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Other Speeding Ticket Penalties

In Pennsylvania, speeding tickets come with a number of different penalties associated with them. Aside from having points added to your driving record, you can expect to pay a fine as well as potential surcharges, increased insurance premiums, or even have your license suspended for a period of time.

But exactly how much do you have to pay in fines? When can you expect surcharges? How many violations do you have to have before your license is suspended? Why are your insurance premiums going to go up?

These are all very normal questions to ask, because the system can be confusing. Without a complete understanding of the penalties you’re facing, you could end up slapped with consequences you were not expecting. You may not have the financial ability to pay the fines and the increased insurance premiums, and you may not be able to get around without your license if it is suspended. If you have gotten a speeding ticket, do not accept these harsh penalties at face value. Get in touch with an experienced speeding ticket lawyer in Pennsylvania to help you understand your penalties and fight them in traffic court.


Speeding ticket fines depend on two factors: how fast above the speed limit you were driving, and what the posted speed limit was in the zone in which you were traveling. The faster you were going and the higher the posted speed limit, the more expensive your fine will be. This is because the dangers posed by speeding increase as your speed increases.

For example, if you were driving twenty miles per hour above the speed limit in a 35 mile per hour zone (the standard residential speed limit), meaning you were driving 55 miles per hour, you will have to pay a fine of $65. But if you were going twenty miles per hour above the speed limit in a 65 mile per hour zone (such as on a highway), meaning you were driving 85 miles per hour, you would pay a fine of $72.50. For a complete chart, visit 


Under Pennsylvania law, you could also have to pay surcharges based on how much you were speeding and if it is your first offense. For speeding between 6 and 15 miles per hour above the speed limit, you would pay a surcharge of $45. Speeding between 16 and 25 miles per hour above the limit means you will have to pay a surcharge of $60, and speeding 26 miles per hour or more above the posted limit results in a surcharge of $75. Depending on your speed, when combined with your fine, the surcharge could even push your expenses for your traffic ticket well over $100.

Increased Insurance Rates

Many car insurance companies will increase your monthly premiums if you receive a speeding ticket, because they view you as a bigger risk to them if you have a record of speeding. Driving too fast can increase the probability of you getting into an accident, and because insurance companies will have to pay out if you do get in an accident, they will simply increase your rate to offset the potential payout.

Because your driving record is public, the insurance company will find out one way or another if you got a speeding ticket that was not dismissed. Although the amount that they will increase your rate will vary by company, it is standard practice among car insurance companies and cost cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars over the years in increased insurance premiums.

License Suspension

If your speeding ticket or tickets result in enough points added to your record, you could face having your license suspended. Speeding tickets add anywhere from two to five points on your record, and after you get six total points for the second time, you could have your license suspended for fifteen days. The third time your record gets six total points, you could have your license suspended for thirty days. And any time your record reaches eleven total points or more, you will have your license suspended for five days per point on your first suspension. The days per point increase if you have had your license suspended before.

Excessive speeding will also result in getting your license suspended. Excessive speeding is defined under Pennsylvania law as speeding 31 miles per hour or more over the limit. If you are caught speeding over 31 miles per hour above the limit, you will have to attend a hearing and will have to take a safe driving exam, have your license suspended for 15 days, or both. If you don’t attend the hearing, your license will be suspended for 60 days. For more information, visit

These penalties are severe and can cause major issues both for your finances and for your freedom. But you don’t have to accept these penalties at face value — you have the chance to have your penalties reduced by going to traffic court. If you have been issued a speeding ticket, get in touch with an knowledgeable speeding ticket lawyer today.