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Why Do I Need a Lawyer?

Maybe it’s late, and you’re just trying to get home after a long day. You got stuck in some bumper to bumper traffic on the interstate, and you’ve finally made it to your exit. To make up for the time you lost, you drive a little bit faster on those last streets before you get home, thinking no one will notice. And then you see blue lights in your rearview mirror. You know you’ve been caught and are about to be written a speeding ticket.

Speeding tickets are extremely common in Pennsylvania — in fact, it ranks as one of the top states for writing traffic tickets. You may have even already gotten one before. And you may think that if you just pay the fine, you won’t have to worry about your ticket anymore. Unfortunately, you’d be wrong

In Pennsylvania, speeding tickets come with more penalties than just a fine, and those penalties cannot be eliminated if you pay the fine. The points that are added to your driving record for a speeding ticket are difficult to get rid of, and if you have more added for other offenses, they could result in serious consequences like having your license suspended. You may also have to pay other surcharges in addition to your fine, and your car insurance premiums are likely to go up as a result of your ticket.

Pennsylvania traffic laws allow you to plead not guilty to your speeding offense. If you do, you will be given a court date where you can have a hearing in front of a judge to try to get those penalties reduced or your ticket dismissed.

Many people have been told that for a speeding ticket, it is not worth your time or your money to work with a lawyer when you go to court, because you are allowed to represent yourself in your case. But what most of those people find out the hard way is that representing yourself in your speeding ticket hearing is rarely in your best interest.

The reason that this can be a problem for you is that the police officer who wrote your ticket will also be at your court hearing. He or she will have a chance to tell the judge why they wrote your ticket from their perspective. And in most situations, the judge is much more likely to believe the police officer’s story than to believe you. If you don’t have a solid defense that uses evidence to prove that you do not deserve the full extent of your penalties, it is much easier for a judge to think that the police officer was right to issue you your ticket and that you are simply trying to get out of paying the fine.

This is when an experienced Pennsylvania speeding ticket lawyer becomes an invaluable ally for you in court. They will represent you and provide the judge with the evidence needed to get your penalties reduced or even to get your ticket dismissed altogether.

These are just a few reasons why working with a lawyer is to your advantage:

  • Access to records and evidence. Your attorney will be able to get access to records and documents that will serve as evidence that your speed was miscalculated or that you did not deserve your ticket. These documents can be difficult, if not impossible, to access on your own, but your lawyer will know what to look for and how to access them to help you in court.
  • Building a solid defense. A skilled attorney will be able to argue effectively in court that you do not deserve the penalties associated with your speeding ticket. Your lawyer can effectively cross examine the police officer to show any issues with their speed calculations and convince the judge that you should have your penalties reduced or your ticket dismissed.
  • Knowledge of the courts. Because we have worked for years in different courts across the state of Pennsylvania, we are familiar with many of the judges and the way that the courts work. This can be to your advantage when it comes time for your hearing.
  • Years of experience. Our firm has over sixty years of combined experience practicing law, and we have handled hundreds of speeding ticket cases. Let our experience work for you when it comes time to have your hearing.
  • Financial advantages. Despite what you may have heard, working with a lawyer is not expensive, especially when you consider how much money you could be spending to pay for fines, surcharges, and increased insurance premiums. Our fees cost much less than it would cost you to pay for the steep penalties of your speeding ticket.

For the best chance of getting the harsh penalties of your speeding ticket reduced, or of having your ticket entirely dismissed, call our offices to begin working with a speeding ticket lawyer today. We will help you understand what your speeding ticket means for your driving record and will be there to effectively represent you in court.