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New Bill may make Traffic Cams and Radar use legal

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey and local officials in other Pa. cities are asking the state’s lawmakers for similar traffic control enforcement powers.

In April, Ramsey took a trip to the state capitol to support a bill that would authorize the use of automated traffic cameras — which are currently illegal in Pennsylvaniain order to to capture license plate numbers of drivers who exceed the areas speed limit.

The state is the only one in the nation that enforces a ban on local police use of speed radar. The law, which dates to 1961, means radar is only permitted for use by state troopers, and local police have been forever claiming that they are reduced to rely on less-sophisticated methods in order to catch speeding drivers, For example stopwatches and painted lines on the road. But there is currently five bills moving through the House and Senate that would end the long-standing prohibition.