April 7, 2020
كيف تحقق النجاح و الدخل من الانترنت لسنة 2019 ؟

كيف تحقق النجاح و الدخل من الانترنت لسنة 2019 ؟

Hello everybody. I welcome you again in a new video talking about generating income online whether it’s a side income or a full income from the internet in today’s video I’ll be talking about the (drop shipping) of E-commerce. In our current times as we are at the end of 2018, getting into 2019 The subject of (business) and (establishing a company) or trying to gain an income other than the job these issue are now easy to achieve nowadays everything has changed As there’s an internet access everywhere, every smartphone has its own internet connection and social media access and also the majority of them have cameras so all things and tools you want to utilize them into a business are absolutely available to you, but the problem is with the mindset that might hold us back to succeed 100%, meaning that only from your phone you can start an entire business from A to Z your phone has Email application your phone has a camera you phone has all social media channels, so all the necessary tools are definitely available within your phone! So imagine you have a smartphone in addition to a laptop or a desktop computer and let’s say a printer and other devices so we are talking here about an entire mobile company at your service in this video I will talk about Ecommerce which as described in previous videos in which you own a website on the internet that sells physical products or certain services our focus today will be on physical products for example you can sell women fashion accessories or you can sell toys for kids, or you can sell home furniture, kitchen tools and gadgets… anything.. now it’s easier than ever to build an Ecommerce business using a platform called Shopify which is a Canadian company its main purpose is to help anyone who wants to sell on the internet and build an online presence by easily creating an Ecommerce website they have their own templates, they have their own themes, applications similar to the ones on smartphones so you can enhance shipping, or minimize images sizes or to integrate with AliExpress website they have all types of apps which help to enhance the selling process on your store and to increase Average Order Value (AOV) so in short Shopify is one of the best platforms for building Ecommerce businesses online there are also many wellknown brands and celebrities such as 50 Cent, Eminem and Elon Musk, they all have online stores whenever they want to sell products, they use Shopify for these online stores. Ecommerce has two business models there is the typical business model and there is the other model which we call Dropshipping the first model which is the typical one, where you open your store and the products you sell on your online store you already bought them in bulk for example a 100 pieces of this product, 200 pieces from another you have them stored at your place or in a warehouse once customers buy from your products then you deliver the orders to them this is what we call the typical business model of Ecommerce the other method that we want to talk about is the Dropshipping (buy stock per order) where you don’t hold any inventory at all yes you have a website full of products which you are willing to sell but in reality you don’t own any inventory anywhere you didn’t invest any capital in order to buy stock in advance all you do is utilizing a Chinese website called AliExpress you integrate your online store with AliExpress website, you can integrate them by using an app called Oberlo and there is another app called Dropified we will focus on Oberlo since it’s the most popular and it is the affordable choice compared to Dropified Oberlo is the magical bond between your online store which you built using Shopify and the Chinese website AliExpress The bridge between these two entities is Oberlo app, which is responsible for when you research a product in AliExpress so you can import it to your Shopify store Oberlo takes the product into your Shopify store along with product images, description, title and everything exactly as they appear on AliExpress so all you have to do is to edit the product title, description, images, price… and to make sure there are no Chinese logos or characters you must edit all of that in order to have an attractive and a professional looking website for your prospect customers so this is in short Dropshipping for example the price on AliExpress is $5 you should have it on your website for at least double or triple or four times the price so you can guarantee a decent profit margin after you deduct shipping and advertising costs on Facebook or Google … so the product which costs $5 on AliExpress it’s highly preferred or a must to sell it on your Shopify store for at least $20, or $15 + $4.75 shipping and handling so it becomes $20 in total if you like this video please hit the Like button subscribe to the channel, and activate the notification bell my name is Tareq Samara, see you in the next video! Peace out.

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