April 9, 2020

วิชาตลาดออนไลน์ (e-Commerce) บทที่ 5 โครงสร้างพื้นฐานอีคอมเมิร์ซ

chapter 5 Ecommerce infrastructure Internet: Technology background Internet Thousands of connected networks, millions of networks and computers. Linking businesses, educational institutions, government agencies and individuals World Wide Web (Web) One of the most popular internet services Providing access to about a billion billions web pages There are 4 billion Internet users around the world. Internet evolution 1961-present Innovation Phase, 1964–1974 Networking Institutional Phase, 1975–1994 Large financial institutions provide funding and legitimacy support. Commerce phase , 1995– present Private companies continue to expand their internet databases and services in local areas. Internet (IP) Addresses Things that are connected to the Internet must have a “house number” after the address, the house number on the internet is called the IP Address which is 32-bit (IPv4 standard) Everything that can be connected to the internet must have an address. IPv4 Displayed as a set of 4 separate numbers marked at intervals Class C address: network specified with the first 3 sets Computer specified by the last set IPv6 New version: IPv6 has 128 bit addresses Can handle addresses up to 2 power 128 (IPv4 can handle only 4 billion) Internet message path: TCP / IP and packet switching Information sent to the internet such as e-Mail Such as e-Mail and information that we talk to by voice or with chat will be sent in packets and sending and receiving must use TCP / IP regulations So the news on the internet will be in the form of a packet. There is a packet header consisting of the address of the sender and receiver. Packet will find the route from the sender to the receiver by using routes that need to be connected in a global network Transmission method is called TCP / IP. Or Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol Internet message path: TCP / IP and packet switching 1. Create data as a sub-packet and send out with the sender’s address and recipient address 2. Each Packet travels independently according to the available route by using the protocol defined by Routing Algorithm 3. When arriving at the destination packets will be composed into information DNS domain name and URLs Addresses in the Internet will be converted to a name called By a server called Domain Name Servers (DNS) For ease of use, such as the network server rmutpmooc.org will have the address named rmutp.ac.th called a URL or Uniform Resource Locator When using in a web browser without having to remember the number that is the address Client / server computer E-commerce computer systems are in the form of Client and Server. Client may be PC or Smart Phone or Tablet The E-commerce program is located on the server. Server may be set up at office or deposited at Data Center or do not have to buy a server but rent it from the Internet Service Provider Powerful personal computer (Client) connected in a network with one or more servers servers perform general functions for customers. file storage, software programs, etc. At present, we will use the server rental method from the cloud system. Who controls the internet? Organizations that influence the internet and monitor operations including: Internet Architecture Committee internet companies for names and numbers assigned Internet policy engineering engineering group Internet Engineering Working Group Internet Society (ISOC: Internet Society  Note that the word ISOC also represents the IP Security Operation Center) World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) International Telecommunication Union (ITU) For Thailand: Crime Suppression Division Technological (Por.) Is a legal administrator. Electronic Transactions Development Agency (Public Organization) (Thor) or ETDA Thainic is a domain name registration company .co.th, .or.th, .go.th Network that requires internet connection Wireless phone network IoT data transmission network such as LORA, NB-IoT Wi-Fi network At present, there are internet speeds to choose from. Such as AIS, TRUE, DTAC, 3BB, etc. Must ask the Internet Service Provider for speed resolution. Upload data and download data Must try the actual measurement at the point of use Internet measuring software Can download free from internet

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