February 20, 2020
⚡️TOP Web Design Trends 2020: Best UI, UX Examples & Predictions

⚡️TOP Web Design Trends 2020: Best UI, UX Examples & Predictions

And it seems like we’re now live on
YouTube. And hey everyone who is watching 👋 on Instagram or maybe on Facebook. And if you see a link to our YouTube stream around there – just follow that link and
you can be redirected to YouTube! So, here on YouTube we’re gonna be doing
something a little bit different today. And today is gonna be not a tutorial,
not gonna be any sort of guide or something like that. Today, we’re going to
be talking about some web design trends and some graphic design trends that you
can await in 2020, in the upcoming year that is going to happen in like a couple
of months! Yeah! It’s that crazy! it’s already
November, and it’s the high time to start talking about what’s going to be
relevant, what’s gonna be trendy and what’s gonna be in demand in the next
year! Cuz you’re gonna want to follow the trends in order to stay on top in the
industry, in order to make your websites to look up to date, make them look modern
and make them… Okay. Alright, I see. Hey there a ton of people in the chat
already! Thank you for joining our today’s livestream, and if you missed a
tiny bit of it, you can always rewind and start watching from the very beginning!
But haven’t missed much yet, we’re still at Templatemonster’s homepage because it’s like I decided to use it like a backdrop sorta. And let me just – this scrolling
thing distracts me – so let me just scroll down a little bit. So, I’ve got a
number of websites prepared to show you which represent the most popular trends
that we could notice were present in 2019. And which will be most likely
present and highly popular in the next year, in the 2020. And this is what we’re
gonna be doing today. Basically, we’re gonna be just reviewing websites,
having a look at some interesting design solutions, and just discussing some
really cool-looking stuff, so it’s not gonna be a tutorial, it’s not gonna be
any of guide or explainer video, or something
like that! We’re just gonna be reviewing the design trends. And, just a quick, a
quick second – I’m gonna take a quick second, so I’ll let you know that you
can always get top-notch high-quality themes developed by professionals at
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Alright, done with the introduction, let’s finally get the show on the road
and let’s finally get rolling! So, the first website I prepared for today –
yeah, I’m using a tab suspender, so while I have a ton of tabs open – it doesn’t
really get too much of RAM and the PC doesn’t get too slow. And not the PC
because I’m on the Mac today. So, alright, this is the first website and the first
trend that we’re going to be talking about. Probably, I had to prepare a
presentation in Keynote or something, but I’m gonna do it next time for sure!
We’re just testing it, we’re just trying the waters and we’re gonna see what type
of content you guys like the best, and then we’re gonna be going in that
direction, probably. But currently we’re trying out new types of content that
you guys might be interested in. All right, so the first trend that we’re
going to be talking about will be – try and guess it, try and guess it – and if
going to be BOLD TYPOGRAPHY. So, it has been huge! Not, not the title in here, but the trend 😜 It has been HUGE for probably more than
a year and it’s gonna only grow bigger, it’s gonna stay on top in the following
year, and it’s not gonna go anywhere. So, if you hate this trend – bad news – but a
lot of people really like it, because it helps you to – okay I’m gonna be saying it
a lot today – that all of these tricks and things that are trendy right now, they’re
all attention grabbers, they’re all intended to attract users’ attention and
make them stop by and stay a little longer on your website! Because they’re
amazed, shocked, impressed! Because they want to learn more of what this all is about!
Because it all looks so stunning, looks so bold and I catch you simply, I catch
you! And let’s just scroll down – you see we have… okay, alright… so crazy, all right, we
have a nice, really clean layout, and what is hero here? It is the typography! Here we
have a huge title and we have a really nice, really sleek font pairing, so we see
there really two different fonts and actually, if you’re interested, you know,
as we’re going to be going all through all of these, you can actually
drop a line in the live chat and let me know, if you want maybe a video on the
typography, manual basics or maybe font pairing, or something like that? Something
about design? Something about design basics? Just would be really interested
to know what you guys think about this kind of idea? All right, so the typography
is definitely key here. You have a really colorful, bright image on the right, and
really colorful background, but the type is always what catches your eye first!
You always have it here on your left. Here I would say that the background
image choice is not probably the best, because the paragraph here kind of gets
lost in a ton of details that you have in the background. Probably, not the best
solution, could be something… It would be better, if the image had less… fewer
detail it was, less detailed in here. In this half of the image where we have a
paragraph of text, but anyway this all looks amazing – the colors, the fonts! I
love it, and also here as we have scrolled down the page here, we have this
little menu which lets lets us know how we can learn more about what this
website is, and what who actually the owner who this website is. All right, so
it was the first one we’re talking about – BOLD TYPOGRAPHY and making the accent on typography accentuating the titles, the headlines with some fun selections that
really attract their attention, and placing the titles this way that they
are really prominent on the page, in the viewport that your eye jumps on the
title right away, right as you open the page! It was the first example and OH WOW! What’s that? What happened? All right! I really like this effect because I want to
see… Once you try and move your mouth out… Mouth? 😄 Move your mouse out of the page, you know, it kind of… Оkay, that’s an interesting effect, it kind of changes
the layout a little bit. All right, the second example is still going to be
about typography, still talking about typography, a couple more examples except all the cookies, and here you see that it has gotten even more crazy! I really like
the layout and I like that it actually changes! Okay, hold on, it actually changes
the look of your cursor, which is also another popular trend! And I think, okay, typography would be great! I knew that! I also love typography, love talking about typography, learning more about how to work with
typography efficiently, and how to make it work the best way! So, we’re actually
got a couple videos on design basics and design principles coming up on our
channel in a couple of weeks! Cause we’re really working hard on them, because
we’re gonna make them of the highest quality possible! 💯 And I believe that
since we’re getting requests, we’re also gonna add some typography basics
video on our content plan for sure! For now, just want to give you a couple
insights – we’re really reworking our ENTIRE content plan! All of the stuff we
have prepared for YouTube is going to be fresh, it’s gonna be new and we’re gonna
be working really hard on improving the overall quality of our YouTube videos
for sure! Alright, this website overall is like super crazy, it’s like as far as I
can see, it’s like huge portfolios of Simon design agency and what they’re
doing is they’re just putting these titles here, these clickable titles here,
and once you hover over them – it kind of first of all, it inverses the color of
the title and second of all – it just makes the backgrounds of this huge image
and really throws it into your face! And you really cannot miss it, so some
could say that it’s not… it kind of hurts the usability, it kind of hurts the UX… it
kind of does, I have to admit. But it looks stunning and it makes you want to
scroll further, and it makes you want to explore more… Oh God, it literally doesn’t
end… Okay, by the way all of these websites that we’re going to be
reviewing today are going to be linked in the description under this video ⬇️⬇️⬇️
After we’re done with the livestream, and you can check them out yourself, or
maybe… Alright, I could actually do this right now, and yes I kind of I closed
that previous website, but let’s do it… I’ll
quickly open it and I’ll share… I’ll be sharing the links in the live chat as we
go. So yes, and and they also gonna appear
somewhere in the comments after the stream is over. I think it would be the
most efficient way to do things. Alright, so the typography is definitely
the key here. Once you open the page, you don’t see anything else besides the
clean layout here and a huge headline right in the middle! And it catches your
eyes straight away. Great solution! Another great example, maybe not the best
use of the list right down the page, but still works. Alright, something… Okay, nice
little animation here I should’ve loved this effect – it’s like scratches, scribbles all over. The typography is the hero in here as well. Here we have
something a little bit different. It looks… okay, we’ve got text here, maybe
it hurts the readability a little bit… Because it seems like a lot, and they
used bold uppercase, you know, not the best solution for the readability, but
the reliability was not, you know, the main purpose here. The main purpose was
to make the user stay and explore and for this – WOW – for this purpose, it really
serves just the way it needs to… Alright, also everywhere everyone… We’ve got crazy typography going on, I’m not saying that
you have to do the same thing with your website, and you have to be going for the
same type of menus, the same type of a hero sections and making your website
looks… look that crazy as these. But these are the websites that get awards, they
get featured on Awwwards website, they get nominated for multiple, you know,
honorable mentions and stuff like that… And yeah, it looks kinda crazy, but this
kind of websites – it’s really great to see what is trending right now, and what
is being on top an entire industry, and what I would recommend you do – is just
look through all of these websites, see them for yourself and kind of learn, but
tune all of that down. If you’re gonna use some bold and catchy typography on
your website, you should definitely turn it down and make it… Just make it nice
and clean, and not go for something crazy um… because yeah, it’s really good to win
an award, for example, to get your website shout out on some portfolio, but
for most of the clients and for most of the users it’s gonna be – yeah it’s gonna
look nice – but you have to check how it converts, you have to check, then you ask,
you have to do a lot of testing with this sort of designs, because it’s really
BOLD solution, and yeah, and you have to really make sure that you know what
you’re doing. If you’re going for this sort of solution. All right, all right, so
right here, wait, I believe that we are jumping to the second trend that we
wanted to talk about in this video. Okay, and, by the way, if you want to say
something, if you have some requests ,if you want to ask questions, if you want to…
just anyway, just say ‘hi’ 👋 you can always do it in the live chat! I’m constantly
checking… You see, I’m looking to the right all the time, and what is gonna be
is that we’re gonna… we could have a little conversation, if you just say ‘hi’
or write something in the live chat, all right, now, the next trend that I wanted
to talk about in this video is going to be ASYMMETRICAL LAYOUTS and what it
means is that it also is also meant to attract your attention, meant to make you
look somewhere where the designer wants you to look, and in this
case we have something really untypical… We have something that we don’t
normally see on websites, and normally we’re used to having a header up here,
and seeing a logo, seeing menu links, but here we have something that looks
completely different and guess what – the scroll – okay yeah, that’s what I’m saying – kind of hurts the usability a little bit, because I kind of messed it up and…
all right… having the logo, so as you scroll down,
what you get is not the app to down scroll, but you get the horizontal scroll
you’re not getting vertical scroll! Instead, you’re getting the horizontal
scroll and since I’m on a trackpad, I actually wanted to see, you know, to move
my fingers to the right, to scroll the page, but actually, have to move them down how I would do it with the mouse. And it looks, it really does look crazy!
And what they did – is they actually rotated… Like they sort of rotated
the normal type of layout that would normally see… Like you see the header is
rotated 90 degrees, and the page is as well and, wow, it just looks stunning and
we still have the menu here, which is a really smart solution! It’s sort of like
a sticky header and it is something crazy, and it makes you go WOW and it
makes you keep scrolling and keep scrolling, and be wondering what else you
might see in there. And, all of these little animations in the images – like
let’s… let’s scroll back. You see that as you scroll, not only the text moves, but
also this little arrow here. Now, look at this image here as I scroll it
actually scrolls as well, so it has this sort of scrolling trigger in the actual
image! And everything is animated, everything is… it seems like a lot of
stuff is clickable, the images especially, and all of these little links, and this
is something crazy! And you’ve got animations all over, and it makes you keep scrolling, and you cannot stop! And this is actually the purpose,
this is what this entire thing is for – to make you scroll, to make you spend more
time on the website, to make you impressed, amazed, to make you want to, you know, get acquainted with the brand more… And make you like… let you know that
they can do cool stuff! Even with their own website and as well…
At the end of this journey – I would call it a journey because it was crazy – I
really loved this website, this particular one. Let me send it to you, so
you can check this out later as well. Like… Right there! And let’s see… All right, I
see two new messages in the live chat, I’m gonna answer them real quick before
we proceed. And the first one: “Looks like the type of typography that designers
use in printing flyers…” Yeah! Probably it’s… it’s that… and graphic design, and
web design – they always go hand in hand, they always are closely related to each
other, and the printables, yeah, why not use it for the web? Because now people
spend a lot more time on the web then on, you know, on some printables, some paper
stuff… They interact with web sites a lot more than they interact with brochures…
With… I don’t know with all of this kind of stuff that is printed, and, well, the
solutions that worked for the printing, for graphic design – they just… they
could work as well for the web design, for web sites and stuff like that! So, yes
you’re absolutely right here! And the second question we’ve got is: “What would
be the best Elementor theme?” for a… okay, I believe that you asked what was the
best Elementor theme that features an isometric layout? And this is a really great question! And okay, what I could do is really quickly jump back to TemplateMonster’s website – here it is, and what I want to do here is show
you a couple of the latest themes that we’ve got here. And, to do that we’re
gonna go to WordPress… to WordPress themes, and I believe that I saw… okay,
let’s start with WordPress themes. And, what’s really great about our latest
uploads is that our vendors started to use a lot more bold and unusual
solutions, and this way the themes look a lot more creative, they
look a lot more modern, and it has been happening for some time and now – since
that happen in probably a year ago – the the platform, the marketplace was filled
with a ton of new themes, great high-quality themes! And now, at this
moment, we have really huge collection of high-quality moder-looking, really
creative-looking WordPress themes, so which is a great thing, and it’s loading a
little bit slower because of the slower internet connection, since we’re on the
stream right now, actually, and what we could do is to check newest products,
because I’ve seen some of the latest uploads, I guess, I saw some asymmetrical
layouts in there… All right, so let’s just scroll a little bit, and let it load… all
right… all right… where was that asymmetrical layout? So,
okay this one is interesting… not… It doesn’t feature, like, horizontal scroll
or something like that with Elementor, at this moment, I haven’t found any, haven’t
found any solutions, any plugins, any add-ons that could help you create this
sort of effect, that could help you create a horizontal scroll on your
website… it would be sick, it would be so sick, if it was possible to do! And I’m
pretty sure, eventually, someone comes up with this sort of solution, because the
community, the Elementor community, the Elementor developers community’s
extremely… they’re extremely creative and, all right, I was just… I’m gonna open a
couple of themes, just the ones that, I believe, could suit the request… They’re
all quite good, they’re all quite good, and they all feature modern solutions,
sort of asymmetrical stuff, asymmetrical layouts, bold, eye-catching typography, this
kind of thing… all right, just one more… I think, one more, one more, one more theme, and we’re gonna go… I’m gonna proceed with the trends. All right, it’s enough,
it’s just enough. Let’s have a look at the couple of themes that I’ve opened, that
could feature an asymmetrical layout… Okay, we need a live demo, a little bit slow… All right, gonna be quite a bit of clicking on the links in here, because we gotta
open all of these live demos, well… it still keeps loading, all right… A little bit slow… Slow, slow, slow, too slow… okay, here we are – the first one, the first really bold-looking and really unusual
theme that features both of the trends that we’ve talked about. Bold typography, huge headlines with a really interesting font solutions, font choice. And also
the broken layout – this particular one features very little of the traditional
layout – as we’re used to it. First, it’s a lot of Parallax going on, and this kind
of stuff… So, it basically has a very little of the traditional green, because
a lot of the elements overlap and you could say, it is sort of a broken grid, it
is a sort of asymmetrical layout, because in this particular one – we have
all of the elements overlap each other, and we have lot of white space in here.
The same thing here, same thing right there, and you can go further, and you can
explore this particular one. I’m gonna send the demo to the live chat right now.
So, also these solutions are good for… let’s say… portfolio websites, if you’re
creating a portfolio or one-page website where you only get to introduce yourself
and, you know, just listing gallery with your works in there, and then it will
work just fine… This sort of broken layouts, this sort of… All that kind of
stuff that is really eye-catchy… but doesn’t really prove to
work well for the UX and for the usability. Another example – I would not
say that this is a really, really asymmetrical type of thing, but you see that the sections look… do look unusual… A lot of overlapping stuff, as well, and
what I would say is that overlapping elements, overlapping sections, text
elements, images are all the part of the broken grid layout or asymmetrical
layout. This is what… this is what it is right here, so you see, you have this kind
of thing where you have two sections overlap, and you also have a little bit
white space in here, which is unusual. We don’t normally see it on the web, also
sharing the link in the chat, and like Friday deals yeah as far as I know our
team is already working on the the offers for the Black Friday some special
offers something really sweet something a really something really good for you
guys so if you’re interested stay tuned and check out the banners on our website
they’re gonna appear like normally we do it a couple days beforehand and you’re
gonna see this banner right above the header and just pay attention to that
and you can be notified when we have a when we actually have these special
offers live and also I will have and also if you subscribe to you the email
thing our emails quickly I believe their weekly emails and if you subscribe to
those you’re gonna be notified about all the upcoming special offers deals and
all that kind of stuff another example here is broken grid as symmetrical sort
of grid also this is as well a portfolio this is what I’ve said it works great
for introducing yourself as a creative individual it works just fine for some
creative type of venues like some creative businesses this is amazing type
of thing that you could do is go for something crazy looking something really
I catchy like this kind of thing and am I taking so much time share with you
these themes I was actually going to talk about the trends and show you some
of the actual websites but I’ve opened way too many links in here alright what
I’m going to do is just send the links to the chat and they’re going to be
reviewing them the right here but you can always do it
to yourself I’m gonna send you the links this is the last one it’s probably gonna
be the last one and I believe I accidentally closed something furniture
design I wanted to send this one all right also in the preview you see has
sorted the same thing a lot of overlapping elements which is the same
broken grade and which was going to be talking about broken sort of layouts
later in the video again you see that they all kind of represent some creative
individuals some artists some designers some branding our marketing agencies
this sort of thing all right we’re done with the themes right now finally um was
that some article and yeah we were right here this is what we were talking about
Oh again a really interesting solution they went for with at the scroll type of
thing and it worked really well for me and in this case I do you see some
usability issues some UX issues but I’m sure that they went for some testing and
they actually made sure that this is gonna work the best way for the users
and ensure the best type the best kind of user experience that can possibly be
alright next what we’re going to be talking about I remember that we talked
about bald and really loud typography which is really eye-catching
great solution to attract attention to particular headlines a particular title
next one it was a symmetrical layout some unusual solutions with the scroll
overlapping elements broken grids and it wants to translate this page because
it’s gonna be in Japanese Hobbiton Japanese in here quite not a
ton a little bit so I’ve got something crazy going on probably this kind of
animated slider here with some parallax elements which looks really interesting
and we have the navigation buttons right there on the right
and this is Jake he Japan and it has no apparently it has no scroll and okay I
accidentally accidentally go back one page back all the time so the navigation
is not that confusing it’s just me who gets lost in the website so sorry for
that just all really unusual and because people are simply not used to this kind
of thing it can be off-putting a bit it can be kind of risky to go for this sort
of solution like you want to scroll but you cannot scroll because it’s meant to
be a one-page website representing this catalogue representing this list of
things and you can always go and read more so this is sort of like you could
call it a landing page or something like that and from this page since its
intended to catch your attention you are redirected to something like an article
that we’ve got in here okay here we got Japanese it redirects you to the actual
article that you can read all right some cool stuff in here and I’m gonna send
this link to the left chat right now so we can check this out too and we it
seems like we’ve got like way too many links in our live chat it looks crazy
right now all right this one is done next one I’m gonna go to dribble and on
dribble we’re gonna have a look at the work by Sahih Paulo polliver
poly Vani and I’m really sorry from the bottom of my heart that if I pronounced
the surname wrong really sorry for that as well the layout is as symmetrical
because we don’t have the traditional grid as we normally do as we’re used to
seen we’ve got this type of it’s a slider again and this is meant to be
probably a slider in the here section and we’ve got a ton of elements but they
don’t they start because we still have hierarchy in here it’s not like a ton of
stuff thrown together smash together and just here we go
a symmetrical layout cool design solution it’s not we still have visual
hierarchy in here we have the main element that draws our attention to self
immediately like straightaway where we look is at this particular section and
as a designer as a developer website creator you got to make sure that you
create this visual hierarchy that yes open it a little bit that you have to
make sure that you create this visual hierarchy and you have the main element
and I feel like he went for a golden ratio thing here you can kind of see the
spiral right which it has to be it has to be somewhere here almost probably but
he was probably looking into the golden ratio you know this kind of thing the
spiral the spiral thing and well it works pretty well pretty good for me
because we’ve got the main element here the second element is probably this one
then I’ll go here and then I have the navigation and a little video and all is
perfectly legible you also gotta make sure that everything is legible that
there are no elements that cannot be that are not readable at all because
it’s really vital that you want to convey the info on your website some
elements that are used for a decoration if we use text for decoration is a
totally different thing but if he wounds user to be able to to be able to read
what you want to say then make sure that they can actually read it that it’s
legible I didn’t I believe I didn’t sign it to the chat I’m sorry forgot it again
and signed into the chat right now so we can check this out
next one it is already another trend and the trend that we’re talking about next
is going to be animation and what we’ve got here is alright alright as quite a
bit of parallax going on a video background again you can see that some
of these websites even though they’re we chose them to represent one specific
trend they all have something in common and here you can also see some bald
really loud I catch a typography we can see it kind of look it kind of looks
like a little bit of parallax going on and we’ve got this kind of thing and
what is really unusual is this thing and you see it was made first of all never
saw it I actually thought that these things are clickable because I really
wanted to click on them and I believe that if they were clickable probably
will hurt the usability a little bit it would hurt the user experience because
maybe it’s not that obvious that you have to click on these but I really
wanted to wanted to kind of catch these little words flying in here and click on
them and see what’s gonna happen but but yeah they are they they’re not clickable
meaning that they do not redirect you to any other page instead you can do this
and the mouse wasn’t it was a default now’s Mac how has mouse because um
like his cursor because I kind of clicked away from the window with the
browser but now you see that it also changes your cursor and you can actually
interact with these animated elements we should summon which is really cool so
even though we cannot click on the words but you can interact with some of the
elements which adds to the user experience because if you can interact
and you can play around on this particular website it makes you explore
further and see what else you can do and here goes the actual portfolio with
clickable items all good yeah so that one little section with some animated
interactive theme was a while you see how huge and loud this actually is it’s
crazy you basically you cannot miss it you cannot miss this huge field this
huge email field crazy alright so let’s get back here
so this section was sort of an introductory section they they they tell
about themselves a little bit you can see it right there and yeah some really
interesting solution some really creative looking stuff and proceeded
with the animation trend going back to the animation it is going to be this I’m
not trying to pronounce the names of these websites because I’m probably
gonna be you know I don’t know what language this is because I I could try
and guess that it’s I don’t know I don’t know but I really want to try and guess
but I won’t want to offend anybody wow I love it
so you saw this effect it looks oh it’s something about water for sure because
we saw this dripping effect the the Loden animation was this a water
dripping effect we also got the sort of like the animation
the water here in the menu thing and as we scroll down yes it’s something about
water for sure probably some service that has some
service that provides drinkable water still trying to guess what a language
this is because I honestly got no idea if you guys know what language this is I
would be extremely grateful to you surprisingly Google does that offer to
translate this website probably the same as that that we know this language I
don’t know oh look at the buttons you see that
depending on from what side you actually start hovering on the button it actually
animates the border of the button and this is crazy and it’s quite a ton of
work and creative effort to do something like that and you see that this is
actually a finally finally we got a website for business for actually a
actual business Reykjavik all right yeah me I’m so attentive I’m really I’m so
attentive sorry for that guy’s was wondering what language this is
alright we finally got a fella got a business website finally so we see how
these trends how these also got pretty interesting find solutions to Prague
Rafi solutions and we can see how these trends can be applied to actual business
websites and services websites and how we could implement these trends for our
clients projects for our client projects for a client work and client websites
really love it really loved this one and I’m gonna send it to to the left side
right in a second looks like Swedish this is very good
website yeah for sure posting posting the link and I hope I
haven’t missed any any of the links to the websites that I’m reviewing today
because they’re all really high quality really well made and I’m really excited
to be sharing all of these with you guys and this is the next one and we still
keep talking about animations and we’re going to have four websites in this
section in this little section here and just let it load for a while um so and
if I’m not mistaken actually lets us know what what is being loaded in the
process and it feels like it’s gonna be something really exciting since it takes
that much time to load okay it’s done and it’s also loading slower because of
the internet connection because we’ve got a really bad internet connection
well actually I feel like oh alright I cannot hear the desktop audio cuz it’s
off right now on my laptop I could actually try and turn the desktop audio
on if you guys want to but I’m not sure it can be screaming like crazy so I
better send this link to you and each egg is out yourself we’re gonna have a
look at the visual yes it’s not Swedish all right well while right here and
we’re gonna look at the graphic design trans not I’m not gonna do this into the
audio you can listen to it yourself alright we’re here and let’s you click
on something we’ve got number of links in here and what is animated is
something in the background as far as I can see and I keep clicking
alright it opens the video right away that’s something that I wanted to do and
I open the video show real portfolio okay this is the portfolio thing and I
believe that what they have what actually took that much time to load it
was probably was probably the animated background thing alright they actually
have they actually do have a lot of stuff and he made it
oh some cool video game here they have their clients listed some probably some
some references this kind of thing and they’re also some creative agency so you
can kind of see that they mostly mostly only the some guys from the creative
industry mostly go for this type of creative solutions and firm to me this
one doesn’t look that you know that unusual it looks a little bit more I
would say normal to me oh well anyway a lot of the elements are animated we have
a really interesting really minimalistic design we don’t we don’t get distracted
by a ton of elements right from the get-go right from this side well because
what we see is this little list and we can start interacting with it probably
let’s try and reload the page let me jump back to the home page
and oh yeah this is actually the one that was
loading forever so once you jump to the home page okay now it was faster so
probably was the you know probably cached this is why it loaded the faster
anyway this is what the actual home page looks
like what you got this little list here and some awesome cool looking video
background right send okay I sent its link to you this looks
like the old flesh sides back in the days
alt flash flash websites Oh crazy you think probably I haven’t noticed the
similarity but this is a really interesting observation probably could
be all right and the last one for the okay no audio this is one of these sort
of websites probably so it’s one of these back in the day for some they’re
still actually popular they’re still quite popular and this er websites that
as they call it provide the experience the sort of experience that you have to
you couldn’t like a watching video while you explore this website and you kind of
take and throw some sort of a story and let’s actually click OK we don’t got
much in here before we actually click on the link and what it gives us is a ton
Wow it froze did it did it freeze I do look like it did it actually did freeze
right now it’s I actually I’m gonna blame the connection for it and it says
okay you got an advocate with the keys on your keyboard with the arrows all
right let’s give it one more chance and anyways I’m gonna send this link to you
guys so you can check it out yourself cuz cuz ya cuz it seems like we’re not
gonna get any experience right now in here well the food you mean this little thing
here yeah well a minimalistic thing I really love it as well and no now
experience for us guys so you better go and check the link out in the live chat
right I just sent it mmm and I’m gonna close
this one and sadly we’re gonna proceed to the next the next thing and in this
one I kind of combined kind of combine the two because it’s all about
illustration and 3d art and now they’re used probably you know 3d elements and
through the art is nowadays is used almost as often as 2d flat illustrations
that were trendy like last year in 2018 2017 and were like really like they
really blew up the this kind of stuff the 2d flat illustrations you know now
it’s more with 3d art asymmetric stuff and what we’re seeing right here is some
really minimalistic design with the use of 3d elements and it looks really cool
to me and they sort of present it as a also a really interesting theme you see
this transition it like it like creates this sort of a presentation creator
interface I like adding slides and stuff like that and you can already start
guessing what this website is about it’s another business website because it
represents a service and application probably a web app or something like
that also sending it to you guys so you can be looking at it as well so here God
the email subscription form right away some really cool looking stuff also love
the font choice love the typography some horizontal like scroll going on in here
as we scroll down animation little animated hand right here all looking
real you really nice I really love D I really
love how they are created really love this tile the lighting the textures they
look they like went for sort of a clay looking thing looks really cute it’s
really attractive to me at least because I’m a fan of all the 3d stuff that you
can do and here it’s actually looking pretty good because they went for this
sort of a combining 3d with 2d in this case you see that you have a obviously
completely flat page in here two completely flat like normal kind of
windows in here and you have this freely hand sanding this obviously 3d paper
plane and this combination works really well for me and looking really good
especially with this color scheme with this color palette this illustration
here it’s super cute looking you know just amazing to me also using the
typography pay attention to how they use the typography and how they set the
hierarchy alright some testimonials okay well I really love this one it’s clean
it’s I really love the color scheme they went for two primary colors which is
white and this blue and they complement it these two primary colors and also
black of course and they complimented these colors with a really bright and
really you know really cute looking color palette on these illustrations and
which draws the eye to these illustrations like immediately and plus
they’re animated what can be better I really love this one you can do alright
the scroll insane it’s actually well it’s a really good observation because
yeah of course you can do it with elements you can do the exact same thing
with alimentar and we actually did it and one of our previous live streams I
was talking about how you can do it with Elementor pro cousin element sir you’ve
got these motion effects pretty recent with a pretty recent update of course
you can do all of it with alimentar because of these illustrations are
simply video files that are uploaded to your media library and you just you just
place them here in your layout and you add some tags and there you go you can
do a hundred percent of it and Elementor for sure even I believe even this little
theme could be probably not you know not totally look I’m not sure if we if I
could totally copy this effect this particular effect this particular
transition but they definitely got at the fade in fade out you know the
transparency change in Fame animation kind of stuff in elementary right now
the emotion effects as well and they also got this scale effects so I think
we could try and do something similar probably not looking a hundred percent
like this one but you could definitely try and do something similar and I think
that it could make a really good tutorial if I okay if I figure out how
to do something like this something looking like this exact example exact
example sounds nice if I figure out how to do it how to do it with Elementor pro
only without any additional stuff I’ll let you guys know and yeah I’m gonna
post it tutorial on it really cool stuff I really like this one
alright next one have I sent yes I have I have Sunday linked to you odd chat
next one and the next one right here is also going to be illustrations and 3d
art and all this kind of stuff also yes except this one
just a little bit more busy design and I’m not saying that I’m loving it a
hundred percent because for me it’s kind of looking alright for me the visual
hierarchy is not really looking the best way and you guys you guys can let me
know what you think about this one and they tried to me okay mean honest to
me it actually lacks the white space it does like the white space and this stuff
here it looks a little bit cluttered to me probably I should I should try
scaling it down maybe that way it would look better well now it definitely does
look better but you know it’s like 80% of the scale and I’m not sure if it’s
you know like my scaling my zoom here is broken or something but yeah it’s
different it’s not supposed to be like that like for me being like this it
didn’t really work but if we did like that and we actually moved this feel a
bit up and this thing down a little bit and this entire thing also down a little
bit and this thing up a little bit you know grouped it a little bit more maybe
like that even like that is better a little bit okay to me as I’ve said it
really lacks white space and I actually have no idea where to look and these
buttons alright but this is just my personal opinion I’m not saying I have
any right to critique this design just just saying let’s actually scroll us
actually keep scrolling and it mainly features the 3d art in the hero section
then we don’t really okay this this is a good one this is a really good one this
animated kind of thing also the use of animation and actually you see that
these are clickable so I could okay they’re not all right
they’re not yeah cuz my cursor didn’t turn into a hand they say not clickable
but because they reacted to you they however I actually thought they were
never mind mmm well we’ve got these things here it’s also using animations
quite excessively and at one point it switches to the horizontal scroll and
this is what it gives us makes a little bit more interesting but to me still
lacks the white space just saying it still does still not feeling like it’s
enough white space for me well and it’s probably the end and it switches back to
ok fixed header really cool stuff you can actually do this fixed header thing
the exact same thing looking the exact same way you can easily do it with
elemental with the pro version of course because you got you get to edit headers
and footers only in the pro version of elementary sadly but this is how it is
right now at this point and ok overall it’s looking really good to me I love
the color scheme I generally love the combination of white black and yellow it
always looks good you are never gonna fall short and if you go with this color
scheme this particular website yeah it’s a little bit crazy sometimes gets a
little bit broken sometimes like here but overall makes a good impression
I would I personally would work on the hierarchy and the placing and the
whitespace a little bit more but it does it works great for its purpose so share
it into the chat so you can have a look at it yourself
next one moving on to the next one still keep talking about illustrations and
3d art and this one I believe is going to be a Wow love the typography again
you’ll see a similar similar way similar application of the type of some okay we
okay it’s actually loaded indicator looking good and oh yeah
I love when they do this stuff and I actually wanted to try and find a way to
do it and on the WordPress do it with the help of alimentar you know
changing your cursor or not maybe changing your cursor but attaching
something to a cursor because I saw it’s like being applied on the web a lot
right now it’s like it’s sort of ahead right now everyone uses it everyone
tries and changes the cursor of the user into some crazy stuff like in this case
it kind of kind of its kind of lazy it follows the cursor with a delay or
probably this is the this is the recording software issue and this kind
of stuff this is why where I kind of seen everything with a delay and I’ve
noticed that in the previous stream once we were also I was opening some web
sites that actually needed we’re actually you know a little bit
challenging for our internet connection then there was a delay in the audio and
in the video too so I’m sorry for that if it’s happening again
right now here is also the use of animation typography again we have a
combination of okay scroll up I cannot scroll up I wanted to show that
art again but you saw that that was kind of a 3d art then we scroll down and it
switches to a totally different color scheme which was kind of surprising for
me because I expected everything to be black and red what and whites as well
get really excited for it but then out of the blue I see an illustration using
blue colors how is that why anyway scrolling further down and we see
that they actually use this blue and orange color scheme here it goes and it
looks like it actually looks like alright it actually looks like sort of a
case study it’s a case study I accidentally okay you know what guys I
suddenly opened a portfolio item and a specific case study so let’s take us to
the home page so this is the home page and this is why the illustration was in
blue and orange and they didn’t notice and because it was a case study of the
project they did but now we are on the home page and here we either have no
background image or or it hasn’t loaded yet all right but it’s actually meant I
do this meant to be grainy and as we scroll down all it gives us is all it
gives us is the changing of the images in this slider here and the elements
here are clickable and I really love the placement of the elements in this one
you got a lot of white space and your eye is immediately drawn to one thing in
the middle of the viewport and you know where to look
and once you’re bored with what you see right in the middle of the screen then
you start exploring further you see the menu links you see the logo then you see
that you’ve got a little bit of navigation here right and you also got
some in this case text is used for decoration here this one this one and
this one scrolls are cheap well these little
titles here are actually this little happiness here I actually used for
decoration so they’re not actually meant to be read first of all they are just
used to fill the whites and make it look more interesting to
sort of create at this sort of a border if you if you play a pay close attention
you can notice that it actually creates and it’s really funny on this thing
follows me around follows the cursor and sort of creates this outline around the
this slider item right here right and this way all right
these little things are also animated and this way it’s kind of kind of
emphasizes where you should look because it surrounds the middle item the item in
the middle in such a way it kind of draws a rectangle around it all right
and I really love this one really love it love the layout and send in the link
to the chat so you can check it out see next one and next one is going to be
another trend actually we’re done with the art we are done with the 3d software
done with the illustrations and next one is going to be something really crazy we
mentioned a broken grade before but this layout is going to be like really really
broken and what is going on in here is that this will keep the visual hierarchy
they keep it going and the first thing you notice is these two headlines right
here and then the other stuff that you can click on is these and what I believe
is that it’s still something for a creative individual and well it was it’s
great it’s great with text elements so it’s simply the they took they grade and
they just rotated and like 45 degrees I believe it looks like 45 to me and as we
scroll down turns into a more normal kind of stuff more normal except website
but the hero section yeah it’s pretty normal
but Oh Jen Simmons oh oh oh the super super awesome I really love this website
yeah it’s because of this year section it actually introduces the the owner of
the website actually introduces this person in such a way that he immediately
know that they’re a creative individual and they have something to do with what
design with probably development and then you can scroll down and explore
more of their work and so using this kind of solution this kind of a graphic
design solution in web design solution it kind of makes the user it kind of
makes the first impression a lot different and it kind of kind of makes
the user have a certain opinion on he already once they see the hero section
on your website they can say oh this person is creative this person is not
afraid to cross the boundaries this person is not afraid to do something
unconventional to do something that no one else is doing and it kind of seems
like everyone started doing what they think no one else is doing but let’s
move on moving on to the next one well actually well actually this will be the
last one we’re talking if we’re talking about the graphic design and the visual
kind of stuff and what I could do right here is show you a couple more websites
if we have time and the two more trends that I wanted to mention were the voice
capable capable interfaces which have the which can which you can interact
with using probably the voice search using this kind of stuff and actually
this technology is expected to be like really really widespread in the
next year in a couple years from now this is why it’s important to start
looking into it and they are called voice capable interfaces and I actually
well it would be cool if I could show them to you but I think that we could it
has been over an hour so I don’t think I think I actually went over more a lot
more links than I Manta to than I was planning to because we also reviewed a
couple of themes that you can get in template monster.com this is why we’re
gonna wrap this thing up right now because we’re kind of over an hour and
as always I was planning to do it like you know oh oh so planning to do this
thing maybe for 30-40 minutes but it was over an hour so it’s time to wrap it up
to sum up this entire thing we talked about a number of trends that are gonna
be extremely popular in the next year in the following year in 2020 and it will
be bald topography it will be as symmetrical layouts
it will be animations it will be 3d art and illustrations and it will be broken
grades broken layouts a lot of overlapping elements and this kind of
stuff and this is what you should start looking into if you want to create some
if you want to create something attractive and something trendy in the
next year so I’m really excited to see what we can do next week we’re still
open for any of your ideas we’re still open you know to any request so if you
guys want to see something specific if you have a specific request for a
tutorial maybe for a sort of a explanatory video like we wanted to do
something on the design principle something on the design basics the
typography basics and stuff like that how to pay your fonts you know this kind
of thing well if you have any Quest’s you can always let me know
somewhere in the comments under our live streams under our tutorials on our
social media by the way we’re about to launch a wordpress community for you
know for people who constantly work with word Personnel Manager and it’s gonna be
live really soon and of course I’m gonna be talking about it on the next a live
stream if the community is live by the time I’m going to be talking about it
I’m gonna share the link so we can I join you can check it out you can join
the community and actually there we’re going to be posting a lot of educational
stuff we’re gonna be interacting with our audience a lot more so we can all
improve and we can all get better at what we are doing can look so we all can
become better web designers web developers and all that good stuff
alright we’re about to wrap this thing up I’m really happy that we had this
talk today that we reviewed that many cool-looking amazing work by creative
really professional designers and developers and thank you so much for
joining me today and I hope that we can meet next week as well and I wish you a
great productive the end of the day and great and productive week thank you so
much for joining and I see you next week bye guys

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