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Whether this is the first time you have ever gotten a traffic ticket or whether you have gotten a few in the past, you have come to the right place. Speeding tickets can be concerning and stressful, but with the assistance of an experienced Pennsylvania speeding ticket attorney, you will be able to handle yours easily and have the ability to have the penalties from the ticket reduced or even to have your ticket entirely dismissed.

Speeding ticket cases usually proceed along similar lines as long as you follow certain steps. We have outlined the way that your case is likely to proceed so that you have a sense of what to do if you are issued a speeding ticket in the state of Pennsylvania.

1. Stay calm. If you get pulled over by a police officer for speeding, don’t try to argue or be rude. Even if you think the officer is being unfair, they will still write you a ticket, and arguing will make the situation worse. You will have a chance to show that the officer was being unfair in court.

2. Read your ticket carefully. Understand why you got pulled over, how fast the police officer says you were going, what the posted speed limit in the area was, and what kinds of penalties are associated with your ticket. Also be sure to note what date and time you are given as a court date by the officer so that you can prepare and be on time. If there were any witnesses to the incident, make a note of it.

3. Call an experienced lawyer. It is important that you get in touch with your lawyer before your court date, so that you have enough time to go over your defense with them. That will also give your lawyer enough time to gather evidence against the police officer or the method of speed detection, or evidence that shows that the speed limit sign was obscured or recently changed. Your lawyer can also contact any witnesses to get statements.

4. Rehearse. Go over exactly what you are going to say in court with your lawyer. They will go over with you the best way to explain to the judge what happened and what to say in response if you are questioned. This will help strengthen your defense. Also, do not speak to anyone else about the case, including the police officer who wrote your ticket.

5. Attend your court hearing. Be on time, dress professionally, and speak confidently but with respect to the judge. Your lawyer will be there to cross examine the police officer who wrote your ticket and to help you as you tell your side of the story. In fact, if the police officer does not come, you have the right to ask the judge to dismiss your ticket.

6. Wait for the judge’s decision. The judge may decide to reduce your penalties or even to dismiss your ticket altogether. The chances of the judge being on your side are greatly increased if you have a lawyer on your side to help you build the strongest defense available, supported by solid evidence including documents, records, and eyewitness testimony. In court, the judge must consider all evidence presented, and they must consider if there is any doubt about whether or not you were speeding.

7. Appeal if necessary. If the judge does not rule on your ticket the way you wanted and you are still convicted of a speeding violation, you have the ability to appeal the ruling. Within 30 days of your original hearing, you can appeal to a higher court, the Court of Common Pleas, where they will hear your case like it is the first time you have ever been to court for your speeding ticket. Your lawyer will help you file the appeal within the 30 day time frame and will help you with your defense before the appeal.

Our goal is to help you throughout the process of handling your speeding ticket so that you are well informed and so that you do not have to face the incredibly steep consequences of a speeding ticket in Pennsylvania, such as fines and surcharges, points on your record, increased car insurance rates, and even having your license suspended. We have handled speeding tickets in Pennsylvania for twenty years and have extensive experience in the different courts across the state. Let our knowledge and experience work for you when you get a speeding ticket.