to be smart and frugal…

    Can you please give me an honest answer as to how much I should start with? I was thinking at least $250 or even $500, after purchasing that software he suggested in the course.

    Hope to hear from you soon!

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    A true beginner is some 1 who has only used online 4 email and Instagram….most beginners dont have basic computer skills know n how 2 get from 1 place with a click 2 the next….

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  11. Kevin David's YouTube channel was just terminated: "This account has been terminated due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube's policy against spam, deceptive practices, and misleading content or other Terms of Service violations."

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  17. Tactical flashlights that are probably within the 25 dollar to 45 dollar range, (hell, i saw one for 12 bucks in this presentation)and this dude sold em for 200 bucks? Come on. Wouldn't the first thing you do is research that flashlight before you pay that much money for it? Thats what common sense tells me. But hey, it obviously worked right and he made a gigantic profit, over a million dollars. Well slap me and call me Susan!! Pretty kick ass if you ask me.
    You know Kevin, i connected with a kid, didn't know he was a kid until we had a phone conversation. But he suggested that i start a shopify store instead of an ad agency. Why do you think he suggested that to me? Maybe because i don't have hardly any experience in online marketing. Why shopify? Is it an easier business model to have some success? Im all for it but i don't know where to start. I don't know what kind of physical products that are trending or selling right now.
    The one thing i do know is ive got to get into something or my life is going to suck til the day i die. You know a little bit about me. Ive given you some of my history. So What do you think?. You need to help me get started Kevin. I have a grandchild on the way. My 2 youngest kids graduated high school a few months ago.
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    I just get a little worked up when i talk about this. Its time for the talk to stop and the action and winning to begin.

    Peace and blessings to you all.

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