April 2, 2020
🔥High Converting Shopify Product Page Guide | 2018

🔥High Converting Shopify Product Page Guide | 2018

in this video we’re going to talk about
product pages and how to design them in a way it’s gonna increase the sales of
your store what’s up guys my name is ivy zu and if you’re interested in Shopify
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i’m documenting my whole journey from the complete star
alright let’s not waste any more time and let’s jump right into the laptop so
i can show you the best product page set up for your store alright let’s go into
product page design so this is high bargains this is not my store it’s
getting about 200,000 views per month so I think this store is making quite a lot
of money I think it could be maybe from 50k to up to 300 K it all depends on
their app so strategy their conversion rate and so on but let’s go right into
the product page design so what I like is they have a sale tag always when
you’re advertising a product I would add like a sale but maybe six is sixty three
percentage too much for me I usually do like forty percent somewhere around that
because if the cell is too high it’s kind of hard to believe yeah so you’re
kind of losing a little bit of the trust factor they also have the Ricard app out
out getting rid of this because because of gdpr
you’re not allowed to have this pre ticket box anymore so I’ll just get rid
of that and below Add to Cart I would have this trust badge this is very very
important it really helps with the conversion rate and yeah I would use
something like this because this doesn’t look spammy like there are a lot of
trust badges on like Google Images and those like are in the neon colors and it
doesn’t even look like it fits your store so I would get rid of those
there’s also like horrified app I’m not big a fan I’m not a big fan of that
because it kind of looks spammy to me and it kind of
also cause like a loss of trust factor as well so yeah I wouldn’t add that like
if you if you want to like have a countdown timer a good countdown timer
is good like for like their bar like up here you can say like store wide sale
for like one day only like for like the next 23 hours and have a countdown or
something because this is something that a lot of source to but there are not
many like legit stores that they have that have like a countdown timer for
exact product so I would get rid of that yeah the video the video is great but
out like out start out start like after like are the trust patch out start with
a big headline so you should have like a big headline talk about the main benefit
or a question that talks about a pain point and after that I would have like
two to three sentences talking about a pain point pain point or the benefit and
as you can see here the text is just with no bold so out at both to the text
for example like 100% safe put it into bold also like fits all sizes out and
out put it into bold so people can instantly see the key benefits the next
thing is bullet points those are great bullet points out add bullet points
talking about the benefits and maybe even some features but mainly focus on
the benefits that the customer is going to get after that I would add either a
video or even better you could add like a gift alright so the audio cut out on
redoing this section again so talking about gifts I first learned about gifts
in product pages through Kickstarter as you can see like the gifts are very good
for like demonstrating how to use a product or to show the main feature or
benefit of the product and what I like about gifts is that with like a video
the video could take a customer out of your product page to YouTube or
something like that but if you if you have the gift it doesn’t take a customer
somewhere else and also your customer doesn’t have to click on the video to
see the video right because the gift it just auto plays and you can see it
instantly so that’s very that’s very very useful what I also like is these
kind of these kind of pictures in the description it shows like the main
feature or benefit as well or like if you go up here you can see this one this
picture so this picture shows about like the major pain points so you can have
those as well but make sure to use tiny PNG com to compress the size of the
picture so it doesn’t slow down your store ok so moving on moving on with
this what I really like is this update it just gives scarcity tells people ok
we’re running low on start you know buy before it’s gone no that’s that’s very
good there are a lot of product pictures I would maybe use like one or queue
picture and maybe one give like maximum you don’t want to slow down your product
page what I also like is at the end of the description there is buy with
confidence so they say like the best customer support but what I would claim
is or what I would say is that you offer 100% money-back guarantee for like 30 to
60 days that there really helps with your conversion rate a lot of people
will trust you more and they will not be scared to buy and after that what I
would add is like another trust page with payment payment methods and also at
the end of the description you want to have like a one sentence that is call to
action so you can say like so like like start having your baby sleep any like
any anywhere or like just say like some about like the benefit of the product
like start having this issue solved today by buying this product so you
really forget about the cold action at the end
of the description so people don’t forget to buy your product as well and
after that you could you could use I wouldn’t use this app Howdy’s frequently
bought together I like that app more and yeah they’re
all like they’re frequently bought together app got me some sales and yeah
that’s great like I had like a over $50 sale from a product that would normally
just give me like a 27 or 28 dollar sale so this really boosted my average order
value after that I would have liked reviews but not not the text reviews use
the looks app it’s l.x reviews this app is really great because you can use
picture reviews on your store and this really helps with your conversion rate
but what I would do is I would really a handpick those reviews so go on
a few like the few sellers on Aliexpress and find the best photo reviews like
with their with like a good review like like you’re gonna make sure that it
doesn’t have any typos no bad english and that the review really helps to sell
your product okay so it has to be a good picture and good review
like good review text as well and yeah after that I think I think that’s it
like that’s all you need you don’t need to overcomplicate it like in the future
like once I learn more about this once I have tested more product pages I will
let you know what is the most high converting but this is probably that’s I
think this is like one of the best like the thing that I said right now this is
the best setup for a store product page what I’m gonna be doing is I’m gonna be
doing some funnels so once I get more experience with that I’m gonna share
some ideas with that as well quick update guys so my store has been paused
for about a week and I’m gonna be soaring I’m gonna be relaunching it very
very soon so stay tuned for that thanks for watching till the end of this video
make sure to subscribe down below if you have any Shopify friends there are
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gonna really help them as well yeah if you have any questions make sure to ask
them in the comment section as well and yeah thanks for watching and see you in
the next video

15 thoughts on “🔥High Converting Shopify Product Page Guide | 2018

  1. I don't know how I feel about this video. You say at the beginning that the page you are showcasing is not your own page. So the credibility kind of goes out the window there. Then you begin talking about how the page should do this or that to be better and not look like spam (which by the way you don't define spam – so I don't know what you mean by that), but there is nothing else that you compare it to – so again, its a credibility factor.

  2. I have been looking for someone like you for a very long time your the greatestt keep doing what you do and don't ever do anything else but that

  3. Great video again, and I would've mentioned the big gap on the left side of the whole page, it's a waste of space, also I would add a slideshow of featured products and special offers at the top of the page, but apart from that everything else looks professional.

  4. Hi, I joined your FB group recently, and I've come to understand that we should ask questions mainly via YouTube.
    I am wondering what you exactly meant with having trust badges at the top and also the down, you said trust badges for payment methods should be below, but this page already has payment trust badges at the top, did you mean that the badges at the top should be different?

  5. I was trying to change the colour of the products background theme on shopify. Hopefully, on my website, I would have all the jewellery articles with a black background page and art with a white background.

    It is possible to create a template that can be applied to specific products altering only the background when viewing these?

    Thanks a million!

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