April 7, 2020

100 thoughts on “👀 What You NEED To Know Before Dropshipping In 2020

  1. Thank you, Sarah for yet another great video. I've noticed the AliExpress Standard shipping method too but I've no idea how to pass the tracking information to my customer if I use this method, since you'll have to log into AliExpress to track. Do you have any advice on this, please?

  2. I absolutely love this rant! Thank you so much. You provide great content and you do not coat it in any BS. You
    are exactly what we need. Thank you so much. Seriously… do not stop!

  3. My problem is the traffic being 90% other dropship wannabes using those product hunting apps. How can I keep that traffic out and see only real customers?

  4. You are really resonating with me. I've been doing everything you're recommending.. jumped in and started a store knowing that I'd probably fail but happy to do so if it means that I'll get a step closer to success. I bought a course on dropshipping in the middle of November, I implemented a store and have 9 sales from the last 3 days totaling $176 and I'm learning more about Facebook ads every day. People want it easy… thankfully it's not easy, or else everyone would have it. I want it, and I'll get it no matter how hard it is because I'm determined!

  5. I have a legitimate question, can we really trust these lawless communists? Dealing with primitive animals is the biggest concern about Dropshipping

  6. This info is soo on point, Sarah! Loved it, and hopefully it will open the eyes of the naysayers.. if not, good! More $$$ for us! Haha. The problem with people today is pure laziness, those who give up when they think they've failed are sadly not cut out for entrepreneurship.

  7. I don't think a lot of people understand that just about all stores order wholesale products and mark them up to make a profit. This includes convenient stores, hardware stores, liquor stores, clothing stores, grocery stores, gas stations etc. Dropshipping is pretty much the same thing except that the store is online and the wholesaler/manufacturer is willing to send single items directly to the customer on the store owner's behalf – instead of the store owner buying and holding inventory.

  8. Doesn't AliExpress Standard Shipping use ePacket to the US? Whenever I ordered something via AliExpress Srandard Shipping it would always come in the envelope that said "ePacket" on it, and it had the ePacket tracking number too.

  9. These video’s fire me up so much, because there is so much obvious truth behind them. And you can see the differentiations between the people who succeed and the people who fail. All I know is that I will push and push and push. Thanks for the video’s! If you have any time at all, I have been pouring into a dropshipping site of my own the past month. I’m not sure if you’ll see this message but my site is https://wanderfurtherco.com selling hiking goods and traveling accessories and other stuff. Any recommendations?? Could really use the help!!!

  10. "Why would customers buy from your business when they can go to some other place and buy it?"

    That same question can be applied to every kind of business. For example, coffee! Why would someone go to Starbucks when they can make their own coffee? Why would other startups try to run their own coffee shop when customers can just go to Starbucks? The competition does not matter. It's all about how the product is sold. Impulse buys are a strong selling feature, but there are other factors to consider, too. Things like convenience, quality, price, and so on. Sure you can make your own coffee and save money, but Starbucks is fast and in a convenient location. Sure you could go to Starbucks, but maybe the local coffee shop has your favorite coffee that Starbucks doesn't have. Competition is always there, but that doesn't mean you can't make your own success despite selling the same thing other business are selling.

  11. if an ad has a person's face on facebook ads, will it get banned? I've been taking photos of models a lot lately and then read a comment about facebook not allowing faces on the ad. How do you get around that? Crop it?

  12. How to practice on marketing with as little resources as possible? I am talking about monetary wise, willing to put in the time. Thanks for the videos!

  13. I want to know is how you get paid?? A lot of people talk about different methods on how you can make money but no one is talking about how the money comes in, through PayPal or your checking or savings bank account? Nobody is talking about that? Like when you get started making a sale and someone purchased your product even though you made the sale how do you know your getting paid is it being mailed or does it go to your bank account or PayPal what?! If PayPal or banking account then how do you set it up and is there a way that you get notified that the money is on its way?! I just keep seeing peoples line graphs that is how much they made and when along with a chart but nobody says how they cash out?!

  14. Hey Sarah. I used to think the same before jumping into DS. I chose a highly competitive product and the market is mature for that product.

    Why people would buy from me? When they can buy the same product from Kmart, Amazon, and other online stores.

    So i did some work around and found out the following factors.

    1. Quality (its not good every where of the product i am selling)
    2. Customer service
    3. What you can do to make their experience awesome (if they buy from you)
    4. What other stores are lacking of? that you can fulfil and get competitive advantage.

    Whenever someone gets this thought of Why? Write it down and start answering on why not? List all the reasons you can find to answer your own question(s).

    Anyways, I came here to say thanks for your videos. I started seeing your videos and Jungle Scout videos. I dont sell on Amazon. I have made my own website and selling over there. Partially a dropshipping website, as I have some stock with me self.

    And for the record, I do have a Job as well by which I am able to procure products.

    Recently, I had a family emergency and had to travel overseas. All my savings were used in that, but my passive income saved me on rent and other expenses.

    So, Thanks again Sarah 😀

  15. Preach sister! I've been learning on the fly and sure I'm doing a lot of things incorrectly but I wouldn't find out what I've done wrong or right without trial and error

  16. I am actually a fan and watch all your videos but I disagree with your 'saturated' comment. When people say it is saturated they mean that it is "completely covered" meaning that there is not much room for new people because the people who are succeeding currently are to good to compete with. And it is hard to get into a space where people have mastered the art. I will continue watching your videos because they are very helpful. Cheers

  17. There is every day more and more people starting to shopping online and consuming increases every day. Dropshipping will never end

  18. Everyone used to believe Apple was untouchable and now look at them. Amazon will continue to get bigger for a while, but there are large groups of people that refuse to use Amazon because of the way they've been accused of treating staff members. There will always be a top dog in the e-commerce industry..it just so happens to be Amazon for now.

  19. Various aspects and methods of selling come and go, but the one thing that will never go away is human psychology, something that dropshipping also utilises to its advantage.

  20. Hi Sarah, your terms and conditions on your $1 offer points us to the course login page. Hopefully this is not an easy to sign up, but hard to cancel offer.

  21. You just mentioned some basic entrepreneur rules that every business requires and it’s fascinating to me why people even start a business without having these basic knowledge.
    But you didn’t mention an important problem, that’s Facebook is shutting down ad accounts and websites.
    Now I heard you need to have a registered company and you need to verify yourself with Facebook and so on.
    This’s a big disadvantage for new starters and more importantly Facebook see itself so morally superior that execute you without justification.
    Now I don’t say dropshipping is died but I firmly believe that Facebook became a Communist system, that serves only its own interest.

  22. sorry china epacket still here i am getting an item from china on the way
    i cant see how a uk person can get items delivered for under a pound from china it is so crazy the cost of the item the packet and the postage all for less than a pound

  23. I think the main reason why most fail ist because people aren't willing to put in the work. maybe because they are promised easy quickfixes everywhere "1mil in 1 week", "3 easy steps today to grow rich"… blabla. people don't put in the effort to make quality products, create good concepts, etc. if you then spend tons of money into ads it will not help you one bit as your product is still bad. all you will achieve is a quick way of burning money

  24. They only way not to be beat by amazon is to have your own brand of something that can’t be found on amazon . Have something exclusive. And there again , it won’t be easy. It will cost a lot . it will be extremely difficult to sell anything at all for 99% of the sellers . Be ready to lose your ass off. The only people becoming rich in the online business besides the small amount of people who have a successful online business are the ones selling courses to naive ninkimpoops who buy the courses impulsively with the dream of becoming a millionaire lol I sell snow jackets to people living on the coasts of New Zealand and I haven’t sold but 1 snow jacket over a 14 month period . Should I keep trying or give it up ?

  25. Sara ir a start a store from south américa the taxes i have to pay is in they Usa or my country? I love your channel

  26. Just what I needed after being so disappointed by not getting my store up as planned so close to Christmas…, you hit all the points I was thinking about, very tempting just to put up products but you really have to think about each one carefully, never realized there would be so many decisions to make with the creation of stores! Watching more videos (except for this one) was getting me confused… Finding my way, THANKS for all the shipping information, will keep watching your videos!!!

  27. I've mad much much more in affiliate marketing than I ever did in drop shipping. I'm not quite to the point of making affiliate marketing a fulll time income yet, but getting very close. Although I wont' lie, it required tons of hours and content to get to the place where I am now. There are no shortcuts that's for sure…. The harder and longer you work on your content, the more successful you will be….That's the bottom line.

  28. Sarah , dear Sarah , this is the perfect video 👍👍 I liked how you came across as slightly pissed 😂😂😂 . You young lady are a true inspiration. This is the best educational video about dropshipping.

  29. A proper business women right there 👍👍 you never shy away from telling the truth and that is rare in this industry Sarah .

  30. Hey this is a long shot but I wanted to try anyway incase you read comments! I own a store called Jonsbones the site is jonsbones.com we sell shirts and clothing and other cool items. the website has not been doing as well as I would like to see. but I am ready to take it to the next level. if you offer coaching or any kind of consultation I would be willing to pay it.

  31. I just hope not too many people watches this video, luckily only a small percentage will take action. The content shown here is brilliant and is nearly impossible to explain it better, absolutely one of the best Youtube videos I've ever watched (thousands), great job.

  32. Sarah, I mentioned your channel in a large ecom FB group I'm part of. Hope you get lots of new students. Hope you can answer a quick question. I'm new to living in NZ. Planning to open a dropshipping store very soon. The setup is a US bank account to receive sale revenues and a business credit card to pay the FB ads and other costs. However, wondering if you, being in NZ, have a US dollar credit card to pay for the ads? Otherwise, you get hit with the foreign exchange fees. If you could please let me know your recommended business set up, I would be grateful!

  33. Iv never had the urge to make my own online business, but i may do it just so i have a legit excuse to watch your videos other than the reason now, this kiwi accent is awesome

  34. I had problems with my first store. I knew I would so I attach it to something I was already doing and instead of affiliate sales, I sold my own items through blogging and workshops. I knew there was going to be a huge learning curve before I could select an item and sell it like the "gurus" talk about. There are error messages, calls to customer service to troubleshoot problems, Facebook flagging ads, learning to navigate Shopify, facebook ads, and other apps, etc. I just opened my second store and it's going a bit smoother, still some kinks, but working it out. I'm determined to make it work so I will eventually. I used to think it was all bogus too until I started doing commissioned freelance writing on other people's Shopify blogs. Once I started interacting and seeing real people doing it I figured there must be something to it. Not saying Sarah isn't real, I've just never interacted with her one on one. All her videos have great value and I really appreciate the time put into all of them. Sarah if people want to complain or leave negative comments, let them. You don't need to take the time to justify yourself to people like that. They aren't your target market. You can follow my program "stip by stip" where I teach you how to not give a f%&#

  35. Hit the nail on the head on many topics great content, how could add value to you for you to help me out with my store?

  36. OMG love you, thanks for the encouragement boost. Just starting dropshipping with some doubts, but you just gave me the confidence to work hard on this and eventually be rewarded. Greetings from Puerto Rico 🙂

  37. Hello Sarah,
    Thank you for the great content. I learned so much by watching your videos. I am a huge fan. You inspired me a lot.
    I recently created my POD shopify store. I did my best to follow all your advise.
    Can you please take a look and tell me what do you think about it?
    I would love it too if all the people who read this comment give me their opinion too.

    Thanks a lot 🙏🙏

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