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Mount Joy Twp. crash injured two

A collision that took place Tuesday in Mount Joy Township sent the two drivers of two vehicles to the hospital.

Emergency crews responded to a call involving a vehicular accident with entrapment at Block 1900 along the West Main Street or Rte. 230 at about 2:30 o’clock in the afternoon on a Tuesday. The crash happened just in front of the bowling alley at Clearview Lanes.

According to the supervisor of Lancaster County-Wide Communications, there was one person was trapped inside the car. It took emergency crews more than 20 minutes to extricate the person from the vehicle.

Rheems fire Chief, Charles Stanford confirmed that two people were injured and delivered to the hospital but did not elaborate on the seriousness of their injuries.

Even the officers of the Northwest Regional police were not immediately available for comment.

The two operators of the two vehicles were transported to the hospital following the collision last Tuesday in the Mount Joy Township.

After the mishap, emergency crews responded to the scene of the vehicular accident with entrapment along Block 1900 block at West Main Street or Route 230 at about around 2:30 o’clock that afternoon. The crash took place in front of the bowling alley of Clearview Lanes.

Lancaster County-Wide Communications supervisor reported that one person was trapped inside the vehicle. It took the emergency crews more than about 20 minutes to extricate the person from the vehicle.

Charles Stanford Rheems fire Chief confirmed that no person died but two people were transported to the hospital; although he made no comment about their condition, especially the severity of their injuries.

Northwest Regional police stated that complete report will be issued after the investigation.

Mount Joy is not as joyous as its name since several accidents took place in its vicinity. Last month, motorists were instructed to detour off Mount Gretna Road in Mount Joy Township that Saturday afternoon to avoid a site where an accident occurred along Ridgeview Road. The mishap happened at 12:28 o’clock that afternoon. Communications supervisor of Lancaster County-Wide reported that there were injuries at the scene after one vehicle hit a tree when its driver failed to negotiate a turn.

Another accident happened almost at the same time when four people were hospitalized following a three-vehicle crash in Mount Joy Township.

The wreck occurred at about 5:20 o’clock in the afternoon at the intersection of Harrisburg Ave. and Rte, 230 that involved a minivan and two sedans.

After the crash, the sedans landed down an embankment at the northern side of Rte. 230 or West Main Street. According to a fire official, no one was trapped in any of the vehicles. But occupants of the vehicles were delivered to the General Hospital of Lancaster.

The crash is investigated by the Northwest Regional police.

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