March 29, 2020

100 thoughts on “πŸ’° 3 Ways To Turn $50 Into $100/DAY Passive Income (Earn $$$ While You SLEEP) Passive Income Ideas

  1. I know it isn't just me but anyone else think she is just drop dead gorgeous and has the most incredible accent! Not a creep, just being honest!

  2. But for the PoD first option, you said on another video you receive the money days after the payment and you have to use your own money to pay for it :'(

  3. Sorry, i'm a bit stupid XD. Regarding the POD ebay store for text based t-shirts: Once I have setup my store and listed items and I get my first order… do i have to pay the print on demand company before i get the money from the ebay customer or does ebay use the money from the customer to pay the print on demand company?

    In short, do i need to use start up money to purchase shirts that get ordered or will that money come from the customer?

    Thank you in advance πŸ™‚ Loving your channel!

  4. For anyone that's interested, I am selling my Etsy/Amazon business!

    Here are some more details:

    I haven't time to upload them to redbubble, cafepress and to open up a shopify store but you could probably do that
    when you are ready to grow!

    I think I'm offering you something of value.

    Message me if you are interested!

  5. Hi

    This is about my 8th attempt to try and get a response. I keep trying because I love the videos and I don't give up easily. I signed up for the ecomclubhouse last Thursday but have not received a login or response to my email. The initial fee was taken from my visa. Can someone please respond?

  6. Is it Possible to Order from Alibaba then sell it on Shopify? i want drop shipping but want my products on my own brand.

  7. "Guitar players love these [little guitar spoons]" I can tell you with certainty that they ain't using 'em for cereal.

  8. ebay permanently closed my account, saying they are not comfortable working with me. They didn't tell me why exactly they closed my account.

  9. I'm actually dropshipping manually on eBay. I don't think It's against the rules or anything. It's working out great for me so far.

  10. I really like some of your videos, but this video is very misleading.
    What the phrase "Passive income doesn't exist" mean is actually the fact, that you have to do something in order to earn money. As you've shown in your video, you really have to do something (for example establish accounts, create designs, make descriptions, invest money…) in order to earn money, so the phrase above is indeed true.
    And the worst thing about passive income videos is, that people expect to get some easy money, especially in the T-shirt making industry the market is quite oversaturated, but the reality is, that for most of the people, this will never work long term and the people making those videos are just giving them fake hopes.

  11. I bet your parents are so immensely proud of you. I'm proud of you too, honestly you're so inspirational and all children need to follow your advice rather than spending hundreds of hours a year learning things they'll never use irl. Bless you and your family Sarah. Love from the UK.

  12. Dropshipping only works in US and maybe UK rest the world and Europe is not really possible including taxes,high shipping prices etc.

  13. I'm so glad I came across your channel. I'm set to be making a big change and delving into Print On Demand and you come across so authentic and knowledgable, I feel like I can trust you as I learn more about the process. Thank you for your content, you earned a sub and excited follower.

  14. Hey, Sarah! Just a new subscriber. Just like other people, I am desperate to get out of debt, paying bills paycheck to paycheck and working two 9-5 jobs. It is really exhausting, mentally and physically. What I just like to say is that, thank you so much for being so generous in giving your knowledge towards people. I appreciate it a lot, more happiness and wealth towards you and your family.

  15. She left out the best online business: Telling people how to make money online and generating ad revenue or selling e-books about it. All of these "make easy online income" ads are bullshit. It takes a lot of work and some real money investment before you start making anywhere near $50/day or more income.

  16. Pretty woman. Intelligent as well. I wish I had someone like you to train me personally. It takes time for me to learn something but once I do I get really good at it fast.

  17. I've seen in your videos that you use printiful and printify etc so are these better than sites like teespring? Thanks

  18. Thank you very much. after i watched this, my life bit a changed because i'm a broken too, like you guys. through this video i think i can archive some on my tiny dream.

  19. Who else are starting a youtube channel raise your hands.

    If you are going to start I wish you a best of luckπŸŒΊπŸŒΊπŸ€™

    PS: maybe I can get some subscribers from your lovely people? Thanks!

  20. Doesn't Aliexpress send out that the product was bought from them also a receipts of how much the product really cost? How you getting around not letting the person know where it came from? Also on YouTube to start a channel you need over 1000 subscribers and 10,000 views before you can start making any money from YouTube ads and views? I'm still waiting for my other YouTube channel to get over that and I've been pumping vids like crazy and doing all the tricks? So how u getting past that?

  21. Let me save you 21 boring minutes;by saying that passive income is any income that earns you money that doesn't take up your time! Like: Rental property,limited partnership,or anything else that doesn't require your time,and effort… Like selling funny T-shirts on eBay! In other words Passive Income is anything that you sell that you can't charge by the hour!

  22. The main question is how customers will find out about you ? How to successfully promote your store/product?
    I spent hundreds of dollars on Facebook ads and didn't sell even one item

  23. So what if you just do jokes like this one on your tee shirts:

    What do you get when Jesus blesses an avocado?

    Holy guacamole.

    Would shirts and mugs sell well with jokes like these?

  24. u are showing everything and all there is to know for dropshipping enthusiasts like me i am willing to go for ur paid course as well u totally deserve it

  25. Great advice, =)

    I have a question, I’m currently drop shipping items from China supplier to sell on my eBay account however, I’m also interested in using the print on demand service β€œprintful” to create T-shirt’s and mugs, can I use the same eBay account for both dropshipping items from China as well as printing t shirts, or is it better and best practice to have two separate eBay accounts instead ?

    Hope to hear from you soon,

  26. So can someone actually walk me through this ebay Tshirt thing with printful? How does this work? I am an artist so I have all my own designs, and have an ebay account but have only bought before, never sold. So how do I create these shirts and save them? How is it automated? Like, as soon as I create it with printful, do I have to buy it first? Where is this $50 being spent? And how, when it's listed does it ship? Does printful just know when someone buys it, then make it and ship it? Someone help me here because I've been wanting to sell my own Tshirts for a long time now and this girl goes really fast and is hard to keep up. I need a step by step. Thank you in advance.

  27. I really like all your videos, but gotta say that I loved your lamborghini video. Please can you make more content like that?

  28. hey this rely good inform. However i am in Canada and some of this is not open to me. Do you have any inform about p.o.d for Canadian?

  29. Wow, this is exactly what I needed I have wanted to start a t-shirt business for so long but never had the courage to go for it. This is a great way for me to dip my toes in and gain some confidence and experience before I go for some bigger ideas.

  30. Hi, i keep trying to download the free ebook and i never received it, in like 4 attempts. Ive checked correct email, and checked junk folder etc but still cant find it. any assistance would be grand cheers πŸ™‚ also, is there a way i can get feedback on my ecommerce store please, it's in need of some real help!? cheers

  31. I wouldn't recommend dropshipping from China, they'll send very cheap stuff or the wrong stuff then you're the one who gets the negative feedback and deal with the issues. In addition they are already selling their cheap stuff on ebay and other outlets at cheap prices so you will have to compete with them so it won't be that profitable for you.

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