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Death in South Philly due to drag racing

During an alleged drag race in South Philadelphia, a man of 32 years died early morning of Sunday after his car crashed.

The police learned that the victim was involved in a kind of drag racing driving his Toyota silver Avalon at top speed along the south part of Christopher Columbus Blvd. near Oregon Ave., at about 2:30 o’clock in the morning, when he lost control of his Toyota and hit a pole.

Medics were called at the scene and they pronounced the man dead on the scene due to serious injuries. His identity was not immediately released pending notification of nearest kin.

Drag race is a kind of sports between two or more vehicles that begins from standstill to a certain point. The winner is the operator of the car that can accelerate the fastest. Young people satisfy their love of speed through drag racing that becomes a part of youth culture in the Philadelphia area over the past decade. Aside from cars, it is also increasingly popular for kids using motorbikes as they fly with the wind careening at high speeds around the Philadelphia bridges, down by the airport, or almost any place where the racers get access to a long stretch of straightaway. It is fun for youth but dangerous for adults.

One of the most disastrous effects of drag racing was the case of a man who allegedly struck and killed a Philadelphia woman and her three sons while he was drag racing in Philadelphia.

Khusen Akhmedov, age 23, was caught and had been issued four speeding tickets since 2009 and charges of driving on a suspended license. He paid just a few hundred dollars to settle three of the speeding tickets, and was due in court to settle the 4th ticket.

Akhmedov, of Lancaster, now is facing far more serious charges for allegedly mowing down Samara Banks, ager 28, and her boys late Tuesday as the family crossed a busy road notorious for both drag racing and pedestrian deaths. Mother and 3 boys died resulting from the crash. Only her oldest son, a 5-year-old, survived.

A judge set Akhmedov and the other driver’s bail at $2.5 million each. Together with Ahmen Holloman, age 30, resident of Philadelphia, Akhmedoc have to face charges for: (1) third-degree murder; (2) vehicular homicide; and (3) other charges. Prosecutors believed that both are equally responsible for the alleged street racing.

Roosevelt Boulevard is considered as the nation’s 2nd and 3rd most dangerous intersections according to the 2001 insurance company study. The Boulevard merited over 618 crashes alone within a two-year period.

The speed limit along the Boulevard is 40 mph; but when Banks and her boys were run-over, drag race drivers frequently go from 10 or 20 mph above legal speed.

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Source: Philly Com