February 20, 2020

57 thoughts on “👕 10 Things To Do BEFORE Selling T-Shirts For $$$ (T-Shirt Business Tips)

  1. Hey, I found your channel a few days ago. Love your content. You've inspired me to make my own videos every day.

  2. Hey everyone! Where are you tuning in from today? I am in New Zealand right now but in a week I fly off to Japan 🌞

  3. Hi
    Great work on the tutorials I have learnt a lot and am a tree house member and fellow kiwi. I have been stumped on my site and still continue to pay your subscription fee. I wanted to let you know when is click bait titles with $$$ and 🤑 is not a positive look for you. Thank you for listening.

  4. Very good videos, you are very smart and I am proud of you and proud of following your steps, I hope I will succeed one day

  5. I wish you would take on a lucky person to shadow you and learn one on one. I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!!! 😁….all jokes aside, that would be a cool opportunity🤩…thank you for all you do! We appreciate you.

  6. Sarah please, I have started a T-Shirt store but I don't what I'm doing wrong. I have not sold a single one and I think all the designs are great. Please Help! Thanks,

  7. Hi Sarah! So if you're just doing free POD platforms like Teespring, Redbubble or Amazon Merch, you can do a general niche store like dogs or cats, to start with?

  8. So basically – niche down on your own .com website and use the printful / redbubble sites to "host" your other design ideas ?

    It is nice to finally here that you can have a general store somewhere. My ideas for shirts usually go all over the place depending on the topic of the day or mood I am in.

    Thanks for this list. I would have never even noticed the sizing issues if you didn't mention them. And nice idea to use the simple text based designs to fill out your offering while you get started.

  9. in my experience, its easier to start a general store to have a cash cow running so to speak, (after you know how to advertise and the like at least), while niche stores is something i view as much more long term and building a brand around it is the true end goal for me (and should be for many e-commerce entrepreneurs imo)

  10. can also make an email sequence to send to these more basic designs when you first start getting customers and you think the product will resonate with many of them

  11. My print on demand store at teespring has been open for 2 months now and the only sale I've had was my own sample sale. I even advertise on facebook and Instagram

  12. btw i checked your ebook title on amazon and i found this, exactly the same title kindle ebook on there: https://www.amazon.com/Dropshipping-Print-Demand-Figure-Stores-ebook/dp/B07YVH6Q55


  13. Love the video! Quick question, which website builder would you suggest for a POD? Would it be Shopify, Wix or another one?

  14. I did one store pod, but to expendive, printful bella canvas, need put on min. 100% becouse ad coast, sell a t-shirt for 27$ is to expensiv, and sell on facebook need ad 3× price, how u do it?

  15. Please respond 😭
    I'm desperate i have been doing this for about 3 months i have worked on ( viralstyle,teespring,gearbubble,spreadshirt) and the only money i had 100$ i lost it all ( ik it's not that much but I'm from a country where 1$ is 20 times 1da ( my country's currency))
    Anywayy…. Should i give up ? I mean after all this i want just one simple answer: is this for anyone ? I mean can anyone succeed in this ? Ughhh i think i should give up before i lose my mind its so frustrating

  16. hello, I'm a student so it's hard to maintain both design & marketing like teeSpring . But merch by amazon, redbubble has auto sell. it's very helpful if you tell me others print on demand t-shirt selling site like march by amazon or redbuble.thank you

  17. This is all really helpful. Do you have any advice for making a successful Facebook ad and in particular writing effective copy?

  18. 💕 Hello, you had mentioned to use canva and what sounded like, "pixels endbuild opensource free fonts" for tshirts, but I am not finding that online. Did I understand correctly? Thank you for all the information you post! 😁👕

  19. Hi Sarah. Thank you. I use a WordPress website store rather than Shopify. Would you market any differently if you used WordPress?

  20. Hi Sara, just a quick question. I am interested in trying Red Bubble. I am based in the United States. Am I able to use this site? Do I need a bank account for this? Will shipping times be a problem. Thanks for all you do.

  21. I put my first shirt design on redbubble a couple weeks ago. I ordered one for myself to see the quality and had to request 2x more shirts because they made mistakes printing. Both times the image looked like it shifted during the print and even the final 3rd shirt was not perfect. I designed everything to their specs in photoshop and used vector shapes as well. Pretty simple design overall just 1 line of text and 3 icons. I may end up trying a different service because I don't want to spend lots of time designing shirts if they are just going to come out printed poorly.

  22. Hello Sarah, would you consider doing a video on how to setup the admin side of your online business. For example choosing a business email provider, a bank or payment partner and keeping financial records.

  23. Hello Sarah, I am interested in creating my own YouTube content and I notice that the way you present yourself with clothing, hair and makeup is often similar throughout a series of videos. Is that a technique to build up trust/consistency with viewers or is it for the convenience of shooting a lot of content to make editing easier.

  24. Hi, I liked your video. Question, you mentioned at the end how you can legally piggy back on items like Spongebob? Can you do that on trademark items? If so, how can you get permission? You said you mention it but then you ended you video on trends.

  25. Wanting to know how to get my website reviewed by you as I've watched a lot of your videos and took advice from practically all of them. I want to know what I'm lacking and what changes should be made to increase profitability. My website is https://puremeta.net/ and I'd love for your review!

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