April 1, 2020
💵 Easiest $300/Day (Idiot Proof) Business For 2019 | Lead Generation

💵 Easiest $300/Day (Idiot Proof) Business For 2019 | Lead Generation

In this video I’m going to show you an easy
business that you can start that other companies will pay you $300 – $500 for a simple service
that you can provide anywhere in the world with any type of computer and you need zero
internet marketing experience whatsoever. I’m also going to show you how to get your
first clients within 48 hours using the exact email template I used back when I used to
do this. On top of that, I’m also going to show you
guys an easy upset that you can provide to them for an extra $100, $200 or even $300
a month on top of that original contract. So we have a lot to go over, let’s jump
right into the video. Now what you’re going to be doing is starting
a lead generation business. Essentially what you’ll be doing is going
to other companies and offering them to go out there and collect fresh leads for their
business every single week. So let’s say you go to a company that offers
something to a local business. Let’s say restaurants in particular. One of the software companies I’m involved
with I’ve started a long time ago with a partner of mine is called RepPages. It’s a reputation management company that
offers a tool to local businesses like restaurants. And what you can do is you can go to a company
like that, and you can say hey, once a week I will send you a list of 100 different local
restaurant leads from your area. You can also include their phone number, the
person’s name, the business owner or the contact at that business and you can easily
charge companies $300 – $500 a month for doing this. A little bit later on after I show you how
to fulfill that service, I’m going to show you how to get your first client within 48
hours like I just said a moment ago Back when I used to do this and I started
up this business I started and built a website, I started offering this and I started to get
some ideas and stuff, I’m going to show you the exact email template that I used,
using the same service you’re going to provide to actually get your clients as well. So in a weird way, just by getting them as
a client it’s kind of a proof of concept to them that the service works. I’m going to give you the exact email template
that I used down in the description and I’ll put it on the screen as well once we get to
that point. And lastly, in the third part of the video
I’m going to show you how to offer an up-sell to these people to do their mailings for them. I’m going to show you the software that
you can use and as usual I’m going to show you free and paid ways to do this. So this is an easy business that anyone can
start. Whether you’re just brand new to this internet
marketing thing and you’ve never done any type of internet marketing before. All you need to know is how to use a spread
sheet program like Microsoft Excel or Google Docs, Sheets or whatever it is and you’re
going to be set to go. So you’re going to watch over my shoulder,
step by step exactly how we do this so without further ado, let’s hop onto my computer
and I’m going to show you exactly how it’s done. Okay, so here we are inside of my Google Sheets
account. This right here is a great example of actually
what you guys are going to be creating using this method. This is what you’re goin to be selling to
your client and you can even sue this to grow your own business as well. This right here is a sheet I made years ago
back when I used to do this when I was pithing digital agencies on a website called AppFutura. These were different app and software development
companies that all list their portfolios on this website. So I would go on this website, collect their
contact information and send them cold emails pitching the service of lead generation to
help that get new leads and generate more revenue for their agencies. As you can see we have this separated very
specifically into different columns. I’m going to show you guys how to set this up
in a moment as well. So we have the company name, the website,
the contact name, this can either be whoever is in charge of marketing or maybe the CEO
or the owner of the company, it depends on who you’re trying to target and what the
size of the company is. And obviously, very importantly we have their
email address and then we also have, portfolio item. What a portfolio item would be is, for example
the email you’re going to be sending out to these people is going to include a section
that says, “Congratulations on working with, X-“ So, congratulations on working with Walmart
and CSV, Congratulations on workmen with Monster or something like that. I’m going to show you guys that email template
and how to have all this data filled out in there automaticity in just a bit later on
in the video. And you also want to have your source recorded
right here as well because that email is also going to mention how you found them. So for example, the email is goin to read
something along the lines of, “Hey {!Name}, I found {!Company} while browsing {!Source}.
Congratulations on working with {!Portfolio Item}.” And we’re going to send that to
their email. And then we’re going to pitch them the service
in the rest of the email. So let’s go ahead and I’m going to show
you guys exactly how I would collect these leads right here. This one is a little bit of a shorter list,
this one only has about 40 leads and we’re going to be collecting something a bit similar
to day just as an example. So right up here, you can do this in Google
Sheets or Microsoft Excel or whatever you’re familiar with. I’m going to go up here to file, and let’s
create a new one. So just like in the last example we’re going
to go up to the first box and we’re going to go Company Next one is going to be Website then we have
Name, Email, Portfolio Item and Source. Now personally I always like to go back up
here and make these a little bit bigger just so they’re easier to read and we can also
make them bold. And just for the sake of organization as well,
we’re going to need more room for the website, more room for the email, the portfolio item
and we can also make company a little bit bigger as well. So now we have our basic template filled out
and we can start collecting leads into this list. For this example we’re going to be targeting
something a little bit different. Let’s say we want to target Italian restaurants
in San Fransisco and we’re going to be finding them on Yelp. I usually like to add that into
my file name as well just to keep things a little bit more organized. And believe it or not I actually have a lot
of experience targeting restaurants on Yelp doing this because I used this same exact
method to scale me software as a service company called RepPages which was a reputation management
company to restaurants on Yelp and we scaled this business to 6-figures a year using nothing
but cold email outreach. I didn’t spend a single dime on paid advertising
to advertise this business and we scaled it all the way to 6-figures and beyond before
I offloaded the and I moved onto other things. So this is a fantastic method to use to sell
software products, if you do social media marketing for businesses this is a fantastic
way to pitch them on that, maybe you’re looking for capital investment for your new
startup, this is the go-to method to do that as well. So cold email is so powerful no matter what
you do. Whether you’re selling a product or service,
you’re looking for nesters, whether you’re advertising a charity or foundation you work
with, this is a great method for cold outreach and it’s completely free. The only thing it requires is some of your
time. Now that we have our template set up, how
are we actually going to go out there onto Yelp and start collecting these email addresses? Well, what I’ll do is I’m going to split
my browser into two different sides of my screen. I’ll scale this over here to half. I’m
going to close these out and let’s go and we’re going to open up Yelp in this tab
right here. So I’ll go to Yelp.com and let’s just
get these organized right here just so we can see both screens at the same time. I’ll
just collapse this little sidebar too. So now that we have that we can start we can
start searching for restaurants right here on Yelp. So we’re going to go in here and we’re
going to look for Italian restaurants. Now the workflow that I like to use is to
start by collecting all of their websites into my spreadsheet first, then I use a Google
Chrome extension which is free that I’ll show you guys in a moment that let’s you
open an entire list of URLs and then start flipping back and forth with the setup we
have right here with the two browsers and start putting the rest of their information
from their websites into your spreadsheet and start collecting those leads. First things first. We’re collecting leads
from Yelp so what I’ll is I’ll go back to your Google document right here and let
me just scale this back a bit so we can see everything in now window and under Source
I’m just going to type in Yelp. Once I’ve done that you can just click right
here and drag this down to let’s say, we’re going to collect 40 leads today as an example. If you’re finding these leads on different
searches you can go ahead and enter them one by one, but you typically know where you’re
going to be finding all your leads for that day. Let’s head back over to Yelp and what I
like to do is while you’re going down your list right here once you’ve put in your
targeting, so we’re looking at San Fransisco, Italian restaurants, if your use the middle
mouse button or you can also hold command or control and click on these links, it’s
going to open all these listings in different tabs. So I like to do one page at a time just to
stay organized. So I’m going to go down and I’m going
to open every one of these in a different tab. So now that we have all those open let’s
go to the first one and let’s get started. Now what I’m going to do is I’m actually
not going to copy the website from this right here because I’ve learned that if you copy
and paste this into your spreadsheet, what it’s going to do is it’s going to go to
this weird Yelp redirect sort of thing, so you actually need to click on the website,
wait for this to lead and then you can copy it from here. So I’m just going to put this in here and
also form the Yelp listing, we can just go ahead and type in the name of the restaurant. I’m going to go over to the next one right
here. We’re going to copy the name. Heres a quick tip too. When you’re pasting
data from a website into your spreadsheet, typically wheat’s going to happen is it’s
going to copy the same formatting. What that means is, if this text right here
is big and bold on Yelp, if I paste it into my spreadsheet right here it’s going to
copy that same exact format and your whole thing is going to be a mess. A quick tip to paste without any type of formatting,
is if you hold down command or control + shift and then hit V, it’s going to paste it with
whatever text styles you have inside of your document. So this saves a lot of time. Now let’s go, let’s collect their website.
I’m going to paste that in here and here’s a quick tip I have as well. You need to be
very familiar with the email template that you’re going to be using with these leads. Because for example, if you send an email
out to somebody, let’s say the owner of this restaurant right here, his name is Mike. If you say, Hey Mike, hope your day is going
well. I just had a couple quick questions about Sotto Mare Oysteria, I think it’s
pronounced? My Italian heritage is betraying me … Sotto Mare Oysteria & Seafood. That
doesn’t sound natural. It’s going to sound like you’re just using a copy and paste
template even though you are. You want it to sound as natural as possible.
You need to keep it conversation based. So for this one right here, I would just copy
Sotto Mare because if you were having a conversation with this owner that’s probably all you
would refer to it is. You probably wouldn’t use that full title. Let’s go ad let’s copy their website and
let’s move on. So boom, there we go. I’m just going to go, I’m going to fill
out the rest of this list and I’ll be right with you guys. Okay. Great. There we go. So we have our first
list of 40 restaurant leads. So we have all of their names and their websites ready to
go. In total, that took about 5 minutes to do
and the more you do this the quicker you’re going to get. So the next thing we have to do is fill out
the name, email and portfolio item sections. Now for restaurants you typically want to
go out there and find the owner. If it’s a large franchise maybe you want
to target them a little bit differently, but all the ones I’ve collected are basically
just independently owned establishments. So we’re going to be looking for the owner’s
name, the owner’s personal email because at all costs you don’t just want to contact
either their general contact email, their support email or fill out a form on their
website or something like that. You want to find that specific contact at
the burnsses’s email address. The other thing we’re going to be doing
is we’re going to be finding anything noteworthy about the restaurant. This can be something like congratulations
on being featured in this local paper, congratulations on just something even as simple as having
a beautiful website or photo content, or something like that. One thing you can do if you want to put in
the time it’s very effective and I’ve done this before, if you go and find the owner’s
personal Instagram and/or Facebook page, comment on something they’ve done. I’ve sent out emails before where in there
before where it’s like, Hey Mike hope your ski trip was great. I saw your Instagram photos,
they were really badass. Keep up the great work. I just wanted to reach out and bla bla
bla… Now the best way I’ve found to open all
these websites at once and not crash your browser completely is using a Chrome extension
just called Open Multiple URLs. It’s completely free and once you have that
installed, what you need to do is you’re going to select the very top URL right here,
we’re going to scroll down, we’re going to hold down shift, click the the bottom one,
that will select the entire row. We’re going to go, copy and in our second
browser here, I’m going to close this tab. I’m going to click on the Open Multiple
URLs extension. I’m going to paste them all in here and this is very important. You want to make sure you check this box that
says don’t load tabs until selected. So it’s going to open every one of these
URLs in a different tab inside of Chrome, but it won’t actually load the content of
the website until you click on it. Once you’ve done that, you can go open URLs
and it’s going to open them all in separate tabs right here. Now that we have those open, let’s go ahead
and start collecting the rest of our information. So we’ll go ahead, we’ll open the first
one right here and jump right into it. So the first thing I typically like to look
for is the owner’s name, so I’m going to look down the website here and here we
go. So, founded by Francesco. So we’re just going to copy that right here.
And okay for some reason it opened the last one first it looks like so we’re going to
paste that here and now we just need to find the contact info. Ugh, it’s not rally giving us too much here.
What I typically like to look for is if you go to their Facebook page they usually have
an email address added on here as well let’s go to the about page and okay. Great. Here’s the thing. Preferably you like to
fin an email address that has the owner or your contact’s name at their website URL
because you know it’s their personal business email. But, if you ever find an email address
that’s simply a Gmail address or Yahoo address or something generic like that, that’s typically
going to go right to the owner. So I’m just going to copy that email address
and that’s the one we’re going to use. Now we need to find a portfolio item. I’m
going to close out of their Facebook page. I’m not seeing anything posted on here so
we may need to dig a little bit deeper. Now if you’re in a rush you could just put
something like hey, congrats on the beautiful website. They have their Instagram profile
here so you can you can also say hey, congrats on the great Instagram content, but I always
like to dig a little bit deeper. The more personalized you make your cold emails
the better response you’re going to get. It’s always better to send fewer personalized
emails than a ton of generic emails. Let’s head over to Google and I’m just
going to type in Pink Onion Pizza. Let’s do a quick search and let’s go to news and
let’s see if anything pops up. I’m going to put quotes around the name
to make sure it’s that specific term used and boom. Here we go. It looks like they had an article written
about them on this website right here. So this is what I’m going to use. UrbanDaddy.com. Back over here in the portfolio
item you need to remember the email is going to say congrats on, so I’m going to type
your feature in Urban Daddy. Great. So that’s one down, let’s continue
so I’m going to close out of that right here and the next one we have is Credo. Let’s see, thankfully right on the home
page we have the owners name. So if we click on that. A Little bit more information about
him so lets go back over here so his name is Clint. And since we’re on the about page lets see
if we can find a portfolio time that we can use. So I’m going to read through this really
quick. Apparently the owner is involved with a lot of different charity work. Let’s go
into one of these articles right here. I’m kind of curious. Okay so we actually wrote an article in the
Huffington post. So what I’m going to do here, uh, despite what all of our opinions
on this might be, I’m just going to use this to get his attention. Your work with Occupy Wall Street. Now we
just need to find his email address. I’m not actually seeing anything on the
website here other than their generic business address. If this really is the only thing you guys
can possibly find, go ahead and use it. Don’t lose an entire lead just because it
may not get to the specific person you need it to. But what I’m going to do is head over to
a tool called Hunter.io. It’s completely free to use and what this is for is, it’s
going to give you all the email addresses that were created for this particular domain
name. So I’m going to copy their website URL right
here or just the domain name itself. I’m going to paste that here. I’ll click on
find email address and boom, there it is. So [email protected] So I’m going to copy
that I’m going to put that into our spreadsheet and that’s another one down. So there always is a little bit of detective
work if you guys want to have these emails personalized and have them effective. Using this exact method I usually get a conversion
rate of around 30%. 30% of the people are going to reply to you,
you’re going to be able to engage with them, and you’re going to be able to close a decent
number of those. So it is worth the work you’re putting in
here and like I said, the more you get used to this the quicker this whole process is
going to go. So let’s move on to a couple more. Now I’m
not seeing the owner’s name on the website anywhere so far. Let’s say you can’t find a single soul
who works at this restaurant or wherever the company is. If you can’t even find the general manager,
the owner or anything like that what you can do is again, you need to remember and be familiar
with your template. If you type in guys, the email is going to
go, hey guys, yes it’s not too personal, but it’s something. That’s what I recommend doing if you honestly
just can’t find anything else to put in here. So let’s move on to a couple more. First
thing we’re going to look for is the owners name. So let’s go over to the about page. Finding the name of restaurant owners is always
er easy because of, actually it’s a great example right here. Restaurant owners are in love with telling
their story and there’s always this big elaborate about page. The rest of their website
might suck, but you better be damn sure that about page is going to be on point. So if I go down here, there’s history, this
looks pretty recent right here. So 2014, Rich and Laura. If it’s something like this, if it’s obviously
a family owned thing and they’re the two co-owners sometimes I’ll actually put both
names so I’m going to paste that here so, hey Rich and Laura. Now let’s try and find some contrast info.
So the first thing I like to do is go over to their Facebook page now typically most
people don’t even put much thought into their business Facebook pages and there’s
always some kind of email address available. Unfortunately on this one it looks like there
isn’t so it looks like we’re going to have to resort back to our email finder tool. I’m going to copy their website URL and
I’m going to paste it right in here. Let’s go find email addresses and okay it doesn’t
look like there’s too many created for their business it’s just this, which beggars can’t
be choosers. I’m going to paste that in here no let’s
try and find a portfolio item. So let’s just tap on one of these and see
what comes up and apparently they were featured in some article of Tony Bennett’s favorite
places to go in the city or something? But regardless of what that is, yeah, here
we go, so there’s actually a quote from him about them. That’s pretty awesome. So
let’s go over here and we’re going to add congrats on being one of Tony Bennett’s
go to spots. That’s perfect. So that’s the dial portfolio
item that you guys want to look for. That’s amazing. Okay so after doing those I think you guys
get the beast gist of how this process works, but before I move on there’s two other wuick
tips I want to give you guys. Number one will be makesurea you’re taking
advantage of Linkedin. A lot of these business owners have Linkedin
profiles and it’s very easy such as this one right here to find their personal email
address and a personalized work email address. So as you can see we have a Gmail address
right here and there’s also a lot of Chrome extensions if you search in the Chrome App
Store that actually scrape email addresses from Linkedin even if the user doesn’t have
it public. So even if they don’t want their email address
on their profile there’s Chrome extensions that will go and extract it out of their profile
for you. Another tool you want to make a note of, similar
to Hunter.io which we used earlier is AnyEmailFinder.com. This one does only allow you to do so many
free searches before you need to pay, but it’s a little bit more advanced and sometimes
I’ve had better results with this one since it does more in-depth searches than Hunter.io. So always make sure you’re taking advantage
of Linkedin, the business owner’s Instagram profiles, their Facebook pages, do a search
for their personal profile. Their email is usually out there somewhere. So I’m going to go out there and fill out
the rest of this list and if there’s anything o note that pops up that I think you guys
should know or a different trick that I find to find some information or something you
guys can use I’ll definitely throw it in the video. So I’ll see you guys in just
a moment. Okay so I’ve gone in and I’ve filled out
our list of 40 restaurant leads. Surprisingly I didn’t have a single one
where I wasn’t able to find any contact information for at all. If that doesn’t happen though, typically
what I do is just leave them blank and then once I get to the end of the sheetI just go
back in and replace them with different leads. So we have everything filled out here including
their email address. We have names for all of them. There were very few where I couldn’t
find a specific name where I had to put guys, but even if you have to do that, it’s no
big deal. And we also have all of our portfolio items
written out. So if you were doing this for a client all
you would have to do now is export this as a CSV file and email it to them or just share
it with their Google account right here inside of sheets. Whatever your client prefers. Okay so now you know how to fulfill this service,
but how do you actually go out there and start recruiting clients to pay you to do this for
them? Well, like I said, down in the description
you’re going to find the exact cold email template that I used to get my first client
within 48 hours of doing this back when I used to have this as a business. Basically what I did, was I targeted digital
agencies and I used the exact same service that you’ll be fulfilling for them to recruit
my own clients. So like I said, it’s kind of like a proof
of concept to them that it works. What I did was I sent out that first batch
of I believe 200 – 300 emails. Later that night I got a response back from someone. Hey Matt, I’m very interested in your service.
I’d love to use you guys for our agency. Let’s speak more about it. Next morning it was a Friday I remember we
hopped on a Skype call. Deal was closed and he paid me around $500 a month for the next
6 months to fulfill that service for him. So all I really had to do every week was go
fill out a spread sheet of potential clients for him, send it over and boom. That was set. So that’s how you guys can go out and start
recruiting your own clients. You’re going to be using the exact service
that you’re fulfilling for them. Okay so I actually managed to log in to the
exact Google account I used to run that old leads generation business with and I found
the specific email I was just telling you guys about. So as you can see I sent the initial cold
email. This is the template that I’ll be giving you guys too. Key Kenneth, I just came expos Tekton on AppFutura
and I really love what you guys have going on. Congrats on working with Nike! My name is
Matt and I’m the founder of Lead Miner. That’s what I called the company. We specialize in growing the number of new
clients for agencies just like Tekton which is very similar to my other clients so I thought
I’d reach out. My team and I specialize in generating hundreds
of new leads each month based on what your ideal customer looks like and finding out
out where they hang out online. We also offer cold email and follow-up services
to turn those cold leads into paying customers. I promise you we can double of not triple
the amount of new leads you guys are generating every month. If you’re ready to start getting more clients,
I’d love to hop on a quick call with you. I’m also happy to answer any questions you
may have. Thanks, have an awesome day. Matt. And if we look right here this reply I believe
was within an hour of my initial email. Hey Matt, thanks for reaching out, can we
schedule a call for tomorrow at 2pm. So we hopped on that quick Skype call. The
deal was closed and I got my first client within 48 hours. Okay so how do you start going out there and
getting clients to do this for? Well let’s say you’ve already shown a
niche and you collected a list of leads just like this buy you want to use it for your
own company. How exactly do you take all of this data and
start reaching out via cold email to pitch this service? Well what you’ll be doing is sending out
what’s called a mail merge. A mail merge is essentially sending out an
email blast that takes all this data and customizes each email with the information that we’ve
entered. Down below this video I’m going to be giving
you guys that cold email template that got me that crazy 30% response rate and closed
my first client within 24 hours. So all you have to do is customize where it
says company name, so put your own company name in there and your name on the bottom
and if you format your lead list just like these, the tags are already in there and ready
to be customized. On top of that as a little bonus I’m also
going to be showing you the email that I used which is very very short and sweet that I
used to close clients for that software business I was showing you earlier in the video. So go in and customize that as well and those
will both be pasted down below in the description. So how do you actually go about sending these
emails out? Well what you’re going to need is some type of email CRM software that integrates
with Gmail. The one that I recommend using is called YesWare.
This is the one that I use in every business I own today. This is the one that I actually
sued to sed out those initial cold emails and it’s $9 a month, but it’s incredible
what you get for that $9. They have the ability to send out customized
mail merges like you can see here, they have a scheduling feature, there’s reminders
for follow-ups, you can send sequences of emails with YesWare for example let’s say
you start a new campaign, you send your first cold email and you can have YesWare programmed
where if you don’t get a reply in so many days it’ll send a pre-programmed follow-up
email and you can set up multiple ones. So for a lot of reasons I like YesWare, it’s
very cheap, but for a couple alternatives before you guys say oh you’re just getting
paid and they’re sponsoring you and this and that, well, you can also use Streak CRM. The only thing with Streak is, with the free
plan which they do have by the way, is pretty limited and they’re pretty focused on support
and sales and it’s more like a CRM platform than just for mail merges. It’s an incredible piece of software. I’ve
used them for another project I’ve worked on before and I really do enjoy it so you
can also checkout Streak CRM. Just go ahead and Google either of those and
it’ll come up, but I recommend using YesWare. And as usual I always like to show you guys
a way to do everything I teach you for free as far as I can possibly stretch it. There’s actually a free tool called Yet
Another Mail Merge that installs directly into Google Sheets that you can do this with
for free. I’m going to be going over that in just
a moment, but we’re going to be using YesWare for this example. Let’s pretend that this list of restaurant
leads that we’ve just collected was a list of people you want to pitch your lead generation
service to. All you have to do is go up here to file and
this applies to basically any tool that you’r’e using. And we’re going to go down to download as
and you want to export this as a CSV file. So you’re just going to download it as a
basic spreadsheet file. So there we go it’s in my downloads I’m going to close that
out right now and let’s go over to Gmail. I already have YesWare installed. All you
need to do is sign up for an account and there is a free trial by the way so there’s a
free 14 day trial if you guys want to try this out. If you do this properly you’re
probably going to close your first client and it’ll pay for itself within a couple
of days, but you guys go out and decide what you want to do. There’s going to be a little Chrome extension
you install and it actually becomes part of Gmail. So you can see we have this new toolbar up
here and if I go to compose we’re already getting all these other options. You can scheduled
an email t one sent later, you can set a reminder to follow-up with somebody and you can also
instantly insert all these templates in here so these are all pre-made ones that this free
trial came up with for this test account I set up, but you can install all templates
of emails you typically send . One click, they’re already customized and
you can send them on their way. A lot of cool features like that. But how do we go out and how do we contact
these people? Well what we’re going to be doing is creating
what they call a campaign. I’m going to go up to campaigns right here.
They already have a couple template ones right here to show you guys how it works, but we’re
going to go up here to new campaign and this is where we’re going to upload that CSV
file. So I’ll click on upload, I’ll select that
file and as you can see it’s already loading all of our leads right into here and it’s
recognizing al the corresponding columns. So YesWare is already programmed to recognize
when you setup a spreadsheet like this and most other CRM platforms are. You can just go and you can look at these.
Make sure everything looks okay. And if we go down here we can paste in that
template that I’m giving you guys. I’m just going to open that up right here. I’m going to start with the subject line. The one that I’ve found works best for basically
any type of cold email is sick question about company. So if someone sees that in their email they’re
very likely to open it. Personally, I got a 41% open rate every time
I used this subject line. I’m going to paste that right in here and
boom we’ve got our subject. I’m going to open that back up again and
we’ll copy our email. So we’ll go copy and I’m going to paste that in here and
all I’m going to do is customize the name. Let’s say I was working for Lead Miner again. Basically all we have to do except the name
so I’ll put my name in there and we are good to go. Now here’s the cool part. We’re finally
going to get a taste of all the hard work we’ve put in. If you click on preview and customize right
here you can see that it’s take all that data we collected and it’s inserting it
all into these custom emails and we can preview and change every single one before they go. Let’s say maybe you wrote something into
side of your spreadsheet that it doesn’t really come out as plain English and you forgot
what the template looked like, you can just go in here and customize these individually. You can take a look at that and we are all
set to go. I’m going to go down here/ You can track
link clicks so let’s say you’re pitching somebody pretty hard and you’re just sending
them a link right to your website to sign up for your service or buy your product. You can track every single time someone clicks
on a link, who clicked the link and then you can even go in-depth and customize what you
want YesWare to do based on who clicked on a link or not and all this other stuff. So it’s pretty cool. We don’t have any links so that’s fine.
I’m going to leave everything the way it is. You just have to click on agree down here
and all you have to do now is click on start campaign. Now I am not going to send a bunch of restaurants
a pitch for lead generation right now from this email that’s unrelated, but that’s
all you guys would have to do. Now one more thing I want to show you here
too If you click add touch. YesWare calls different outreach methods,
touches. So your first touch to your client, it sounds wrong, but your first touch is going
to be this initial cold email and you can have YesWare programmed where if after 2 days
they don’t open the email or they don’t reply to it you can customize what action
you want them to take, you can send another email. So it automates you entire follow-up process.
Most CRM softwares do this. So then once you’ve sent out your campaign,
I’m not going to save this one right here, all you have t todo is wait for your leads
t open those emails, they reply to you set up some phone calls and most CRM softwares
are actually going to tell you when they open the emails, who replied, who’s typing and
all this stuff. So that’s how you take a list of leads like
that and you send out a mail merge. Now like I said before you can do this for
your if you want but I’m also going to show you a more advanced way to do that for an
up-sell in just a moment here. Before I do that though, how could you send
a mail merge for free? If you guys are really strapped for cash and you don’t want to
pay for a software like that, one, there’s always a free trial. YesWare I believe is
14 days and you can always use this tool right here, Yet Another Mail Merge. So it’s an add-on for Google Sheets, I already
have it installed. If I go back to our spreadsheet and I go up
to add-ons you’ll see that I have, Yet Another Mail Merge. All I have to do right here is click on start
mail merge. It’s going to load that up and you guys do need to remember that Yet Another
Mail Merge though it’s free, you can only send 50 emails per day. Which isn’t too bad, but that is pretty
limited if you really want to take some massive action, oh there’s one of our buzzwords,
and start scaling this. So you can just a ahead you can type in your
senders name and the way this works is you’re going to need to have your template email
saved as a draft in the default Gmail account that’s linked with your Google account. There’s no way to preview them in here,
but once you get it down you’re going to be fine and you won’t have to worry about
that. Then all you’ll have to do you can schedule
It for a later time, you can send yourself a test email which I highly recommend you
do if you an’t preview them and then just send out your emails. Now in the next part of the video I’m going
to show you the up-sell that you can use to get another couple hundred bucks a month our
client out of this and it’s very easy to fulfill. Essentially what you’ll be doing is you’re
going to be managing their lead generation service and their mailings for them. The tool I recommend using is called MarketHero
and another great tool is also called SendLane. Now these are ver advanced tools and I recommend
using them because they help you keep them organized. You’ll be able to keep every client in it’s
own separate bucket and you’ll keep it all organized in there and you won’t get confused
and it does a lot of stuff automatically too. Let’s say for a client at the beginning
of the week you collect their 100 email leads or whatever your packages are. I just recommend 300 – 500 a month for 100
leads a week. So for 100 leads a week that’s why you can charge them. Basically what you’ll do is once a week
you’re going to collect those for them and at the same time you can go out there and
you can learn some copywriting skills. It’s a little bit more advanced, but don’t
be intimidated. And you can actually write their emails, their
sales letters that go out to their clients for them. You can go into like MarketHero you can program
them to just go automatically. You can just program the whole sequence. On this day this email goes out, on this day
this email goes out and that’s pretty much it you can easily charge an extra couple hundred
bucks a month for that. So it’s a lot of time that’s really not
on their hands anymore and they’re definitely willing to pay you for that. So we’re going to hop over to Market Hero
and like I said, you can also use MailChimp, I know AWeber is another option, Market Hero
is just the one that I prefer. I’m also going to have a link to sign up
for a free trial for MarketHero down in the description below and you guys are going to
be all set to go. So now on that note let’s hop back into
my computer and I’m going to show you essentially how you would set that up. The great thing about MarketHero is it tracks
the lifetime value of every lead that comes into your funnel so I know exactly how much
I make per email that opts-in to one of my campaigns. So for example, this right here, this campaign
has made me just under $9,000 only with 1400 or so leads because I was able to track the
lifetime value of every lead. So for every email that went into this funnel
I made $6.30 by the lifetime of that lead as they made it through the funnel. So Market
Hero has so many advanced tracking things like that which I love and the ability to
tell your clients exactly how much revenue your email campaigns are generating for them
is priceless. But just like I always try and do, a cheaper
alternative to that is called SendLane. You can do very similar things with this,
they also have some types of sales tracking data and this one starts at a much lower price
point. And on top of that if you guys are really
strapped and you’re just starting out you can always use Mail Chimp. I think think Mail Chimp now they hold up
to 1000 contacts for free. It’s very simplistic, but maybe that’s all you guys need. So go and make your own decision and choose
those, but for the sake of this video I’m so familiar with it and I use it for all my
email marketing I’m going to be teaching you guys how to do this inside of MarketHero. Let’s just use my old software company RepPages
as an example. What exactly would you go about doing? Well every time you collect a list of leads
like we’ve gone over in this video you’re going to export those and you’re going to
import those leads into your email marketing software. You can go over here to import. You can drag
and drop that CSV file right right here, so I’m going to drag and drop that same list
we just made earlier/ I’m going to click on okay IO’ll close
out my downloads folder and I’ll you’ll have to do is tell MarketHero which columns
are which. So we’re going to choose the name, this
is going to be email and then once you’ve done that you’e going to be given the option
to tag these leads. What exactly are tags? This is going to be similar in any type of
email marketing software you use. A tag or a separate list or a bucket some
services call them are different collections and different projects of email leads. So for example, if these leads were for our
software client RepPages, we would add the RepPages tag to all the lead which came in
here. So every time your client comes to you and
says, hey send out this email for us or could you email out list and write an email or whatever,
all you have to do is go into your marketing software and send an email to all the leads
with that particular tag or in that particular bucket. Yo can also get pretty advanced which I like.
Let’s say these are all cold leads for RepPages. You can add the RepPages tag, but you can
also go RepPagesColdLead and you can add multiple tags to every lead that you import. We’re just going to import them as RepPages
right now and the once yo’ve done that and you’ve let your import process, what you
can do is go into here and you’re going to create what are called, streams. Streams are essentially sequences of scheduled
emails. I’m going to show you exactly what I mean,
right here. So I’ll go to new stream. Let’s just go
and label this, we’ll go first cold outreach for RepPages. Something like that. What you would do is you would add a start
block and you would tell that start block to send an email to all the lead with the
tag, RepPages. So I’ll click on save and then we can add
an email sequence. And all you have to do I click and drag these little connector boxes.
So we’ll drag over to our email so as soon as those leads come into this funnel they’re
going to be sent this email. After that let’s say we want to wait a day
after that email is sent out then we can send another email and so on and so forth. Now you can do some pretty advanced things
in here too. Let’s say after this email has gone out
you can drag what’s called an action block. An action block does multiple things. You
can check if someones purchased something from that email and it will track how much
those leads are worth to you like I was showing you before. You can check if someone opened an email,
if a link was clicked in the email or what have you. So let’s say we want to sort these by people
who either opened or didn’t open the email after so many days. So I’m going to go in here I’m going to
click on if email is opened. I’m going to click on the gear icon and let’s say we’re
going to heck and give them 24 hours to open that email. If they haven’t opened it in 24 hours, they’re
going to be sent this email which is possibly jut a continuation of our email sequence. But if they haven’t opened the email we
can send the=m a custom one that says, hey, we saw you didn’t open our last email, we
just wanted to remind you of X, Y and Z. So you can use some really, almost like programming
knowledge in here or programming logic to create some really advanced automated marketing
campaigns. And to edit these emails right here you just
have to click on the gear icon and all you have to do is edit the text in here to whatever
your client wants or whatever you want to write for them. It depends on what contract you’ve made. You can also use images. You can click on
save and then one you’re ready for these emails to stat going you’re going to click
on publish and that entire contract is fulfilled for the week. So you don’t need to sit there every day
and for your client manually write and send out these emails. This is going to take care
fo everything for you. So that right there guys is another quick
easy up-sell that you can sell to every one of your lead generation clients for an easy
extra couple hundred bucks a month. Okay now you guys are pretty sharp so I know
I don’t have to do this, but let’s just do some quick math to put this into perspective. If you guys are out there hustling sending
100, 200 or even 300 emails a day to recruit new clients which, guys let’s be honest…
If you already don’t have an online income of any type, you literally have nothing better
to do. I’m sorry, just being honest. If you’re out there doing that and you have
the worst conversions rate as in only 1% of these people are signing up to be your paying
clients, that’s still an xtra $9,000 a month. You should be getting at least one $300 a
month client every single day if you’e doing this method properly. And on top of that let’s be kind of realistic
with this, if only 5 of those people, only 5, sign up for that up-sell that I taught
you how to provide, boom. You now have a $10,000 a month business which
if we keep going with that, guess what that means? You are now making 6-figures a year just by
sending emails. And there you go. So if you’re providing
this service along with collecting tons of new fresh leads for a business every single
week that’s easily going to be worth $500, $600, $700 or even maybe up to $1,000 if you’re
providing larger packages. Like I said guys, I recommend charging anywhere
between $300 – $500 a month for this up-sell and 100 leads a week, but you can charge packages
whatever you want on your own website. So on that note guys I’m going wrap this
up. I really hope you guys enjoyed this and I
hope if this is something you guys have been looking for an easy business that you can
start from anywhere in the world. You can travel and do this you can do it from
home, you can do it sitting on the beach or whatever, the internet marketing trope right? I’m on the beach with my laptop making money.
You can essentially do that and the cool thing is that this is an evergreen business. Businesses are never not going to need new
leads and customers and email marketing is still the number one way to do that. So without further ado guys, please go ahead
and follow me on Instagram. I’m always sharing new advice on there, new tips, new business
stuff and there’s some videos I post on there that you’re not really going to see
on YouTube so follow me @MatthewSabia right there. The link will be down below as well and I
really hope you guys enjoyed this. Make sure you click subscribe to get more
videos like this and like the video and comment down below. At this point I’m still able to reply to
almost every single comment when I get around to it. I try and focus you know, an hour or so on
that every morning. I love hearing from you guys. I love helping
you guys out and answering questions and that’s pretty much going to be it for this video. Again, my name is Matthew Sabia. I hope you
guys enjoyed this and I’ll see you next time.

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  52. Nice video man. I'm not an agency but i have a ton of knowledge about paid ads. Google, Native, YouTube, etc. I teach how to use paid traffic to build your online business but also with affiliate marketing as well. If anyone would like to learn more take a loot at my channel. thanks!

  53. Beautiful content you got here. But as a beginner, i'm also having the challenge of knowing how and where to get leads for my clients. Can you throw more light to this? Thanks

  54. Hi Matt. Very inspiring stuff here. When working with multiple clients in the same niche do you “sell” the same leads over again to different clients? Would this be frowned upon?

  55. Absolutely unreal video Matt – genius. i was just wondering what you would do when you run out of contacts on Yelp to send to the prospect? move to a different channel e.g. Groupon/Google maps? the only thing i would be worried about is duplicate results using this method?

    Anyway, stay peachy!

  56. Do we need to have a website to do this? Cause I've send a bunch of emails and the ony one person who have replied to me was an CEO who said that nobody will take that service seriously without a website

  57. In the restaurant example, would you even need the “portfolio item” field if you are providing those restaurant leads to your client?

  58. So, i've done everything and more – third day and clients are not really answering my mails… what can i do to get a response? i'm already rewriting another list of new clients, because it doesn't seem "ok" for me to resend cold mails to them again. Is anyone facing these problems too? if in the process i can close even just ONE client, i'm willful to listen to your feedback guysMatthew.

  59. Hi Matt, thanks for the video, it was very helpfull. I would also suggest to scrape owner info from whois.com which holds info on the domain responsible, usually the owner. This method is particulary usefull because the contact email figured in the Whois Page is almost always the owner's personal email.

    Another tip that helped me on the scraping front is to use services provided by Fiverr freelancers. I was able to scrape tens of thousands of emails from popular websites paying as little as 10 or 20 bucks for the complete dataset.

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