March 30, 2020

82 thoughts on “👎 BANKRUPT Dropshipping Store vs. $$$ Store 👍 #StoreReviewsWithSarah

  1. Hey everyone! I hope you are having a lovely day wherever you are in the world 🌞🌍 Christmas is a big time of year for New Zealand so I may not get to post until the New Year. However, I have a fun, hopefully motivational video planned so I hope you enjoy it. Merry Christmas 🎄🎁

  2. Merry Christmas Sarah! Also thanks for all the great videos during the past year. You have been a great source of information for me and whether or not my e-commerce business takes off in 2020, I'll always appreciate the useful knowledge you have been sharing! 😊

  3. Sarah, thank you for all the quality content you provide, it's truly appreciated. Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!!!

  4. 👋🎅🎁🎄

    I have learned so much from watching your channel, Sarah.
    I am currently building this store 👆👆👆
    Thank you for all the great education!

  5. Your videos are so helpful! I’m 16 years old boy and still very inexperienced, but I’m currently trying to run a print on demand business. Hopefully, I’ll be able to achieve my dream sooner or later

  6. Great and very informative video as always!
    I have 2 questions to you:
    1. Do you think selling print on Demand tshirts is still a good idea in terms of ads cost? I mean margins are quite low
    2. One niche print on demand store vs generic all niches tshirt store?

  7. I've never had much luck with using the Aliexpress refund option since their refund label shows my name as the purchaser instead of my customer's name. Therefore, it would be pretty strange if I sent my customer a return label with my name and their address on it. Anyone know of any ways to get around this?

  8. Shipping time really crucial, if the client failed to get the products within the estimated time, they will chase the store like mad.

  9. I am hustling so hard to fulfill all my dreams with Dropshipping. Who can relate? 🔥😋

  10. Hi Sarah, I love your channel! I am planning to start a drop-shipping business soon and was wondering why you hate watches stores? I've seen some pretty beautiful watches on Aliexpress that could target some interesting niches… I hope you can reply to this comment! Thank you (:

  11. Is there a video where you talk about how shipping taxes and customs work in USA? I worked retail for a bit and everything had to be related/ run through customs and their taxes before selling at the store in my country, also of course for tax return purposes. now I’m interested in dropshipping, however I live in south america and this factor makes me wonder how this works online in USA being not native or resident. Hopefully I’m making sense…

  12. My is almost 2 month old store we are not getting any sales would appreciate if you could find out why #storereviewswithsarah

  13. Sarah you have been my motivation for dropshipping. I still remember the first time I accidentally came across one of your videos about last year. Well, finally after an year of reading, studying, observing and learning a ton from you, today I have officially launched my store. I can not tell you how excited and optimistic I am about this.
    I have ONE request. If you are reading and you have 30 sec available, I would really like your opinion on the store. Please, I really want to know what Sarah thinks of the store. It’s at this is basically an all-in-one store but very few hand picked items that I have myself tested.
    I hope you are reading this and I would really really appreciate your feedback.
    Lots of love and thanks for ALL that you do.

  14. Hi 👋 sarah i i’am a student and have a limited budget and spent over $200 on facebook ads i am optimizing my ads every 1-2 day i add new intrest new video’s,photo’s i optimize my store every day i am trying to do somthing new every day but its now more than 3 weeks that i have launched my store but i have 0 sales
    Can u please if i send you the link take 120 seconds off your 86,400 seconds and check my store and say something? About it? I dont want you to review my store on a video can u just review.Should i keep going with the product or jump to an another one
    Thank you

  15. Great video Sarah! I've learned so much from you. – Heres a store me and my Business Partner is running ads to. Any comments?

  16. Your videos are really amazing!
    I joined AliExpress’ Affiliate program and I am promoting their products on social media.
    How to know the products I promote are not counterfeit?
    I promoted a product Today & someone told me that, it’s a counterfeit.
    I hope to hear from you.
    Thank you.

  17. I have a question, what if you live in a country such as the UK? Would you still recommend only drop shipping to the US to begin with? The idea of marketing and selling to essentially a foreign country fills me with dread!

  18. Hey Sarah,
    Do you think Space is a sutiable nische? Also it it okay to have a half dropshipped and half print on demand store okay?
    Btw love your vids and the spelling might not be great because I’m on phone

  19. Their website states that the shipping takes a 'MINIMUM of 7-21 days to deliver'. If that's misleading then wouldn't that suggest that they deliver earlier than that? If so, no probs.

  20. The first thing that popped into my head when i checked out this uwu site and went to the product page: Maybe I should actually order something, i'm gonna ask for a return anyway!!!
    Merry Christmas Sarah! 🎄🎁

  21. I learned a ton of about shipping in this video! I was doing the same thing in my store haha! Now I have to change it too.
    My other question is, I know you've mentioned in the past before about not having models in your store but… I don't recall what the reason was.
    I would understand why you shouldn't use other people's product photos, which includes their models, but what if they're y our own contents and photos?

  22. Appreciate the honesty throughout your content. Do you offer any products for intermediate/advance ecom business owners?

  23. WOW, I hope you send him a personal email to him. I feel sorry for him. I would not like him to loose his shirt. I want him to have a Merry Christmas too.

  24. Hey Sarah, I’m the owner of the site and I just wanted to say wow. Thank you sooo much for your review! I honestly couldn’t be more grateful.

    My partner and I started the dropshipping business 2 months ago and luckily we haven’t had any customers taking advantage of the refund policy, and only 3 or 4 have complained about the shipping time – in which we quickly resolved.

    But I will take everything you said into consideration and update our policies to reflect a more professional brand. And you’re right, English isn’t my first language, and I’ll update all the typos and grammar mistakes 😊

    I am so thankful for your review, thank you and have a happy holiday!

  25. Hi Sara, great video as always thank you for the free stuff you give us, btw I volunteer for the next video…

  26. I watch each of your videos twice and I'm taking notes, a lot of them.

    I wish the dropshipping elf (with a clear return policy) to fill you with blessings this December 25th.

  27. Sarah, I noticed you wear that shirt in a lot of your videos. Maybe I could interest you in a new one. 😉

  28. Ok, but their store is only 1 month old, even if their shipping and refund policy are very risky, there wasn't enough time for them to face troubles yet, when they said "what we can do better" I had the impression they were asking about how to increase conversions.

  29. This was awesome and timely, we have just done our shop and used the oberlo template which is pretty much the same as Kevin's, we are now going to change it a wee bit to protect our business . Thank you so much Sarah for saving us what could be a financial nightmare.

  30. Thank you for everything and Merry Christmas. Will there be a christmas sale on your course by chance? It is at a great price already but the struggle is real for me.

  31. HELP.. I know this may be out of your range of expertise. But I have been trying to sell my art on line for over a year now. I've only made little to next to nothing while the online store makes tons of money off my work. Vectorstock has made 2,558 dollars while I've only made 68. dollars. Redbubble makes 20. dollars a shirt or item and I get pennies on that. Sunfrog makes tons of money on my work and pays me nothing in return. What am I doing wrong.

  32. Hey! i created my store just about a month ago and just started running ads. I'd love for you to review it!

  33. Hey Sarah I love your content subscribed in august and learning alot. But it's not going so well with my current store where I sell Scratch maps migh be due to bad market research but I want to be sure, so I was hoping you could review and look trough my store. As it is a semi single product store I would appriciate it if you focused on my product page for the scratch map

  34. As a German store owner I can tell you that shipping times are taken very seriously over here in Germany. I had to hire a lawyer to write me the exact legal texts that I must according to the German law include in my shop and if there is even a single word that doesn't comply with the German law I'll get fined until I'm bankrupt. Then I see Youtube mostly US based so called gurus videos about how to expand to Europe or Germany without the knowledge of the German law (which is very very strict) I'm like good luck buddy because you'll need it in the court. So my advice is to anyone who wants to expand to Europe (worldwide shipping) be very very careful about what you doing because you might end up in big troubles.

  35. Hello!
    How do you feel about general stores? Is that still something that can work in 2020?
    Yes USA shipping times are faster, but CPMS for ads in the USA tend to be much higher than other regions.
    That makes it hard for new dropshiping stores to get there.
    Great video, immediately went and check my refund policy :-)!

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