March 30, 2020
ಬಾಳೆ ಅಂಗಾಂಶ-Banana Tissue Culture-Tissue Culture Banana Plants for Sale (with english subtitles)

ಬಾಳೆ ಅಂಗಾಂಶ-Banana Tissue Culture-Tissue Culture Banana Plants for Sale (with english subtitles)

My Self Sharanayya Swami Welcome to Kisanvarthe Nowadays farmers are changing their thougts and views towards progress. They are thinking to get
good quality seeds and plants which are
manufactured scientifically. This leads to increase in the production of high quality vegetables and fruits that are manufactured in larger rate. From ancient times we are in
the practice of cultivating suckers of banana as a
traditional agriculture method. But nowadays tissue culture has brougt lot many changes. From tissue culture there
is the direct selection of disease resistant plants
which leads to more profit. The important role played
by tisue culture in selection of high quality
plants and its more brief information is shared by the mainperson
of tissue culture lab that is in Bangalore. Welcome to Kisanvarthe From this platform please introduce yourself to the viewers. My self lakshmikanth. Worked as a lab technician from 1988 to 2004 in tissue culture lab. Later get transferred to RND to prepare medium . Medium consists of vitamins,
minerals, and all necessary source for growth
in invitro condition. Invitro condition is inside the
lab without air and creating artificial atmosphere which
is necessary for growth I worked till 2009 there and I had experience of 15 years. Later I started my own lab from last 10 years . Farmers, customers and traders are coming to our labs. Totally 10 to 12 families are working for the progress our labs. We usually cultivate suckers of banana from ancient times . but tissue culturing is different from traditional agriculture and what are the advantages of it? when farmers cultivate suckers there are
the more chances of getting contaminated abd easy attack of diseases which
leads to less yield and less profit . In tissue culturing there
is a standardization of process which requires
more than 4 months. What is the reason for selecting tissue culturing? There are mainy reasons mainly to give dieases free plants for farmers. Farmers used to face mainy
problems in cultivating, harves ting and
transportation of crops. Within few days there are more chances of getting disease in plants. In tissue culture while cutting
rhizome it is tested an standardization for 3 to 4 months
to prepare virus free plant. Even we will decide the good
time for cultivating and harvesting and production of
products at the time of demand. For Example If the harvesting occurs
at the time of ganesha festival or ramzan there
is more profit to farmers. There is no problem of laoding, farmers get good profit and they feel better. 100% there is no cause of disease to crops. There are more presence of mediators and what is their affect to farmers? Farmers should use the
media for being aware of cheaters and to enjoy
safety transactions. Our aim is to make
farmers more progressive in getting high yield
with less investment. How you will select the plants and their stages of selection? Sir, for selction we itself visit the farm field and mark the good quality rhizome. After harvesting we select the high quality marked rhizome . We process it by mineral water or distilled water. Later we send for lab testing for confirming virus free rhizome. Please Subscribe to our Channel

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