April 8, 2020
كيفية تحقيق دخل من الانترنت | ٧ طرق فعالة و مجربة لكسب دخل اضافي من المنزل | الجزء الأول

كيفية تحقيق دخل من الانترنت | ٧ طرق فعالة و مجربة لكسب دخل اضافي من المنزل | الجزء الأول

Hello everyone! My name is Tareq Samara and in this channel I
usually talk about.. About Online businesses and how someone can get full or partial income
online. The content of the channel is about online
businesses or how anyone of us from his home with no need to go out on a job or something by just using the internet to get income from just the internet. The first way we are going to talk about is E
commerce It’s having a website where he sells physical items or digital like books or articles or info graphics or any other services like consulting services etc. on his website of course it’s the most common way and it’s not considered a fast way to profit from
the internet but it takes long time because you should build
your Electronic shop and work on marketing and email marketing too all these things play a part in the success of your
Electronic shop. The second way we want to talk about is
Freelancing each one of us of course has his special thing or he is good at something like graphic
designing or drawing or professional or amateur
photographer or can translate from Arabic to English or any
other language all these services you can provide or at least one
service you can use it in freelancing from the internet using the most famous websites, Fiverr.com and
UpWork.com they work almost in the same way you can create a profile on one or two of these
websites and provide your services on that profile for example if you are a translator, you can put
your service translating 500 words from Arabic
to English or from Arabic to any other language and vice versa the services on Fiverr begin from 5$ but you can
put your service, or as they call it Gig you can put it for 10 or 20 or 100 or 200 dollars
anything you want according to the competition you have on fiverr Upwork also the same thing, it allows you to
create your profile and put your CV and buyers will come and contract with you for long or short term according to your service and then you will have a certain rating according to your previous work with clients etc. The 3rd way is Affiliate Marketing the Affiliate Marketing briefly is that you are a
mediator and we have a website called Click Bank it contains several services or products other people created like business or weight losing or health in many fields, you choose any one of them so these people have already created these
products and your job is to market for them and the product that you market for and sell, you
get a commission for it the commission on Click Bank can reach 70% meaning that if you market for a 100$ products, if you sold it, with each one you sell you can get a commission of 70$ this is the Affiliate Marketing. The 4th way in getting income from the internet
is selling websites names or Domain Trade let’s assume that you are a good follower of the
technological or the commercial projects and knew that there is some project that will be
built in a certain city or country soon and you are sure or 99% sure of the name of the project let’s say like in Dubai now they are building the
Mall of the World let’s say that you heard rumors from engineers
that a project like that will be built so all you need to do is booking the expected
name that the owners of this project will use for their
project so you book for example MallOfTheWorld.com you just book the name booking is likely to cost 4 or 7 dollars less than 10$ a year just booking, no hosting you book the website and leave it and you should do that on several expected
projects or known businesses that might be built in a place and they didn’t yet book their name so there is a big possibility that by finishing the
project of course they would have looked for a name for
the website if they saw that all the names they wanted is
already booked, they might contact you to buy the website from
you and if the name you chose was really attractive
and direct to the point, they might pay a lot of money for it so this is a very good way for getting an extra income from the internet. The 5th way for getting an income from the internet is selling on big commercial websites like Amazon.com or ebay.com and they have a program for sellers not necessarily living in America, but they take sellers from all over the world so you can register in that program and sell products, of course you should make a study for that for if these products are profitable and sold always and if the price is good and if there was a good competition for it on Amazon and if considered top 10 or top 100 best selling products on Amazon and the other websites so you need to find a product with these specification and sell it on Amazon.com of course we all know that Amazon has a very high traffic so you benefit that if you put your products for sale on a big website like Amazon, you don’t need to do advertisement, you can put advertisement from Amazon as they have a place for that but as a starter you can see the normal visitors without any advertisement and see how you will succeed in that field and these days it has become easy to register as a seller on Amazon like we said before even if you were not living in America or other western countries. The 6th way is web development of developing and building the websites like we all know that we are living in the era of technology and the era of websites and social media etc. so it has become easy for anyone even if he didn’t study IT or doesn’t have a technical background to build any website on internet using a Word press platform one of the easiest platforms, that can help you to build a website or a blog very easy but you need to see few educational videos then you get professional so you need to build a website then market for it for people like lawyers or accountants or doctors, you see if these people didn’t have websites or if they had ones but its design was very bad, you can make them an initial design and show it to them with the price and there is a big possibility for them to accept your price because you solved a big problem for them which is their existence in the internet or online world so you bring them a good clear easy to use design and there is a big possibility for them to accept your offer and buy that website and at the end you sell if for them and it’s officially their website. of course the 7th way is managing the social media accounts for people and small companies who don’t have enough time to care about the social media despite its big importance in our world that it can bring you traffic, clients and visitors etc. so if you are good at managing Facebook, Instgram or the adds and marketing campaigns on Facebook, Instgram, Twitter or Linkedin etc. you can provide this service for the professional people like entrepreneur, lawyers or doctors or for small companies who don’t have enough time to care about these pages so you save them time and manage these pages for them and work on it daily by posting and work on the paid marketing campaigns or responding to comments and messages etc. That was the most important 7 ways to get and extra income from the internet or you can make them a full income by just using internet. If you liked the content, like and subscribe and click the notifications button and share that video with your friends for everyone to benefit from it. Thank you very much and see you in the next video. Bye.

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